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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Geneva Connection (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Once a Killer (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shakedown (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Crime And Justice (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Originally a private financier working in the United Kingdom, the British author Martin Bodenham is a writer who has been writing for quite some time now, having produced a score of literary novels over the recent years, making a name for himself as a bestselling writing of crime and thriller novels. This has seen him reach a worldwide audience of readers from all across the globe, as he has managed to create an impact that has been recognized both far and wide. Garnering not only the attention of the public though, he has also gained the praise of his many peers and contemporaries alike throughout the course of his career. Knowing exactly how to construct a compelling turn of phrase, he really ensures that his reader becomes as invested in his characters and scenarios as he obviously is, with the passion exuding from each and every page. This is something which he has clearly nurtured over the years, allowing him to create a style that is entirely unique to himself, whilst also resonating on a personal level for readers from all manner of background. Communicating in a very direct style, he definitely manages to immediately engage the reader from the very start, keeping them held there upon the edges of their seats for the duration of the novel, constantly guessing as to what is coming next. Definitely a master of his craft, he works at combining the characters with his intricately woven stories, whilst taking a journey into the darker recesses of the human psyche, allowing some fundamental truths to emerge in the process. He knows how to keep a reader guessing, along with ensuring that they constantly wonder as to what’s coming next, with his clear ability at crafting a strong mystery. Not creating many series as such, he largely focuses upon stand-alone novels, as they tell there own stories, something which he’ll continue for quite some time to come.

Early and Personal Life

Born in the United Kingdom, Martin Bodenham would go on to become a full time writer later on, but not before working within the world of high finance as a corporate CEO of a London-based private equity firm, which followed him gaining an economics degree from none other than the University of Leicester. With a gift for making and moving money, he would soon transfer these skills to the written word, as he would harbor a strong passion for literature from early on, something that remained with him throughout his life. Later moving to Canada, he continues to live there and write to this very day, putting out work on a regular and consistent basis.

Writing Career

It would be in 2011 that the author to be Martin Bodenham would write and publish his first novel ‘The Geneva Convention’, which would also mark his first stand-alone mystery thriller. He would later follow this up with the title ‘Once a Killer’ in 2014, along with ‘Shakedown’ in 2017, both of which would also be stand-alone mystery thriller novels as well. Using realistic backgrounds, he mainly uses his background in finance to inform much of his material, something which allows him to write with a high degree of authenticity in a fast paced and action packed style, as he’ll continue to write into the foreseeable future.

The Geneva Connection

Initially brought out through the ‘Down and Out Books’ publishing label, this would mark the first literary entry for Martin Bodenham as a thriller writer. Released upon the 15th of December in 2011, it would make a considerable impact on its first release, marking Bodenham as a definite writer to watch in the following years to come. It would also work as a well plotted self-contained mystery thriller novel, showcasing his talent and skills at maintaining a fast paced action packed style.

This being a first novel for Bodenham, he sticks to familiar territory, writing about the world of high-finance, making a compelling thriller set within the world of the super rich. His main protagonist is also someone that’s highly drawn from his own life and experiences, whilst also standing entirely on his own. The world of private equity is also brilliantly realized here too, along with many of the locations as well, this being set mostly in London.

John Kent is living among the ranks of the super rich, as he seems to have it all with his private equity firm being a great success, giving his family everything he never had himself in life. Everything seems to be going well, that is until he learns that one of his largest investors is bankrolled by none other than one of Mexico’s biggest drug cartels, as they then murder a partner of his in order to ensure his silence. Stuck between a rock and hard place, John must now decide whether he wants to comply with the DEA and avoid incarceration which would put his family at risk, or not comply and be incarcerated. Will he betray the cartel? Who will pay the price? What will become of the Geneva connection?


Showing a lot of confidence as an author now, this was to be the third book for Martin Bodenham, with it again being a mystery thriller novel. Originally released upon the 13th of November in 2017, this would come to showcase his development as a writer of exciting thriller stories. Working once again as a stand-alone title, with it not being a part of any series as such, it really manages to deliver on everything he offered in his first two novels, whilst also elevating it even higher in the process.

Leaving behind a stellar career upon Wall Street, Damon Traynor is hoping to make it on his own with a private equity business. That’s when he apparently makes the deal of a lifetime, acquiring a client in the form of a government-owned defense company, that is until he and many others quickly realize that they’ve been duped and the department is completely strapped for money. Facing potential financial ruin now, he goes on a journey into a web of conspiracy and lies, as his investigation takes him all the way to the White House, with a web of crime and deception. Where does the leader of the free world come into the this? Can Damon Traynor face up to them? Who will emerge victorious from this shakedown?

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