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Publication Order of Marty Singer Books

A Reason to Live (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blueblood (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
One Right Thing (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Spike (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Wicked Flee (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Once Was Lost (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Bitter Fields (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Chasing the Pain (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Marty Singer Mystery is a series of mystery thrillers by Matthew Iden, who also writes contemporary literary fiction, crime fiction, thrillers, horror, science fiction, and fantasy, all with a psychological twist. Iden has had one of the most eclectic resumes having held jobs with international nonprofit groups, the US Postal Service, and a few months in Sitka, Alaska with the Forest Service. He has also spent a semester at Sea Program. He has asserted that all the jobs and experiences including his trips to Antarctica, Patagonia, and Iceland have provided inspiration and got his creative juices flowing. He also had a post-graduate degree in English literature though he believes he would still have made it as an author without it. Nonetheless, it helped define what he loves as he read a lot of books during his studies.

The Marty Singer Mystery series by Matthew Iden is all about the retired homicide detective, Marty Singer. Unlike your usual detective that is dealing with either a divorce or a drinking problem, Marty is struggling with a cancer diagnosis. He was one of the best detectives in the force but now is weak and easily tired though he still has the experience and knowledge that makes him a first-rate detective. This provides an edge of the seat feeling as it combines a who done it with the mystery of whether Marty is going to beat his cancer while working successfully on his cases. As a detective, he does not go into lone wolf mode or adopt a don’t care about the rules territory, since he is an experienced man that knows how to get results. He takes the rational way though he pushes the boundaries a bit when he needs to get evidence. However, he hardly ever goes overboard. In the course of the novel he develops a relationship with Amanda, the daughter of the victim in his first case. Since he does not have a family, Amanda provides something of that for him though over time romantic overtones develop. His issues with cancer persist over the course of the novels though he successfully undergoes surgery in the third title. The remission makes him more focused and aggressive, which makes him a more robust detective overall.

“A Reason to Live” the first novel of the Marty Singer series introduces us to Marty, a detective who is forced to retire from the police force after a cancer diagnosis. He is depressed that he has to retire and embark on some pretty aggressive chemotherapy, which means that he has to find a reason for living. Thankfully, a very good reason shows up in the form of an old cold case and the start of a relationship. Since he is no longer officially with the police, the only way he can work is to get a case that no one else is working on. Still, He has to live with the horrible effect of the chemotherapy that makes him lose his appetite and feel weak. It all started out of nowhere when Amanda the daughter of a man that had been killed more than a decade past comes to him. She wants help from Singer as she believes that the killer is back on the scene and is taunting her about the homicide. It is a huge chance for Marty to get back in the game and get his mind off of the chemotherapy. It is a great rollercoaster ride as more bodies turn up, finally leading to an explosive finale and a hint of romance between Marty and Amanda.

“Blueblood” the second novel of the Marty Singer series is set in Washington DC, where Marty the retired detective is approached by Lieutenant Sam Bloch. He is one of the best detectives in the city and hence Bloch believes that he can be of great help in investigating a series of cop murders off the books. They are unnerving homicides that on the surface look unrelated yet the top brass in the police would not let Bloch investigate. The higher-ups are not interested in cooperating and do not believe that there is someone out there committing brutal acts of violence against police officers. In an effort to get justice for the victims and stop the killings, Marty dives in and starts talking to people who do not want to talk to him or give up facts. It is a fascinating murder mystery that has some aspects that fit the serial cop killer theory while some do not. It is quite enjoyable seeing Marty dive into the investigation and try to find the littlest clues to go on. His cancer also makes for an interesting side story as it provides a few curve balls that you never see coming.

“One Right Thing” the third novel of the Marty Singer series is set in Virginia. Marty is in the state to visit a friend when he sees a billboard with the face of some guy he had once put behind bars. But the twist is not that the man is now a model but JD Hope is dead and Marty would like to find out just who had killed him. He goes to his sister and mother and offers to investigate the homicide but they are having none of it. They know that he had been responsible for putting him away and want nothing to do with him. Marty feels a degree of guilt for the man and hence decides to stay in Cain’s Crossing for a few weeks to investigate the strange case. But it is not only the sister and mother who are not interested in cooperating as his ex-wife and even the police rebuff his advances. He finally finds an ally and at last, begins to dig into the case. He goes far back into the man’s past and starts with the location where JD’s body has been found. He needs to resolve the murder not only for his guilty conscience but also for the sake of the people of Cain’s Crossing. But despite his determination to do the right thing by JD, can he trust the people he thinks are there to help him resolve the case?

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