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Up at Butternut Lake (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Butternut Summer (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Night Before Christmas (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Moonlight on Butternut Lake (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Space Between Sisters (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Light in Summer (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Secrets We Carried (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

New Voices in Fiction Sampler(2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Mary McNear stays in San Francisco with her high strung minuscule male dog named Macaroon, two teenage children, and husband. She has an amazing life and enjoys living a simple life as she does her writing job. Mary enjoys writing and doing her work at a local shop where people come to buy doughnuts. She says that she enjoys doing this as she is able to enjoy Pepsi where she can peacefully enjoy watching the hubbub neighborhood. Mary McNear characterizes herself as a fictitious woman. She writes about relationships, overcoming hardships, personal change, love and family. Mary McNear`s major literary influences include romance, young adult, non-fiction. However the books that inspired her to design a setting of a small town include kill a Mockingbird, Main Street, and Peyton Place. Mary McNear had an advantage in designing the setting of the town since she grew up in a big city and had seen a lot of fascinating things including glamour and mystery.

The story line in her novels is based on a small town where she used to spend her summers. The town is positioned near a lake found in the northern Midwest. Currently, Mary McNear is the bestselling author of the series named Butternut lake series in the entire USA and New York Times. Up at Butternut, Mary McNear`s first book, is now available online and in bookstores. Butternut summer, her second book, is available in kindle editions and paperback. Her second book, the Butternut Summer, was outstanding and even made it to the top 100 books in USA. She signed a contract with Harper Collins and is working on two other books. The novel shall be based on two main characters. The main characters are two sisters who drive each other crazy, but still love each other. She setting of the book is epic.

Since she was a child, Mary McNear would make a lot of fictitious stories. She says she has been writing fiction in her head since she was a child. She further argues that even though writing is boring and tiresome, the results are appealing and admirable since one is able to create an extraordinary world that is generally fictitious and enjoyable. She says that her mission in the writing carrier is to enable her audience to identify themselves with the characters in her book and become responsible since all her books are based on various thematic teachings.

In her previous books, the subplots were few and the characters were several. It`s after writing this book that she decides to focus on two main characters. The Moonlight on Butternut Lake was quite challenging for her since the book was based on danger and suspense. She had not had this tackle before and thus interweaving characters and the way the plot would unfold was quite challenging.Each book in the series that Mary McNear wrote are totally different. Therefore one can decide to read the books independently without having the fear of losing the storyline. However, the books share a common setting (Butternut Lake) and some characters have been found to appear in all the books. The thought of using Butternut Lake was inspired by the tranquility and beauty of Midwestern Lake in the northern Midwest (northwestern Wisconsin) where Mary McNear would spend her summer holidays. What made the two lakes look identical in the writer`s mind, is the fact that the two places have the great northern Pines surrounding them, and that they are both pristine. However, the characters and the Town of Butternut Lake are all fictitious.

In her book she takes us to a place where the townspeople take care of each other. The place is in the Butternut Lake. Mila Jones leaves the big city and goes to seek refuge in a haven in Butternut near the shores of the lake. She gets a chance to start her life over again as she takes care of Reid Ford. Mila does not quit helping her patient despite the fact that the patient tries to make her give up. Reid wishes that the people in the town would stop worrying about him and leave his life. Mila fled from Minneapolis trying to run from her abusive husband. She had a mission of starting a new life away from stress. This trip was her only chance and she was eager to exploit it. He also wants Mila Jones to quit helping him since he is hiding himself after surviving death in a car accident. The fact that he is also in Butternut means that Mila Jones is not the only one seeking refuge. Mila draws Reid out as time moves. This action is against all the odds. As time moves on, the two start becoming a part of Butternut Lake and their relationship improves tremendously. The bond between Reid and Mila Jones becomes stronger as time moves and since they are always together in their day to day activities. Their relationship becomes affected when Mila`s husband tries to force himself back into Mila`s life. Reid and Mila are forced to face the worst and call off their bond.

At a local cafe, Pearl`s, Caroline is befriended by Allie (the owner of the cafe). Jaxx, an old friend of Allie, has decided to forget her complicated background and focus on raising her family. There is also a chef, Frankie, who was an ex-con and determined to make a new life. Allie struggles to find her position among the new neighbors. In order to make this novel complete and epic, Mary McNear employs the element of love. In this case, Allie is not in a position to forget her old life and start a new one. McNear`s writing proves to be more complicated and the story is not like that of a normal vacation.

Mary McNear stresses that her leaders should understand that love is a special feeling. She further explains that love comes in different forms. Though love has different forms whether in friends, children, sweethearts and parents, it is an special and an extraordinary human experience.

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