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Born Kathy Hogan Trocheck, Mary Kay Andrews is an American writer that has authored numerous bestsellers under the pen name. +Biography Born in July 1954, Mary Kay Andrews graduated from the University of Georgia in 1976 with a degree in journalism.

She spent the next several years working as a reporter for various papers, at one time spending 11 years with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. With her professional journalism career starting in Savannah, Georgia, Andrews’ work frequently brought her into direct contact with real life murder trials, experiences such as this influencing the work she did on books like ‘Midnight in The Garden of Good and Evil’.

It wasn’t until 1991 that she put her career aside and chose to focus her efforts solely on writing fiction. She would go on to author ten mystery novels over the next eight years under her real name, Katy Hogan Trocheck, eventually making the switch to Mary Kay Andrews in 2002, this marking a transformation in her writing style.

Mary Kay Andrews is a combination of her children’s names (her daughter Mary Kathleen and her son, Andy). Questioned about her decision to write under a pen name, Andrews described it as a turning point in her literary career. After nearly ten years as a professional author, Andrews began to hear voices in her head, stories and characters that sought to find their way into the world but which where wholly different from anything she had ever written.

It was in an attempt to make a complete break from her previous works that Kathy wrote ‘Savannah Blues’ under the name Mary Kay Andrews. A lifelong junker that claims to know where every promising thrift store and flea market in the Southeastern United States is located, Mary Kay Andrews has made frequent appearances at various writing workshops, this including the Antioch Writer’s Workshop and Georgia University’s Harriet Austin Writer’s Workshop to mention but a few.

Mary Kay Andrews is married to Tom, her high school sweetheart; the pair has two children. Andrews’ novels have been nominated for numerous prizes, this including the Macavity, Edgar and Agatha Awards. Mary’s novels are often littered with wacky southern characters many of whom, she has admitted, might have been inspired by the people she has known over the years.

Savannah Blues: Weezie Floley, aka Eloise, is a feisty antique picker. Her life has undergone some drastic changes, and not for the better, not since her spiteful ex-husband evicted her from the house she had so painstakingly restored in Savannah’s historic district.

It is a life she is struggling to come to terms with. The first book from Kathy Hogan Trochek under her pen name, Mary Kay Andrews, Savannah Blues is a deeply engrossing read, painting the sultry breezes and salty sea air of Georgia with vivid imagery. With characters like Emily Griffin, Fannie Flag, Jill Conner Browne and Rebecca Wells under her belt, Mary Kay Andrew’s tale of revenge is as sweet as it is entertaining.

There is a lot to love about Savannah Blues. For one thing, Andrews shows a clear understanding of the legal elements of her story, which is a drastic departure from the many writers that tend to fumble in this arena because they haven’t bothered to research legal issues in the first place.

Not only does Mary Kay Andrews get the legal elements of the story correct, but she spins them wonderfully around her mystery plot, her wit shining through every single page. The cast is very colorful, the hot romance complimented by smart dialogue and vivid descriptions of Savannah. You can almost hear the southern accents echoing off the page.

Savannah Blues follows Weezie, an antique dealer that spends her days combing through the back alleys and garage sales of Savannah, trying to locate inconspicuous treasures even as she endeavors to avoid the watchful eye of her crazy relatives and hunky ex-boyfriend.

When her ex-husband’s fiancée turns up dead, murdered by a gun with her fingerprints, Weezie’s chaotic turn takes a turn for the worse. Her budding romance with a new chef only further complicates matters. Some readers might find some of the chick lit clichés littering this book less than appealing, this including the gorgeous boyfriend that has everything in common with Weezie, pursues her with fervor even while clearly concealing a dark and mysterious past.

The fact that the actual mystery of the novel is, at best, a subplot, cast aside in favor of the romance might also further irk some readers. And while Mary Kay makes an effort to craft three dimensional characters, a lot of their back stories are largely irrelevant, the time taken to explore their personal demons and conflicts adding nothing to the story.

On the whole, however, Savannah Blues is a pleasant read. +Savannah Breeze BeBe Loudermilk is angry. The southern Belle only has one thing on her mind: to get back at the handsome but two-faced con man that swindled her out of everything but her broken-down 1950s style motel on Tybee Island.

Accompanying BeBe on her revenge driven road trip to Fort Lauderdale is Weezie, her junking friend, this along with various other lovable misfits. Savannah Breeze is a fun read; the sort of book you cannot help but Breeze through because you have to know what happens next.

The Star of the show is BeBe, a woman that lost everything, including her historic homes and restaurant, to Reddy, a handsome investment counselor. When Reddy surfaces in Florida, obviously working another con, BeBe drops everything and pursues him, determined to reclaim her property.

Mary Kay Andrews’ sense of humor seems to shine even brighter in this, the sequel to Savannah Blues. Her talent for creating colorful characters is unmatched. BeBe, despite her introduction as an idiotic airhead, is a smart, successful woman that must overcome a wrong turn she took in life; her life makes for quite the interesting yet humorous tale.

Admittedly, Andrews spends a little too much time representing BeBe as the idiotic airhead she isn’t, so much so that some readers have admitted to not only failing to see the astute business woman in her but also losing sympathy for her plight. Savannah Blues will keep readers glued to the page.

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  1. Sharon spalding: 2 months ago

    Just finished the home wreckers and was glad it wasn’t about breaking up marriages. Loved all the plot twists.

  2. Anita Varela: 2 years ago

    A friend gave me the first book savanna blues, after that I was hooked and had to get the other three in the series of Weezy and Bebe. And now I’m onto the rest of the books. I gave the first one to my daughter and she couldn’t put it down so when I finish one I hand them off to her we both love you keep on writing.

  3. Beverly Spence: 2 years ago

    What is the name of her new book

    • Graeme: 2 years ago

      As per the list above – The Homewreckers.

  4. Debby Zeigler: 3 years ago

    I bought a book Savannah Blues but I could never read the book because of duplicated pages in the book. I’ll have to go to the store to see if I can find the book.


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