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Publication Order of The Regency Vows Books

To Have and to Hoax (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
To Love and to Loathe (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
To Marry and to Meddle (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
To Swoon and to Spar (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
To Woo and to Wed (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Martha Waters is a published author of fiction.

Waters was born in the south Florida area, where she grew up. She would go on to Chapel Hill to attend the prestigious University of North Carolina. She currently resides in North Carolina and has the job of a children’s librarian.

Waters has always loved England as well as romantic comedies, both of which provided her with inspiration to write her first book. She also enjoys traveling when she has free time. The author also has a love of sun dresses as well as gin cocktails. She enjoys encouraging young potential readers to get into reading more and will recommend others book choices or places to travel if they want to hear them easily. Waters herself likes to go to England.

Waters works as a librarian during the day, but by the night, she transforms into a writer (and sometimes an athlete, going on runs). Her first book to be published came out in 2020 and is titled To Have and To Hoax. The novel is a romantic comedy story line set during the Regency times. It concerns James and Violet, a married couple that are estranged and have barely spoken over the past few years. When James gets into an accident, Violet goes to him but decides when she finds that he is fine and doesn’t want her attention that she is going to get him back. The result is that she fakes an illness, but when James can see that it’s just a hoax but plays along, things start to escalate as the two try to pull one over on the other.

The author started learning about the era of Regency when she was in college, majoring in history. She also has read her fair share of romances set in the Regency time period and says that the time feels familiar to her. She also notes that ratafia is constantly being served in these books at balls, and says that she finds it tasty with its ingredients. She doesn’t understand why the food has gotten such injustice from characters that do not like the recipe or complain that it is too sweet.

She first got into the genre by reading Julia Quinn. Although she was late to pick up romance novels and had only read Georgette Heyer before library school, Waters found a Julia Quinn book and thought it was delightful. She then binge read her way through all of the Bridgerton series in under two weeks. The writer says that from that point on she was hooked on the genre and read dozens more novels in just that year.

She can recommend many good romantic comedies to readers of friends. She would of course recommend Julia Quinn and thinks that the Bridgerton novels make great romantic comedies. Waters also approves of Loretta Chase and would recommend just about anything that she has written because she simply believes that she is writing some of the best and smartest romance that is currently published. With contemporary romantic comedies being popular, she would recommend The Hating Game by Sally Thorne to readers. She also likes the London Celebrities series of novels by Lucy Parker.

For her own writing, she would describe it as being intelligent, funny, and full of banter. The best advice that she was ever given, although not personally, was from an author. They said that it’s not a good idea to stop writing that day if you’re unsure what’s happening in a scene you are writing and what will happen next. She says that it is good advice and it possibly helped her finish her own book.

If Waters had to choose being any character in fiction for one day, she would probably choose Ginny Weasley. The author owes this to her millennial status as well as her love for Harry Potter. She says that she has thought about the topic a lot and has concluded that she would probably have to burn through a lot of time as Hermione Granger if she had to stop her friends from always running into trouble and wouldn’t have any time left where she felt she could enjoy herself. She says that spending the day as the character of Ginny would give her a more accurate view of Hogwarts life and would let her get the chance to play Quidditch, eat Great Hall meals, and spend time hanging out with others in the common room.

To Have and To Hoax is the first fictional novel to come out from Martha Waters. This is a top of the line romantic comedy that will you have you in stitches! When a wife and a husband decide to try and get back at each other through faked illnesses and accidents, it could be the need for revenge or an attempt to get the attention of the other.

Lady Violet Grey married Lord James Audley after they fell for each other five years prior. Then a year into the marriage, they had a huge blow up between the two of them, and they have been estranged and hardly speaking ever since that fight.

Violet and James used to have so much passion between them. But now that has turned into something far colder, each of them showing the other a basic measure of being polite. Then Violet gets a letter that tells her that James is unconscious, thrown from a horse at their estate in the country. She moves quickly to be with him, but then finds him doing fine, drinking at the local tavern.

He had no idea about how concerned she was and her fear turns to rage. He has no idea what’s going on, but they’re back to being at odds just like that. Violet wants to get back at James and so decides to fake an illness. Her husband sees right away that she appears to be faking it, but decides to go along with the ruse.

The two of them engage in a game of cat and mouse, each trying to get at the other. There’s a fine line when it comes to love and hate. Could the married couple possibly be changing over from cold to hot? Will they get back together? Pick up this book to find out!

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