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Publication Order of The Courting of Bristol Keats Books

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The Fox Inheritance (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fox Forever (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Kiss of Deception (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Heart of Betrayal (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Morrighan (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Pickles in My Soup (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon

Mary E. Pearson is one of the highly established authors from America who likes to write novels based on a variety of genres. She has won numerous awards in her career and has penned down quite a few successful novel series such as The Remnant Chronicles and The Jenna Fox Chronicles. Author Pearson spends all her time in writing books from her office cum home located in California. She lives along with her husband and a couple of golden retrievers. Author Pearson says that she has been enamored with character and story since her childhood days. Her mother used to tell her that she was the most annoying kid as she used to take up a new character each day. People used to ask author Pearson in the morning as what character she was playing on that particular day, otherwise she would not answer to any of their questions. On one occasion she got lost at the age of four while she was out for shopping with her parents. When they could not find her anywhere they decided to go to the police.

But soon, they heard a voice on the loudspeaker that the parents of Little Red Riding Hood should come and get her from the counter. This was the character that author Pearson was playing on that day and instead of telling her real name to the founders, she chose to tell the name of her character. But her parents were smart enough to find out that it was her. However, these days she wakes up all by herself, but still continues to work out some characters during the day time. During her second grade, author Pearson was very fond of her teacher, Mrs. Alsenz, who used to tell some very good stories to the class. This trend continued till her 12th grade as author Pearson came across a number of inspiring teachers who helped her to develop her storytelling skills. Later, she joined the State University of Long Beach and obtained her BFA. Before getting married and giving birth to her children, author Pearson worked for a small time as an artist. She says that being a mother was the most challenging job of her life. However, it also brought some rewards for her. During the same time, author Pearson joined the University of San Diego and earned her teaching credentials.

After that she began her teaching career and got assigned to a number of grades during the course of her short teaching career. She says that it was the students from the second grade who pushed her into writing once again. During the Writing Workshop periods, author Pearson used to sit with the students and write her stories. She used to enjoy the process as well as the stories that she used to write. After a while, she decided to return back to her first love, and publish some of her own stories. Author believes that writing is not an easy job as she had to face a lot of rejections in the beginning. But, it was persistence that kept her going and helped her to succeed in the end as a writer. As of today, author Pearson writes full time from her home located in San Diego. Her family consists of a couple of daughters and equally awesome sons-in-law. The names of her pet dogs are Hunter and Brody respectively. Whenever author Pearson is not spending time in developing the plots of her recent novels, she likes to enjoy doing her hobbies. Some of her hobbies include reading, gardening, long walking, skiing, traveling, cooking, and arranging family get-togethers. Author Pearson believes that garden is a very good place for getting awesome ideas and topics to write about. Among her favorite books are the ones written by author Pearl S.Buck.

One of the successful novel series written by author Mary E. Pearson is titled ‘The Remnant Chronicles’. This series consists of 3 books published between the years 2014 and 2016. The first book in the series was released under the title ‘The Kiss of Deception’. This book was published by the Henry Holt publishers in the year 2014. The central characters depicted in this book include Idris Jezelia and Arabella Celestine. As the story begins, it is shown that Lia is the 17 year old Princess and the First Daughter of the Morrighan House. The Morrighan Kingdom seems to be steeped in the stories and traditions of an old world, but there are some traditions that Lia cannot abide. She does not agree a person whom she has never met before. But, her father forces her to do so in order to gain political benefits. Lia becomes very much fed up and runs away on the day of her wedding to a distant village. There, she starts living among the common people and blends in very well. But, when a couple of handsome and mysterious strangers arrive in the village, Lia gets intrigued. She seems to be unaware of the fact that one of the men in the angry prince and the other one is a professional assassin sent to murder her. As the deceptions continue to swirl, Lia finds herself on the verge of revealing some perilous secrets. The secrets have the power of unravelling her world, even as she begins to fall in love.

The next novel of the series is titled as ‘The Heart of Betrayal’. This book was released by the Henry Holt publication in the year 2015 and revolves around the characters named Lia, Rafe, Kaden, and Vendan Komizar. At the start of the story, Rafe and Lia are depicted as being held captive in the kingdom of the barbarian Vendan Komizar and do not seem to have any chance of escaping. In the desperation to save the life of Lia, her previous assassin named Kaden, tells Vandan Komizar that she possesses some special gifts. Due to this, his interest in Lia grows even more than anything else. In the meantime, nothing appears to be quite straightforward to Lia. She finds out that Rafe had lied to her, but then he goes on to sacrifice his freedom in order to protect her. There is Kaden who was supposed to assassinate her, but chooses to save her life. Also, there were some Vendans whom Lia used to think to be savages. Due to the fact that Lia is now living along with them, she believes that all the other things may be false. In the end, she is required to make some powerful choices with the help of her gift, her sense of being herself, and her upbringing. However, she also knows that the choices that she will make are going to affect her own destiny and that of her country’s.

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