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Publication Order of Mary Crow Books

In the Forest of Harm (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Darker Justice (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
Call the Devil by His Oldest Name (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Legacy of Masks (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Music of Ghosts (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Deadliest of Sins (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Judgment of Whispers (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
White Trees Crimson Snow (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

An American writer of thriller and mystery novels, the author Sallie Bissell has been writing for a number of years now, having created a backlog of work that has come to be respected by critics and the general public alike worldwide. Drawing inspiration from other writers such as Gail Godwin, William O. Steele and William Gay, she follows on in a rich and inventive legacy, having created an interesting and inventive oeuvre, one that’s respected by many readers globally, as she attract more and more readers continually every day. Building rich and imaginative worlds too, her stories are wide-reaching in their scope and scale, whilst also being able to draw in more intimate and personal aspects too, giving the readers something to relate to in the process. Setting up narratives that are finely tuned, carrying the reader along with confidence and imagination, she has been able to create a style that is entirely unique to her, whilst also honoring her many contemporaries in the process, as she moves the format and genre along overall. Knowing and understanding her craft clearly, she has been able to set herself apart from the many others inhabiting her field, allowing her to really come into her own as an author and writer. Not only that, but she also creates characters that are strong and resilient, allowing them and their personalities to shine through, whilst putting forth a sense of compassion and sensitivity that really resonates with the reader on more of an emotional level. Juxtaposing this with her vibrant and fun narratives, she is able to set-up an engaging and highly immersive story that keeps the reader hooked throughout, allowing them to really feel as if they’re a part of the action. Whilst she may provide a sense of escapism, she also relates on a universal level that really resonates with readers worldwide, regardless of where they’re from or their background. Setting up many long-running series too, she has been able to create franchises that appeal on this basis too, with many rich and inventive characters that carry their stories along. One such series is that of her much loved franchise, the ‘Mary Crow’ series of novels, as they draw together a whole variety of different and exciting elements, all of which combine to create one of her most thrilling and suspense fueled series to date, keeping her readers glued to the edges of their seats throughout. As a Cherokee prosecutor with a keen eye for investigation and survival, she copes with an increasingly difficult series of challenges, all of which are set to test her to the limit as the series progresses. Always looking to do the right thing, she is a strong character with a sense of compassion and justice; personality traits which have proven to be a successful and winning formula for her many readers over the years. Using her own experiences, Sallie Bissell manages to incorporate a lot of what works from her own inspirations, both in literature and from real-life, all coming together to make one of her most compelling series to date.

Running for seven novels in total, this was perhaps one of Bissell’s most compelling series to date, as it would run from 2001 to 2015, with books being released intermittently throughout the years. With all of them set firmly within the adventure and thriller mold, they have been aimed at older more mature readers, as they use themes and ideas that are traditionally attuned to such an audience. Starting out with ‘In The Forest Of Harm’ coming out in 2001, this would run for a long time, generating a lot of publicity throughout the entire course of its run.

In The Forest Of Harm

Originally published by Bantam Books in 2001 on the 2nd of October, this would mark the first title in the long-running series of ‘Mary Crow’ novels. Providing her with her first hard-hitting adventure, it would foreshadow a lot of what was to come, allowing readers to gain an idea of what to expect in the books to follow. It would also work at introducing many of the lead characters for the first time too, essentially setting them up and letting them tell their respective stories for the first time.

With this first book effectively being a survival based thriller novel set in the wilderness, this does a good job of ensuring the series starts with some considerable impact. The characters themselves are also well established, giving the readers a clear idea of who they are and what to expect in the future. Using a rural wilderness as its setting, it really manages to introduce the core ideas of the series, giving them plenty of room to breathe in the process.

Heading home to North Carolina, Mary ‘Killer’ Crow is all set to embark on a hike through the wilderness with one of her oldest friends. A young Cherokee prosecutor she is tough and resilient, and it is here, that she’ll have this put to the test, as two men follow them into the wilderness. One is a hunter, the other a man seeking revenge, both deadly with an eye set firmly on making Crow pay, and woe betide anyone that gets in their way. Will they succeed? Can Crow and her friend survive for long enough to stop them? What will become of them both in the forest of harm?

A Darker Justice

Coming out through Bantam Books this originally was released in 2002 on the 29th of October. Following on from the last, it provides the second title in the Mary Crow series. Not just that, but it also develops the series overall, taking it forwards in new and exciting directions.

Mary Crow is called back from Atlanta to North Carolina once more, as the FBI seek her help following a deadly murder. With a killer on the loose it appears that their victims have been three federal judges with another set in their sights; Judge Irene Hannah. This then leads Crow to find the killers and protect Hannah before it’s too late and they once strike again. Can she do it? Who is committing the murders? Is there a darker justice?

The Mary Crow Series

A highly engaging set of books, this is perhaps one of Sallie Bissell’s most popular series to date, and for good reason, as they are a fun and knowing set of novels that aren’t afraid of more difficult subject matter when needs be. Creating a compelling and equally engaging character with Mary Crow herself, she takes on a life of her own as the series progressing, allowing readers to feel as if they really know her when the series comes to its final conclusion. Leaving a legacy that will prove to be more and more popular in the years to come, it appears that the reputation of this series will carry on growing from quite some time yet, something which doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon.

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