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Mathilda’s Book Of Shadows Books In Order

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Publication Order of Mathilda's Book Of Shadows Books

Mathilda's Book of Shadows / Mathilda, SuperWitch (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mathilda, SuperWitch: The Rise of the Dark Lord (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Mathilda’s “Book of Shadows” Series is a set of novels by New York Times bestselling author Kristen Ashley. The author of humor and romance novels has more than sixty romances spread across several series and single stranding novels. She is a hybrid author who does both traditional and independent publishing. There are currently more than three million of her works in print that have been translated into more than fourteen languages.

Kristen is a native of Gary though as a child she spent a lot of time in Brownsburg Indiana. Just like most of her forebears she went to Purdue University for her bachelor’s degree. Since then she has lived in England in the small town of Denver even though currently makes her home in Phoenix, Arizona. Before she became a full time author, Kristen Ashley worked for nearly a decade as an executive for a charity. She now writes her novels full time after retiring from the corporate world. While she prefers to write in the romance genre, many of themes in her work revolve around strong sisterhood, family and friendship. In addition to her novels, she has also created the Rock Chick Nation to thank her readers for the support they have given her over the years. These are a series of programs she made to promote the female community.

The “Mathilda’s Book of Shadows” series of novels are about a girl named Mathilda. She was born in Denver, Colorado to an absentee father and a hippy mother. She grew up in an apartment with her mother who worked as a candle maker and health food store clerk for most of her life. She often had to stay with her grandmother, a yoga practitioner and yogi long before it became popular and is now highly sought after and rich. Other members of the family were Ursula, her younger sister and Viviana the older, both of whom were witches that hid it from her. She experienced a lot of sibling rivalry growing up and it was only later that she came to learn that it was because she was “The Chosen One.” She got a job as a thirteen year old and went to college, where she majored in soap operas before she started to get an understanding of her magical powers. When she graduated, she got a job working in retailing so that she could be near Ralph Lauren, her one and only true love. Over the years, she had many lying and cheating boyfriends and struggled with diets before she realized guys liked women with some meat on them.

“Mathilda, SuperWitch” the first novel of the “Mathilda’s Book of Shadows” series is set on Halloween Night where Mathilda just learned that she is a SuperWitch. She is not just the hippy modern kind but a real pixie dust wand wielding witch. She had lived life serving and making coffee and drinks but is now deep in the world of headless horsemen, witches, faeries, warlocks, vampires and werewolves. As she gets up to speed about her magical powers, she learns that she had been the long prophesied savior of her world. But she prefers to spend much of her time bidding on discounted designer shoes on online auctions. Still, she has to save the world and figure out the bizarre behavior of Sebastien Wilding. He is a member of a Secret society believed to be centuries old that are determined to keep her sweet, brainy and safe. She is also battling Dr. Aidan Seymopur, a colleague in The Battle of the Wooden Spoons. He is a well known and popular member of The Royal Institute of Psychical Research and one of the most powerful witches that will fight dirty just to win. Will she be able to juggle her online auctions and save the world at the same time even as she is torn between Dreamy Aidan and Luscious Sebastien. She is also yet to get the hand of riding around on a broom.

In “The Rise of the Dark Lord” the second novel of the series, Mathilda has survived the first pitched battle in the Paranormal War. But there is no time to rest as at the local Target, angry witches are deflecting spells towards her. The Federal Witches Agency has been visiting her and even though she has the perfect dress code, the meeting with the agents does not go well. What can Mathilda do when she has to juggle two handsome guys pursuing her, saving the world and war to plan? But she gets down to work, getting her accessories even if she is doing it while visiting the faerie realm or the dark and dank dungeons in a vampire castle. But they are in a race against time as they have to stop the Dark Lord rising. The world as we know it may very well be coming to an end if they are not successful in their quest.

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