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Mary McGill Dog Mystery Books In Order

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Publication Order of Mary McGill Dog Mystery Books

Purebred Dead (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Curtains for Miss Plym (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blood Red, White and Blue (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dressed to Kill (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Kathleen Delaney was born and raised in Southern California. Immediately after completing her high school education, Kathleen Delaney got married and was blessed with five children. It was until after Kathleen Delaney moved to the central coast of California, with her child, parents, three dogs and six horses that she finally came to the realization that she was destined to be a writer. Delaney has used the experience that she had while living in the central coast region in her book series, the Ellen McKenzie book series. Currently, Kathleen Delaney resides in the region of Southern California with her two dogs. For the last two years, Kathleen Delaney has been on several adventures. However, she lost one of her legs recently due to PAD, just right before Thanksgiving. Kathleen Delaney fourth book was published last years, and currently, Kathleen Delaney is working on another book series.

Mary McGill Dog Mystery Series

Purebred Dead is the first book in the Mary McGill dog mystery series. As the first book in the Mary McGill book series, the author introduces the readers to Mary McGill, a retired economics teacher who currently resides in the region of Santa Lois, California. McGill loves to spend her free time assisting with the numerous fundraisers in her local town. The book begins as Mary has just been selected as the chair of the Victorian Christmas Extravaganza, which is supposed to take place on the opening night. While sitting on the steps of the local library, one Dalia comes running to her. Dalia informs Mary that someone was lying in the manger and has not gotten up for quite some time. Thus, Mary McGill rushes to the manger only to find out that Dr. Cliff Mathews is dead.

Cliff used to be a vet before his license was taken away due to his drinking habits. Dalia with Ronaldo, her brother, had found a puppy next to the dead body. The local police chief, Don Durham arrives quickly at the scene. The children are quickly taken away from the scene. Upon contemplating on her own, Mary McGill decides to conduct her investigation. She begins by first asking a question around the town. It does not take long before Mary McGill discovers that the puppy is an exceedingly important piece of the mystery. While following the leads, Mary continues with her charity work. It does not take long before another dead body is found. This time the dead body belongs to a local pet storeowner.

Mary McGill believes that the two killings are related and also they have something to with the dogs. Together with the reader, Mary McGill is given crucial information in the field of dog breeding. With so many suspects in mind, Mary gets to learn that a majority of the residents of Santa Louisa are connected with the dog breeding industry. Her amateur investigating skills eventually lead Mary and the kids to an encounter with the killer. With that said, Will Mary be able to ensure that the children are safe before the culprit is arrested? As it is the case with such mysteries, character development is a key component. Mary is an outstanding character who is exceedingly appealing in her normalcy.

She is a woman whom the readers have met before, a retiree who decides to throw herself into charitable and civic work because she believes that she should do the work. Despite the fact that Mary comes out as a little bit annoying, the annoyance is somehow overshadowed by her determination and intelligence to ensure that justice is served without interfering with the investigation being done by the local police. The other characters in the Purebred Dead are also quite likable. Some of the most noticeable characters include Mary’s family and the children as well. Overall, this book is a fun cozy mystery series. The mystery itself was not exceedingly complicated neither was it exceedingly simple. The author, Kathleen Delaney has used an outstanding conversational style, which in turn made Purebred Dead an excellent read. Purebred Dead is a highly entertaining read and with a charming setting and a likable heroine, the series promises to be a must-read.

Curtain for Miss Plym is the second book in the Mary McGill book series. The book begins as Mary and Milly her Cocker Spaniel have just entered the Church Hall so that they can be able to complete the set up for the Rummage Sale. It is exceedingly important for them to ensure that they have everything right because this is going to be an exceedingly huge fundraiser that will be channeled in the location of the home for some of the rescued animals. When the lights are eventually, switched on, Mary eventually finds the old Miss Plym in her fuzzy pink slippers and her robe. Miss Plym had just been strangled to death. The dead body eventually changes everything for the needy animals, for Mary and the sale. Miss Plym and her later sister had been important characters in the town. Emilie moves around the town from time to time and despite having apparent memory issues, to each and every person, she is a beloved person. No person may want to harm Emilie.

Mary is a part of everything in the small town. She not only volunteers at the library, but she is also a volunteer for the homeless animals; generally, she participates in almost, all of the towns charity activities. By being a part of all the activities in the town, Mary has been able to create important connections and also access to all types of information. Once she begins working on the investigation, Mary McGill discovers that Miss Plym had been heading over to the bank, each and every month and removing money her trust fund. Despite the fact that Miss Plym has been withdrawing lots of money, the money is nowhere to be found. Furthermore, Mary McGill also discovers that there were several people, who would eventually benefit from Miss Plym’s death. With that said, the plot has been well written. There are numerous hints along the way. The description that the author gives about the connections between the neighbors and the life in the small town, in turn, assists the neighbors plays a key role in making sense of life in the small town.

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