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My Time, Your Time (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lonely Cool Before Dawn (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Gone Without a Trace (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Girl I Used to Be (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Closer You Get (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Mary Torjussen is an English author of fiction. She received her Master’s degree in Creative Writing from the Liverpool John Moores University. Even though she worked several years teaching students, she now has turned her attention to writing. Mary Torjussen lives in Liverpool, England, where she set her book Gone Without a Trace.

Mary Torjussen’s debut novel is titled My Time, Your Time. It was released in 2014. She also released her second book that year, titled The Lonely Cool Before Dawn. Torjussen followed that up with the 2016 release of her novel Gone Without a Trace. She also released the 2018 novel The Girl I Used to Be.

My Time, Your Time is the first novel published by Mary Torjussen. The main character in this fictional novel is Rachel and to an extent Alice. Alice is a young woman who suddenly goes missing after she arranges to meet a man on a date in real life. Alice is going to meet Dan, whom she first met while on a dating site. But when she goes missing after agreeing to meet, something feels wrong about it.

It’s up to her best friend Rachel to figure out what happened to Alice. Alice has no other friends to do it and if Rachel doesn’t take on the search then it’s possible no one will. Rachel flies from Australia all the way to Liverpool, England with the intent of tracking her down. But there’s also a catch when it comes to their friendship; they too met online and just like Alice and Dan up to a certain point, the two friends have never been in each other’s physical presence.

So how can they even be friends? Rachel and Alice may not have ever connected in person, but they have gotten to know each other really well online. You don’t always have to be friends in the physical world to share a connection and find friendship. They were both online and they found out that both of their husbands had died– they had that in common. Over the next four years, they talked, confided in each other, and had truly become close friends in the process.

Rachel is desperately concerned about her friend Alice. But according to Alice’s family and even the police, everything is fine. How can everyone be so complacent when someone is missing? Rachel is the only one who thinks that something is definitely wrong here. Nothing about this situation makes sense, and Alice would not just disappear with some guy that she met online. Life doesn’t work like that, and Rachel thinks that she knows her friend well enough to know that this is a situation where Alice needs to be rescued.

Rachel begins her search for Alice in England, trying to find out what she can about Alice and where she went. But along the way, she may find out more about Alice’s world than she bargained for initially. It may just be that the friends you make online share what they want you to know and hide what they don’t. Does Rachel really know anything about her friend?

As her search continues, she’s starting to wonder just how well she knew this girl. It appears that Alice has some secrets hidden in her closet, and the Australian pal is starting to doubt everything that she thought that she knew about her. Can Rachel find Alice, or does Alice not want to be found? You’ve got to pick up My Time, Your Time by Mary Torjussen to find out!

The Lonely Cool Before Dawn features the main character of Ellie in this fantastic second novel from Mary Torjussen. Ellie is a young woman who is just like every other girl in England attending university. Ellie initially could not wait to go to university and live home. But now that she’s there, it’s nothing like what she imagined.

On top of all of that, Ellie is carrying with her a secret. It’s a secret so dark that she is having trouble adjusting to life at university. Now she lives in a room that is full of her bags and boxes. She’s got too much on her mind to unpack here, and she feels far too paranoid to even go out and make friends. Ellie is just starting to calm down when she finds out that there is someone out there that is destroying everything that she cares about piece by piece.

Ellie has no idea who would want to do this to her or why they would do it in the first place. Whatever the point is and whoever is doing this doesn’t matter. She just wants it to stop. Meanwhile, Ellie’s mother is struggling in life. She’s a single mother after being newly divorced and is having a hard time navigating Ellie’s many moods.

After going through her marriage dissolving, Sarah is finally on the verge of a new relationship. Maybe, at last, she’ll finally get someone who is on her side and can help ease the burden of being in the world with a daughter and a failed marriage behind her. Ellie’s mother is trying to adapt to living alone without her daughter there.

But everything changes when she is requested to board a lodger. It’s only supposed to be for a couple of months, but Sarah doesn’t know these new people. Even though she agrees to house them, she doesn’t know if she can trust them. Though she could use the money, Sarah starts to fill ill at ease around these strangers. Meanwhile, her daughter is dealing with the ill intent of a stranger who seems to haunt her every move.

Full of suspense and twists and turns, this psychological thriller is full of heart-pounding moments. Can we trust people, or is our primal fear of the people right next to us wanting to hurt us there for a reason? Will Ellie and Sarah be safe or fall prey to anonymous evil? You’re going to have to pick up this book from Mary Torjussen in order to find out once and for all!

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