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with Robert Ross
The Medici Guns (1974)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Medici Emerald (1976)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Medici Hawks (1978)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Phil & Me (1970)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Remington Set (As:John Charlton) (1976)Description / Buy at Amazon
Traders (1980)Description / Buy at Amazon

Martin Woodhouse
Martin Woodhouse is an English scriptwriter and author of science fiction and thriller books. He is popularly known as the writer for the television series The Avengers. Martin has written the Giles Yoeman series and co-authored Leonardo Da Vinci series with Robert Ross. He’s a retired pilot, medical doctor, computer designer, and engineer. Woodhouse was born in Romford and attended Salisbury Cathedral School. He later joined Downing College, where he majored in Natural Sciences and studied Medicine at St. Mary’s Hospital.

Martin wrote in the techno-thriller genre before it was well defined as a subgenre. What characterizes Martin’s books is that the main character is a Man of Science, who sabotages his enemies using his knowledge, wits, and the application of scientific knowledge rather than relying on skill at arms, physical strength, or detective work. His writing is full of dry humorous prose. The main characters tend to be sarcastic, intelligent and uninterested with authority figures. In addition many of Martin Woodhouse’s books are filled with details that mirror his background in medicine and engineering.
The Medici Guns

The Medici Guns is the debut novel in Leonardo Da Vinci series. It’s set in the 15th century in the magnificent renaissance of Italy. Leonardo da Vinci, a twenty-five-year-old gentleman, travels to Rome accompanied by his friends to search for certain information. He believes that he can take the strong military hold of Castle Monte which bars the access of Florence.

The Medici family may rise and start ruling Europe through the use of charms, deceitfulness, and ruthlessness. Through this they would gather unprecedented wealth and power and also arouse important artistic and cultural revolution in Europe. However there is a group of people who the Medici released will one day overthrow their ruling.

Leonardo is planning to create a new idea of war through the use of guns and the techniques to apply when using them. His curiosity is aroused by the Vatican City, which surrounds Rome under the leadership of Pope Sixtus and the Pazzi bankers.

The book is an easy read and keeps the reader entertained to the last page. People see Leonardo as an ordinary painter with a long beard, and the book shows how he turns out to be a great artist and intelligent through his attempts. The characters are likable and entertaining even though some of them are murderers and assassins which makes the reader curious to know what will happen next.

The Medici Emerald

The Medici Emerald is the second book in the Leonardo Da Vinci series. The author narrates about the historical adventures of Leonardo who is both an artist and an inventor. The pope had chased him after he began challenging the existing ideas. The talented Leonardo makes use of his inventiveness to protect Medici ward and Lady Bianca, his lover.

The novel is set in 1478 when Lady Bianca is kidnapped by Venice, one of the most dangerous city-states in Florence. For Leonardo to be able to save his lover, he will have to handover a fabled emerald, which has an important military secret already possessed by the Medici’s to the Doge’s agents. Leonardo decides to use his intelligence to interpret the mystery in the emerald to rescue his lover, defeat the Venetians and save the Medics and Florence from their enemy.

Leonardo has become enemies with Rome’s captain-general who is still planning to bring him down. Sailor Mendoza, a rich merchant and Leonardo’s old friend from Malta had been brutally killed, and his ship sunk since he had mysterious knowledge about the sea. Riario, Rome’s captain-general, was the mastermind of the sailor’s death and killed him because of the secrets he held. The captain abducts Bianca deliberately to trap Leonardo as he tries to rescue her.
The Medici emerald is a fast-paced novel with lots of drama and adventures making it an interesting read. The imaginary and insightful look of the story shows how people used to live in Italy and explains how navigation and spying of Leonardo help in saving Medici’s and Florence. As the first book, the Medici Guns shows how Leonardo invents movable canons; the Medici hawks explains how he creates flight while the Medici emerald explains how he rediscovers navigation of ships out of sight.

The Medici Hawks

The Medici Hawks is the third book in the Leonardo da Vinci series. The inventive artist uses his known creativity to fight against the most dangerous enemy of Florence. Turk, Sultan Mohammed, has command invasion warships to overthrow the Medici’s from power. Leonardo employs his warfare innovations and submarine invention to bring warships down to save his city-state and reunite with his lover, Bianca Visconti.

In the course of the war, Leonardo sees hawks flying above him and imagines how he can invent a flying machine with explosives in it to use in the attack. The authors use the super-tough Leonardo as the James Bond of Europe in the 15th century to free Florence city from the enemies who had captured it. He accomplishes this through the use of his ‘guns’ and his lover Bianca who impersonates as a boy before she is abducted which temporarily distracts Leonardo.

The book narrates about a character named Adam Khan, who happens to be the richest arms dealer owning both light and heavy weapons to fight any war. The government is already worried due to his lack of loyalty to his nation since he is the heir of Shakkur Khan and the only ruler of a valley located in central Asia, which has become wealthy through trade.

Earlier, before Adams becoming an arms dealer, his father passes on he is in London and returns home to find the wealth his father left as his inheritance stolen by his greedy uncle. He starts life from scratch and begins a journey to make a living of his own, but unexpectedly, Henry Ballard, an American Billionaire adopts him. Later Ballard dies, leaving all his wealth to Adam who eventually marries Elaine, Ballard’s intelligent daughter.
Everything goes on well until Adam’s enemies both known and unknown begin bothering him. He will have to fight a battle through a ruthless struggle to get his birthright and stop a dictator from starting war in Africa. Adams also has the responsibility of handling disloyalty in his camp and focus on his wife. The book is full of a lot of drama that keeps you thrilled to the last page.

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