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‘Mastered’ is a novel series written by the USA Today and New York Times Bestselling author from America, Lorelei James. The series is based on contemporary western romance and erotic romance genres. It comprises of 4 novels, plus a short novella of the second novel, together making it five. Author James is known for penning down fun and sexy contemporary romance novels, which are set in the modern world of the Wild West. Just like all her writings, this novel series is also full of lies, sex and murder. The novels of the series were published from 2014 to 2015. The first novel in the Mastered series was published by the NAL publishing house in the year 2014 under the title ‘Bound’. The novel deals with the desires of a woman, which shatter her inhibitions as she is not prepared for the erotic journey that her desires are going to take her into. The plot of the novel is set in Denver, Colorado, where the main characters Amery Hardwick and Robin Black are introduced. Amery is described as graphic designer living happily in Denver, Colorado. She used to live in a small town formerly.

Amery is completely devoted in growing her business and does not have time for dating and similar activities. She does not feel the need of romance in her life to fulfill her desires. One of her friends recovering from an attack, signs up for a self defense course as a part of recovery. Amery also joins her to give the much needed support. The self defense class is the place where Amery meets the love of her life. Ronin Black is introduced as the owner of the training academy, who falls for the charm of Amery after seeing her. He gets so drawn into her that he begins to take over her training personally in public as well as in private. He forces Amery to push beyond her boundaries and after each new tryst, she keeps getting attracted to him. She feels the pleasure of staying close to him and loves to train under his guidance. Soon, Amery learns that Ronin is hiding an important secret from her and begins to question her blind trust in him. Although she tends to keep herself away from Ronin, she is not able to deny the thrill in possessing him. The novel allowed Lorelei James to add prosperity to her writing career and made her more famous. She was appreciated for her efforts and received great motivation from the success of the series. The critics applauded her depiction of the erotic relationship between Ronin Black and Amery Hardwick. Even the fellow authors praised her for the romantic series. The success of the novel served as the basis of the upcoming novels and series’ by Lorelei James.

The second novel of the series was published under the title ‘Unwound’, by the NAL publishing house in the year 2014. This novel too depicts the erotic love life of Amery Hardwick and Ronin Black. It shows need of a man for control when tested by the woman he loves and can risk everything to possess her. Ronin gets sexually aroused by the fire in the eyes of Amery after seeing her for the first time. This spark was more than a thousand times fiercer than all of his previous relationships with martial arts matches. Amery also falls in the love of Ronin and accepts her darkest secrets, although she makes him aware that her desires are not as fierce as he believes. After telling her everything about himself and demanding her to give herself to him through body and soul, Ronin still holds some secrets. However, Amery finds out his secret and leaves him for not letting himself completely into her. This leaves him totally devastated.

Ronin desperately tries to win her trust back and agrees to let go his pride and prove that there is something more than the passion that binds them together. But, he becomes unsure about whether he can justify his relationship with Amery and prove to be her right man, after their relationship is revealed to everyone else. Now. They face the dilemma of accepting each other again and facing the consequences together or letting their differences make them stay away from each other. The second novel was followed by a short novella under the title ‘Schooled’ which continues from where the second novel had ended. In this novella, Amery and Ronin take their relationship to a new level. At first she was reluctant for accepting the passionate relationship with Ronin and believed that she was not prepared for the primal urges that were released in her due tot heir erotic relationship. Although, Amery showed that she was not ready for the extreme control of Ronin over her, she does not deny the fact that they were made for each other. As a result, they get married and hope that their life would become a journey full of passion and love. But, things do not turn out to be so simple.

Six months after shifting to Japan, Ronin gets busy with his Sensei training, whereas Amery finds herself toiling between setting up her career and struggling to adapt to the sudden change of culture in Japan. Son they realize that their relationship has turned into an unyielding process and they find themselves getting tested by the pressure of saving it. They become shocked in the desperation of saving their marriage. Other than continuing the story ahead of the second novel, the novella also served as a preview to the next novel of the series. The series on the whole was termed as a hot description of the sensuous love between Amery Hardwick and Ronin Black. People like the way Lorelei James has described the colorful plot of the series as well as the character sketches of all the intense characters. The plot of the series is full of pulse-pounding emotions depicted by the great writing style by Lorelei James. The readers enjoyed the characters growing throughout the series. The erotic drama of the series kept the readers interested till the very end. This helped the ‘Mastered’ series to sell a number of copies worldwide and reach out to a large number of readers.

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