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Matt Coyle, who is an American penman, has a penchant for penning bestselling books that have autobiographical and biographical elements. Coyle spent his formative years in La Jalla in California, and the part of his boyhood spent there greatly inspired the characters in his literary works.

Matt Coyle received an English degree from the Santa Barbara-based University of California. Intrigued by clued private detectives’ propensity for infiltrating the various social statuses, he undertook a detective fiction course in college and this augured well for him when he was penning his acclaimed series. He has worked in the hospitality industry, for golf organizations, and other sports companies; these sectors also partly inspired his writing ambitions.

Matt Coyle was an avid reader even in his childhood. He momentarily thought about being either an amateur or professional sportsman but finally opted for writing instead. The decision to go into writing came after his parent gave him, then aged twelve, an essay authored by Raymond Chandler. He used to read everything he laid his hands on except textbooks. He tried to write poetry in vain. Among the literary heavyweights that influenced Matt Coyle include British-American author Raymond Chandler, American-Canadian penman Ross Macdonald, American scribbler Ernst Hemingway, and contemporary American writer Michael Connelly.

Section on Books
Matt Coyle, whose pastime was spent reading novels, especially mystery books, debuted in 2013. However, he first put pen to paper three decades previously. Coyle started writing his debut novel hard on the heels of graduating from the university. However, prompted by more pressing matters, especially basic needs, he stopped writing indefinitely two months into the endeavor and looked for a formal job instead.

Matt Coyle’s debut book is titled Yesterday’s Echo. There are about ten editions of this novel. The first edition was initially published in 2013, titled Yesterday’s Echo, and is the first entry in what would later on become the Rick Cahill series. This series is shelved under the mystery, thriller, and crime genres.

Another early book authored by Matt Coyle is titled Night Tremors. This is the second book in the Rick Cahill series. There are about seven editions of this book; the first edition was initially published on June 2015. Red Cahill is the featured protagonist in both Yesterday’s Echo and Night Tremors.

The characteristics of protagonist Rick Cahill were inspired by a memorable line which author Matt Coyle chanced upon; the line concerned seeing a woman who would be remembered and forgotten at the same time, at first sight. Rick Cahill is a private eye based in La Jalla, California, with a penchant for snooping and peeping. He used to be a police officer but left his workplace following the murder of his wife wherein he was fingered for the crime but there lacked incriminating evidence. Rick Cahill’s father is also a policeman, albeit a notoriously corrupt one and a disgrace to the police service. Rick Cahill once assaulted a criminal lawyer. After leaving police work, he ventured into the hospitality sector, where he manages an upmarket hotel where he seeks to start his life afresh.

The first book in the Rick Cahill series, Yesterday’s Echo, starts by flashing back on the murder of Rick Cahill’s wife, though there has been neither conviction yet for the murder nor acquittal. Two years shy of a decade since the incident, Cahill gets himself into more trouble. While working at the restaurant, he chances upon a screen siren who sparks his interest in love again; the clandestine TV anchor, Melody Malana, who is being fingered for a murder, reaches out to Rick Cahill for assistance. Against his better judgment but hazed by romantic feelings, the love-struck Cahill resolves to help her out, also hoping to use that occasion for atonement of his suspicions. He makes a mistake and things go awfully wrong. Now he has bolted for it and the authorities are fastening on to him.

In the second book on the series, Night Tremors, the private sleuth has to deal with a wrong accusation concerning his wife’s murder. Out of the blue, a trial attorney reaches out to him in a bid to assist an innocent man put behind the bars. Cahill, who is angling for the atonement of his wife’s murder, welcomes the idea graciously. But it soon rebounds on him after the authorities and the underworld start targeting him. To exonerate himself from the predicament, he has to unravel the murder mystery visited upon his wife eight years previously.

Matt Coyle Awards
Matt Coyle has won a number of awards. His debut novel clinched three awards in quick succession. First, his book Yesterday’s Echo clinched the Anthony Award in 2014, in the Best First Novel category. Secondly, the said book clinched the San Diego Award in the Best Published Mystery category. It has also won the Benjamin Franklin Silver Award, specifically in the Best New Voice in Fiction category. In 2006, Matt Coyle’s second book, titled Night Tremors, was nominated for the Anthony Award in the Best Novel category.

Best Matt Coyle Books
The following are the three best novels in Matt Coyle’s bibliography. The first one is Yesterday’s Echo. The second one is Night Tremors. The third one is Dark Fissures. The first two books in the Rick Cahill series have been discussed. Dark Fissures is the third book in the said series and the first edition was initially published in 2016. Hereby, a police chief has fingered detective Cahall for the murder of a missing person even though there lacks hard evidence. Prompted by financial constraints, Cahill starts sleuthing a case wherein a singer’s husband is presumed murdered. Nosing into the suspected murder complicates his relations with the authorities.

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Another one is named Donovan Nash series penned by Philip S. Donlay; protagonist Donovan Nash is a brilliant and capable founder of a scientific organization called Eco-Watch which deals with disasters ranging such as disastrous hurricanes, solar flares, volcanism, and aircraft accidents.

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