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Matt Goldman is an American writer and author. He has written full-length novels, plays, and even for television (and won an Emmy too). He was quite successful during his stint as a television writer for shows like the hit comedies Seinfeld and Ellen.

A long career in writing has resulted in Matt Goldman bringing his storytelling abilities to his novels All of this is on prominent display along with his characteristic light touch in his starting novel, which Goldman titled Gone to Dust. Matt Goldman was not always a writer;

in fact, he started his career in the entertainment and storytelling and writing down your thoughts industry while doing stand-up comedy at his alma mater of the University of Minnesota. Eventually, he moved to the city of Los Angeles in order to write on a more regular basis– mainly, full-time. His first novel was Gone to Dust and his second novel is titled Broken Ice and is being released in 2018.

Gone to Dust is a classic murder mystery in the finest fashion. The debut novel from Goldman has been described as having “sharp wit” along with “complex characters” and “masterful plotting”, according to New York Times bestselling writer Harlan Coben. The main character in this book is the detective Nils Shapiro.

Shapiro is a private eye that specializes in all types of mysteries, including murder. The book is set in Minnesota and all that this private eye wants to do is settle down and keep his ex-wife off of his mind. In addition to forgetting about his former spouse, he wouldn’t mind keeping warm in the middle of what is another bitingly cold winter season in Minneapolis.

But this private detective is about to have significantly less downtime when it comes to his private life. That’s because he gets a call out of nowhere from a former colleague. It’s not just any colleague either– it’s Anders Ellegaard with the Edina Police. They have an impossible request for Nils Shapiro– but one that he cannot really resist.

The murder was a brutal one. Maggie Somerville was first discovered dead in the bedroom. She lived in the suburbs and was your average divorcée. Everyone in the neighborhood is shocked by this brutal crime. What makes it even more troubling is that dumped all over her body was the dust resulting from what must have been hundreds of bags from vacuum cleaners. While that’s seen as just strange, it’s also wiped out a lot of collectible DNA evidence that might have been found otherwise.

Now the PI is facing a murder where there’s potentially no evidence that can be used and a killer that’s calculated enough to do that in the first place. Maggie’s cell phone records show evidence and clues that might not have been discovered otherwise. There is one number among the rest that stands out. It’s called more than the rest put together. Shapiro finds out that the number in question is the phone number of a young woman. Is she a breakthrough for the case or just another dead end?

The young woman’s true identity may shock everyone yet. The Somerville family is filled with grief and the last thing that they need is hearing someone got arrested and then learning that the killer is still out there. Shapiro isn’t certain whether this young woman is capable of murder– even if she is rather mysterious and off. He may not have a chance to find out, however, as the F.B.I. rolls into town and demands that the private eye drop the case.

Nils is disappointed that this has happened, but it’s not like he’s going to let the FBI call all the shots. Sure, he’ll let the bureau think that they’ve got the case to themselves with no private eye working it. But Nils and his new partner Ellegaard simply go below the radar with their own investigation. But the further that they get into the case, the less clearly they seem to be able to comprehend what’s happening.

This case is starting to get as dusty and obscured as the cleaner bags’ contents. It could be a case of violence in the home, or it could be something else entirely. Shapiro is convinced there is foul play involved– how could there not be when you consider the original scene of the crime?

Authors and critics alike have praised this debut book from Matt Goldman. Bestselling author Lee Child says that she wants more of the main character Nils Shapiro and that the novel is ‘a perfect blend’ of light touch, dark story. Ace Atkins says that the author brings ‘a moody and wry’ Midwest elegy and calls Goldman’s voice “modern” and “clever”.

Phillip Margolin calls Gone to Dust “a clever mystery” with a private eye “as interesting as his name”. Hank Ryan calls the novel “perfect PI” material as it is at times spare, sarcastic, smart, and heartbreaking. Catch all of the action in this stylish and fun novel from Goldman by picking it up and reading it for yourself!

Broken Ice is Goldman’s second fictional novel. The phenomenal private eye is known as Nils Shapiro, and he is back for more cases, action, and fun in everyone’s favorite Minnesota town. Now he has a new case in the form of investigating a missing person. The person in question happens to be a teenage girl named Linnea Engstrom. She hails from the hockey town to the north, very small, called Warroad.

Much of this Minnesotan town is temporarily not even there. They’re in Minneapolis, there to see the hockey tournament at the local high school. Linnea never came back from the game last night and now they think that she is missing. Her friend Haley is also thought to be found missing. She is until she turns up dead. Now only Linnea has a chance of being found– and being found alive. But did she run away? Did she get sick or hit her head? Or was she killed or kidnapped?

Nils is strangely shot through the arm at the crime scene with an arrow from an unknown assailant. They want people off the case, clearly. He should be getting it tended to, but the clock is ticking. Nils knows that he has a limited amount of time to find Linnea. After 24 to 48 hours go by, the chances of finding any missing person go down significantly.

The missing girl could be anywhere– but is she a victim of someone’s game or running it? Nils will soon find out. So will you when you pick up Broken Ice and see whether the private eye can finally locate Linnea for good!

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  1. Christopher: 6 months ago

    I’ve enjoyed all of Goldman’s books and “Nils”!…on a side note if you like Nils, try Brian Freeman’s Jonathon Stride’s series. They are based in Duluth, Minnesota.

  2. Kelli: 2 years ago

    I just finished ‘Broken Ice’, which everyone that I know will be urged to read. I adore the characters and story but the description of how some of the new generation has evolved is laser sharp. I hope that we are treated to years of Matt Goldman’s witty, smart-ass, and tender-hearted characters!

  3. Joann Warden: 2 years ago

    I love his books. I live in Minnesota and his writing makes me actually feel like I am there. Can’t wait to read more of his writings.

  4. Annette: 3 years ago

    KEEP ON WRITING, please. You even make me homesick for snow. Raised my family in Mn.

  5. Della Baldwin: 3 years ago

    Nils has captured my heart. He’s an unique character, witty and smart, and I feel I understand him, thanks to the brilliant Matt Goodman! More please! I can’t stand the wait!!!!!!!

  6. Mudy: 3 years ago

    What’s next for Nils?

    Write faster, I’m waiting


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