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MaryJean Zajac started writing short stories when she attended Hilbert College and received her Paralegal Studies degree. Since her sons were teenagers at the time, she definitely had a great deal of fodder for her stories. Take for instances the time her younger son asked if he could have a nipple ring. All she could think was ‘ouch’. So began her humorous writings. While working full-time she obtained her master’s degree in Library Science. During this time, she put her writing on hold.

MaryJean worked as an Immigration Paralegal at The State University of New York at Buffalo until retirement. Wanting to get back into writing she joined a writer’s group. She began submitting stories to online journals and was published in Funny Pearls and For Women Who Roar. Including several short stories published in her local newspaper. Currently she is a self-published author of the Cetta Borski series MaryJean’s love of humorous stories shines through in these mystery crime tales.

Her Cetta Borski mystery crime book series has a twist. The twist is the humorous antics that Cetta, the protagonist, gets into through no fault of her own. Well, sometimes no fault of her own. Concetta Borski, who goes by Cetta, is a 24-year-old, single, young woman. She happens to have two Mr. Rights in her life, which complicate things just a little bit. Paul Cannon is a former college sweetheart who causes her hoo-ha to tingle whenever he’s around, while the other Mr. Right, Tony Gambino, triggers a desire to run her tongue down his chest to his belt buckle on occasion. Along with an Italian grandfather, Papa Vinnie, who at the age of 80, seems to think he’s still 20 years old and never ceases to entertain the ladies at the Senior Center. A hippie best friend, named Nina round out some of the other characters. Her friend, Nina happens to be a genius, but being Nina, she needed some time to find herself first. While Nina is “finding herself” she works at a bookstore in the town where they all live.

With book number one, Take the Money and Run, Cetta finds herself involved with mobsters and stolen money. Thank goodness she has Paul and Tony watching out for her because she gets in way over her head when the mobsters kidnap her. Book two finds Cetta working for Tony undercover. He’s a private investigator. She’s a server looking for clues to who stole Mr. Bruno, the owner’s sauce recipe. Things go from bad to worse when Mr. Bruno’s long-time server, Alice is murdered. Book number three takes Cetta to California when another college boyfriend, Kimbel texts her to say his girlfriend, Brianna is missing and can she come there to help find her. No one dies in this book, but Kimbel’s girlfriend is far from what he expects of her. Cetta bumbles a few times, but in the end, she finds Brianna and solves a jewelry crime spree.

The soon to be out book number four brings Cetta back to her hometown dealing with a kidnapping turned homicide. Not to give away the ending, but Cetta bumbles a few times as usual. She gets her man or woman, as the case may be in the end.

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