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Martin’s Crossing Books In Order

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Publication Order of Martin's Crossing Books

A Rancher for Christmas (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Rancher Takes a Bride (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Rancher's Second Chance (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Rancher's First Love (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Her Rancher Bodyguard (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Her Guardian Rancher (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Brenda Minton is a romance novelist behind the Martin’s Crossing series. Based out of the Ozarks, Minton has lived in the area for much of her life. She grew up in the countryside and has written many stories over the years as a hobby. She would often write to entertain herself but over time she began writing stories to entertain others just as well. It is her personal experience in writing that has helped her to become one of the top romance novelists around.

Minton writes about dreams and looking forward to the future in many of her romance novels. She always tells people to never stop dreaming and that great things will come about to those who simply think about what they can do to be happy and energetic in their lives and minds.

In 2006, Minton was invited into the Steeple Hill romance novel family. She continues to make books to this day with many of them published by Steeple Hill. Many of her books are also published in the Love Inspired series, a set of romance novels from various writers devoted to love and knowing what makes people happy. People can find additional information on her work at

About the Series

The Martin’s Crossing series of books is about people living the titular Texas town. It is a small ranching town with a tightly knit community. The general philosophy among people at Martin’s Crossing is that those who seek for love will always find it if they think carefully about where they can get it.

The village is heavily run by many members of the Martin family. They have settled in the area for generations and know the way of the land and the many things that make their own special part of Texas so outstanding.

Many of the stories entail people who come from different worlds getting together. Some people come from larger cities while others are from smaller communities. All of the people in these stories all have the same goals as they are hoping to have happier lives and really want to do more with their lives.

Brenda Minton feels that everyone deserves love. It is always a matter of time before love can find a way into anyone’s heart and mind. The Martin’s Crossing book series highlights many people around the titular town who want love and are not afraid to find it.

Noteworthy Books in the Series

A Rancher For Christmas

The first book in the Martin’s Crossing series is the 2014 novel A Rancher For Christmas. The story takes place around the Christmas season as the title suggests. It follows Breezy Hernandez, a free spirit who has taken custody of her late brother’s twin girls. She is trying to adjust to her new life as she is taking care of the two girls after their father’s sudden death.

Meanwhile, rancher Jake Martin has found that it is not all that easy for him to fall in love. As he tries to find a woman, he knows that it is next to impossible to trust in them. He soon meets Breezy and starts to take care of the girls with her. Jake soon begins to fall for her but Breezy is worried. She has always wanted to have a family but she knows that part of it could involve having to stick around in Martin’s Crossing.

But as Minton always feels, every heart will find its way. The story especially uses its Christmas setting well as it focuses on many important points relating to having a stronger and healthier life that is productive and worth living.

The Rancher Takes a Bride

The next story in the series is the Rancher Takes a Bride, a book about a man who discovers that he is a father. Army medic Duke Martin learns that he is a father through an old flame. He soon finds out that his daughter was born twelve years earlier, thus making him wonder why his old love would have kept this news a secret from him for so long.

He begins working to prove that he can be a perfect father but he also knows that the mother in question is just as important to his life. As the mother’s health starts to weaken, Duke wonders what he can do to become a better person for her. This soon leads into him finding ways to be a better and more productive man who wants to stick with the woman that he let get away long ago. He knows that he cannot afford to let the woman he once cared for slip away a second time. The story is about knowing how to keep a woman and focuses on how important a second chance can truly be. It especially looks at what people often do to find love and to keep it from getting away a second time around.

The Rancher’s First Love

In 2016, Minton published the Rancher’s First Love in this series. Samantha Martin is the main figure in this story. She learns that Remington, her first love, has come back to the town. The two were hoping to marry out of school but Remington’s overly protective brothers kept that from happening.

Remington has grown up and is a rancher although he works as a preacher at his local church on occasion. He and Samantha finally get back together and enjoy their lives together. But Samantha’s family is tough and is looking to really see if Remington is a worthwhile man who deserves to be with her. In addition, Samantha has an old secret that she is worried about. She is hoping to resolve this problem in her life so she can possibly have a wedding in the winter.

The great work that comes from the Martin’s Crossing series is all about knowing how love works and that love is always going to be there to anyone who wants it. Be sure to read through this entertaining series to feel inspired and ready for love.

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