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Publication Order of Mason Walker Books

Mason Walker Series
Mason Walker is a thriller mystery series by Alex Howell. The series stars Mason Walker, a man who took a break from his Navy SEAL job to raise his daughter only to find himself drawn back into the investigative world. In the course of the series, Mason will be involved in high-risk cases threatening the country, the president, and its top citizens. Aside from helping catch the bad guys, Mason will also be training his daughter in martial arts, among other life skills. This series is action-packed, and the ending in each book will send you on a frantic search for the next one.

The Search
The Search is the first book in the Mason Walker series. The book stars retired Navy SEAL, Mason Walker, a man trying to raise his daughter in line with his wife’s dying wishes. This book starts with Mason’s last mission, where the reader gets to see what his day looked like. The rest of the story happens fifteen years later. Mason retired early to take care of his young daughter Clara after his wife died of cancer. He settled in Baltimore, Maryland, and took up a boring insurance job. While Mason misses the SEALS brotherhood, his current life has allowed him to be a present father to Clara.

Clara is set to join the college in a few months. Mason is trying to make the best of the time they have left by meeting Clara for lunch every chance he gets. It is on such a day that father and daughter confirm their meeting time and place only for her to stop replying. Mason thinks that she may have taken a nap or lost track of time when hanging out with friends. To confirm what is happening, Mason goes home only to find his home in a mess and his daughter missing. There is an anonymous message urging him to do as her daughter’s captures want if he wants Clara again.

This marks the beginning of Mason’s nightmare. First, the computer-generated voice gives no leads about the kidnappers or their location. The kidnappers’ demands are also hard to accomplish, not to mention the fact that it has been years since Mason took up such a mission. Fortunately, a few people in the Navy SEAL can help even though every step must be taken with a lot of care. What will Mason need to do to get his daughter back? Is he fit to complete the mission given his long-forgotten training and limited connections? Will Clara be found safe and sound?

The Search is an excellent start to an intriguing mystery series. Mason is a great character, and even though his skills are a bit rusty, his instincts are still sharp. The book is set in 2028, where technology is more advanced, and Mason even enjoys self-driving cars. This technology also works to his disadvantage since AI is incorporated into everything, so every move he takes is noted. By the end of the book, you will see how his daughter’s kidnapping changes Mason’s life. What can we expect from this man who is not afraid to take up a suicide mission to save the one person he loves? Will you get to see him in action in subsequent pages? Read this book for all the answers to these questions and more.

The Warrior
The Warrior is the second book in the Mason Walker series. This story starts a month after the end of the first book. Clara is off to college on a full scholarship, and she is already settling in her new life. Mason is home alone with no one to take care of. In his last operation, Mason managed to save his country as well as his daughter, and it is clear that his skills are just as good as they were fifteen years ago. His former colleague, Luke, gave him an offer, and Mason decides to take it. After all, he doesn’t have to keep his tedious insurance sales job now that Clara can fully take care of herself.
Taking up Luke’s offer means that Mason can go back to doing what he loves while spending his days alongside his brothers. His team turns out to be just as good as expected. The group, dubbed Onyx, is headed by Raina, who also happens to be the only female member. There is also Kyle, the computer tech, and Case. The only person who is not happy about Mason’s return is ex-SEAL member Duke. Onyx’s first case involves three kids kidnapped from a family with links to the president. The kidnapper’s first demand is that communication should only be done through Raina or the president, which the president deems unacceptable.
Mason and his team first visit the house where the children were updated, and the clues they pick lead to a local gang usually hired by goons who want to keep their identity hidden. A follow-up with the gang doesn’t bear any fruits, and Mason is forced to go to Kansas as this is the place the Warrior made the last call. Clara wants to join her dad on this mission since she thinks she has picked enough skills from her father. Mason knows how dangerous these missions can get, so he refuses to take Clara with him. However, the young woman will show her prowess in the course of the story and even help the team identify the kidnapper’s location.

The Warrior provides an opportunity for the reader to see more of Mason in action. Faced by the possibility of World War III, Mason and his team have to move fast to save three kids while protecting the presidency and everything it stands for. There is a lot of intrigues as the investigation continues, and many twists and turns later, the team can figure out the case. Join Mason on another adventurous journey where the enemy is never too far, and circumstances can change in a minute. The author also allows you a peek into Clara’s life and the things she is doing in between school and being her daddy’s daughter.

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