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Publication Order of Graphic Novels

Penguins with People Problems (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Memoirs

I Miss You When I Blink (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bomb Shelter: Love, Time, and Other Explosives (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Mary Laura Philpott Humor Books

Poetic Justice (With: J.D. Dupuy) (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Mary Laura Philpott

Writing comedy and humorous stories, the American author Mary Laura Philpott is well known for her clever and intelligent memoirs and essays. Known throughout the industry as a writer with a strong voice, she is definitely an insightful individual with something to say. Getting to the heart of her subject matter quickly in a direct and concise manner, she makes her novels easy to relate to, having reached a worldwide audience. This has provided readers a clear view into her world, as she always has a clear message, letting the audience gain a unique and fresh perspective. It also provides them with a clear message too, as she always makes sure that her work it multi-layered in its approach.

It is her characters that also resonate, as the reader gets to feel as if they truly know them, learning about who they really are. Putting something of herself into her creations as well, Philpott gives each of her stories a real sense of weight and heft, drawing from her own life as inspiration. This is something that will carry on for a long time yet, as she has plenty more titles planned for release in the near future as well.

Early and Personal Life

Growing up in America, the future writer and essayist to be Mary Laura Philpott would grow up with a strong passion for the written word. In time she would come to nurture her craft, building upon it throughout the intervening years, as she would go on to become a full-time writer. Much of her writing would be drawn from her own experiences and various musings on life, allowing her to write with an even deeper level of insight. Now living in Nashville with her family, she continues to write to this very day, putting out work on a regular and ever consistent basis, as her writing career grows from strength-to-strength.

Writing Career

In 2015 Mary Laura Philpott would release her first book which would be titled ‘Penguins with People Problems’. This would give her her first novel, although she had published a vast number of essays and pieces prior to writing this book. Following this she would go on to publish the essay collection ‘I Miss You When I Blink’ in 2019, which would collate many of her essay into one overall title. Over the years she has also featured on a number of different platforms, including working as an Emmy-winning co-host on the Nashville Public Television show ‘A Word on Words’. Writing for various different prestigious publications such as McSweeney’s and The Paris Review, she is well known for having a strong profile, which will continue for many years to follow.

Penguins with People Problems

Showing a huge amount of potential in what is her first novel, this introduces Mary Laura Philpott to the world of fiction for the first time. Initially published in 2015, it would come out on 2nd of June through the Penguin publishing label to an already eagerly awaiting audience. Having published many pieces across a variety of different publications prior to this, she would develop her name and brand even further than before.

Taking a wry eye look at modern issues, this sees Mary Laura Philpott casting a humorous look on a whole range of different subjects. A comic set of observations, it bases itself around a group of misfit penguins, all of whom act as the conduit to her witty ideas and musings. Letting the characters speak for themselves as well, Philpott manages to make them feel wholly real in process too. This leads to a highly substantial and intelligent piece of writing, as it keeps the reader constantly entertained at all times.

Centering around a group of lovable misfit penguins, this sees the group of free-thinking self professed weirdos navigate modern life. Dealing with everyday situations, this sees them try to deal with a whole range of different issues, including getting a bee trapped in the car and social-awkwardness. Dealing with these many issues with honesty and a forthright attitude, they attempt to make the most with what they’re dealing with. Not only that, but they also remain steadfast friends along the way, staying together constantly through all the many obstacles that present themselves to them. Showing a certain sense of resilience, they manage to overcome, all whilst maintaining a somewhat wry eye throughout.

I Miss You When I Blink: Essays

First published in 2019 through the Atria Books publishing house, this would be released on the 2nd of April to much acclaim. Whilst it isn’t a novel as such, it is a collection of essays that really showcase what Mary Laura Philpott is made of as a writer. It would also allow her work to read by an even larger audience than ever before, with her essays going beyond the original publications they were printed in.

Providing a collection of humorous essays, this is Mary Laura Philpott at her peak, showing readers that they are not alone with their experiences. Relating to a worldwide audience, this book collects many of her previously published memoirs, placing them under on thematic arc. This then allows them to ultimately speak for themselves, giving the reader a clear and perceptive insight into her world. Not only that, but it keeps them entertained with advice throughout, as the stories and anecdotes really do bounce with life off of the page.

Feeling that she’s ticked off everything upon her ‘to-do list’ in life, Mary Laura Philpott feels that she may need to change it somewhat. With babies, a husband and a job, she feels she has it all, yet she still wants more, as she feels stuck by the grind of it all, wanting to keep her life fresh and moving. Looking to re-invent herself, she aims to keep on moving and evolving, transforming herself continually to maintain a sense of momentum. This then leads to a whole transformative process that sees her embarking on a whole new era in her life, and one that aims to shake everything up. Told in a funny collection of essays providing witty observations on life, this is one collection that can be returned to time and time again.

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