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The Billionaire's Secret Wife (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Billionaire's Secret Obsession (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Billionaire's Office Romance (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Growing Up In Grant Street (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Mary Jennings is a contemporary romance author popularly known for her New York City Billionaires and Billionaire Rivals books series. She is also the author of Forget Me Not (2013), a novella in which she narrates a story spanning a decade of caring for a husband who has Alzheimer’s disease. Mary accepts that her obsession with order and tidiness made life difficult for them both. Forget Me Not is an engaging and simple-to-read novel. During the transition from a domestic environment to that of full-time care, the reader can sense and experience positive and negative emotions.

Journeys can be physically draining and emotionally draining, but they also contain gentler moments. The inclusion of the author’s early infancy in the plot is a valuable addition. Mary’s story and Norman’s journey give the reader a greater comprehension of how this disease can impact our daily lives. Recommended reading beginning at age 12.

In 2014, Jennings published Growing Up in Grant Street, a story in which she remembers her first 11 years as a child in a working-class family in the 1940s. She tells of her personal experience of surviving both emotional and physical neglect in a family where the parents focused on their own needs before the needs of their children. The novella and the standalone novel laid a foundation through which Jennings would later gather the courage to venture into the romance genre publishing more than five novels in a series in less than two years (2021-2022).

Mr. Hudson is the first book in New York City Billionaires series by Mary Jennings. Emilie arrives in London to be with her friend on her wedding day to the man she loves the most. However, the reception is so noisy that she enters a nearby restaurant with a bar to escape the noise. She orders a drink while sitting at the bar by herself in a ravishing red gown. A handsome gentleman sits next to her and proposes to get her a drink shortly after that. He inquires why she is alone while the wedding is just next door.

Emilie informs him that her companion from New York did not travel to be with her. The male introduces himself as Ezra and expresses a desire to spend time with her. Therefore, she invites him to her apartment, where they spend an unforgettable evening together. However, when Emilie awakens, Ezra is gone. However, he left a brief note explaining that he had to depart immediately due to a work emergency. He also never disclosed his surname or place of origin.

After working as a hostess for several months, Emilie has discovered a well-paying position that allows her to utilize a few of her art training. She is becoming acquainted with her environs when she hears two males approaching and conversing. She is horrified to discover that one of them is Ezra, the billionaire proprietor and president of the business she has just joined. Ezra is just as astonished. He never knew her last name, so he could not locate her, but he never forgot her. Now that he understands who she is, he absolutely cannot wait to find out whether they can recapture the spark they shared in London. This book includes a great deal of tension as these two endure so much hardship that you question if they will ever find happiness.
In the first book of Billionaire’s Rivals, we meet Elodie and Cam’s experience in a love-hate relationship. As they continue to accumulate secrets and hone their acting skills as a HEA couple, the line between fiction and reality becomes increasingly blurred. They experience an undeniable attraction and decide to pursue a happy ending.

Elodie and Cam had been friends since childhood. Cam was Elodie’s brother’s childhood companion. When she was older, he defended her from Cam in addition to protecting her from each of the males at school. Cam was already smitten with her, yet she was unaware of it. She was also in love with him. Without understanding one another’s emotions, both continued with their lives. The soldier’s family owns a hardware store that is in financial difficulty; she wants money to repay the mafia for the money he had borrowed. Cam had an idea and required assistance from CBS for a sham relationship with Elodie. So that she could retire, his grandma was going to select one of the members of the family to assume control of the business. To qualify for the inheritance, Cam must be married. So Cam asks her to assist him at his grandmother’s home, where games are played to determine the most deserving candidate for leadership of the company. This story is full of twists and turns, but it is a delightfully entertaining read.

Not everything that glitters is gold. Evie Martinez is a determined young lady. Her profession comes first, particularly since she had to work hard to achieve her current status of achievement. Despite this, she cannot refuse her brother once he matches her up on a date with an especially charming wealthy bachelor in Chicago.

Quick to judge, Evie believes she’ll endure the dinner with tight lips and a beautiful smile, but the moment she rests her eyes on him, she’s in for a scintillating awakening. Brent Huxley never imagined reaching this point in his existence. Brent had a troubled upbringing, but now that he’s the monarch of a kingdom with quarries for rare metals all over the world, he is searching for a gemstone he can keep to himself. Will the attractive, intelligent firecracker who happens to come across him be the one? Or will his single error be his undoing?
She has an impervious heart, but he is an expert at unearthing the most valuable jewels in the world. However, they must first withstand the night. The Billionaire’s Blind Date is an exclusive box set containing volumes 2-4 of the standalone Billionaire Rivals series. Each novel is a passionate, swoon-worthy romance with an assured happy ending. If you enjoy reading romance books featuring swoony characters, then Mary Jennings is a highly recommended read.

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