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Mary Keliikoa is an American published author of fiction.

She was not always a writer. For much of her early career, she was working as a legal secretary. For the first eighteen years of her being an adult, she was constantly around lawyers. This gave her the chance to sit directly in the front row when it came to seeing the everyday legal maneuverings that go on. She really enjoyed the work, everything from how a case started to unfold with the primary documents being sent to the courthouse all the way to getting ready for a trial.

It is that passion for the legal field that contributed to the reason for her moving to writing on suspense and mystery. She loves legal things and she also loves books, so putting the two together seemed only natural. She channeled that passion into composing her first novel, Derailed, which starts off the Kelly Pruett mystery series, which is all about a smart and focused personal investigator that comes into her own agency courtesy of her father. Mary admits that she is that person that enjoys getting called up and selected for jury duty.

The author says that the legal system provides and provided her with an ‘incredible lens’ that allows her to see what it is that makes other people ‘tick’. She has put this into her writing in addition to her characters, which always do their best to overcome the odds that are against them. They also do their best to try and find the purpose and meaning in this world, just like people do in real life.

She recounts that she has been actively writing since she was around thirty years old. Once she turned fifty and celebrated her birthday a little while back, that was the time when it seemed the point to pivot. She says that she realized that the time had finally come to double down and that is where her story begins when it comes to the novels that she has written.

In addition to writing her series featuring P.I. Kelly Pruett, she also wrote a short story. “Sabotage” ended up being featured as a published short story in Woman’s World.

Mary lives in Washington, where she makes time to spend with her pets and her family. Her pets include the golden retriever Bella, who she describes as bossy, and her cat August, who she describes as mischievous. When she is not there, she can usually be found in her home in Hawaii with her husband.

She is married and she and her spouse like to hang out on the Big Island, recharging on a beach somewhere. She loves spending time bathing in the sun under palm trees and thinking about what she’s going to write next. She enjoys spending time with her husband and family and other activities as well. These include cooking, making everyone a gourmet meal, playing on her ukulele, going to the course to golf, spending some time playing with her grandchildren, or even trying to play a tune on an old piano that she has had since her childhood.

Mary enjoys life and all of the wonders and mystery that come along with taking its journey.

Derailed is the first novel to come out from author Mary Keliikoa. In this mystery story, readers get the opportunity to meet the main character of Kelly Pruett for the first time.

Kelly is a private investigator and she wants nothing more than to take the world on her own and make it. Her life is already so busy, but she is determined to do whatever it takes to keep things going and be successful. This involves dealing with a lot of things.

Ever since her father passed away, she has been the one to take over his detective agency. It has not been easy, and she’s been tasked with a new sense of responsibility all while trying to work her way through her grief. She was close with her father, and he had a dying wish for her to fulfill.

Now Kelly is doing all that she can to try and manage all of the clients involved at the detective agency that used to be run by her father. She also has some obstacles in her way. This include an ex that is somehow managing to still be controlling. She also has a daughter to take care of, which is compounded by the fact that she is also deaf.

None of this is easy, but she has no choice but to take it all on and manage the best that she can. Then she finds a letter that was left behind to her from her dad. Somehow, this letter is tying into a case that is yet to be solved. The unsolved scenario involves a young woman that was unfortunately struck by a passing train.

Like it or not, this is the new way of life for Kelly. She’s doing all that she can to try and track down the one singular person out there that may be able to have evidence on the case and can prove that the death was not an accident. But by the time she gets in touch with the witness, she finds that they’re not exactly in the condition to talk.

She’s getting closer to the truth, but the list of suspects she has with motive to kill is only getting longer. She can feel that she’s getting closer to the truth, but she can also sense that she’s getting closer to colliding with the killer. Now she’s going to have to put together what happened on that night to the victim.

She’s running out of time. Kelly is determined to avoid meeting the same fate as the girl on the tracks. She doesn’t want to risk her life, but knows that she is in danger. Can Kelly figure out what’s going on and find a potential killer before it’s too late? Read this book by picking up a copy of Derailed for yourself to find out!

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