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Matt Johnson is an English author of thriller novels. He is a former soldier as well as a former police inspector for Scotland Yard. He worked full time in the military and as an inspector and officer and was witness to many horrible scenes as a result of the London terrorist attacks and all the injuries that occurred. When he was a member of the Crime Squad he was one of the first to report to a bombing in Regent’s Park.

Two years after this, Johnson was working as a police escort for an ambulance that was transporting an officer to the hospital. The officer turned out to be a friend of his who had been injured in the shooting that occurred outside of the Libyan Embassy. A short time later, Johnson was nearly killed during the Baltic Exchange Bombing. After this incident, he was officially diagnosed with the condition P.T.S.D., or post-traumatic stress disorder, in 1999 and was discharged from the police as a result of the condition so that he could receive treatment.

Johnson would wake up in cold sweats, have nightmares, and experience flashbacks and other symptoms of this condition. He has received no formal training or education in being a writer and somehow ended up in writing as a part of his journey through the military to police work and finally arriving at publication.

He received counseling for his condition and got the suggestion that he should write down these experiences so that he can try to move past them. They might even make a good book. Johnson took that advice and started recording his experiences.

Once he had given writing a try, what he had written and the experience of writing inspired him to begin weaving his notes into a complete form of a fictional novel. They eventually inspired his first book and shortly after starting to write more and experiencing a cathartic effect on his traumatic condition, Johnson was a published author in the summer of 2013 with the help of Orenda Books.

Johnson has stated that he utilized his recollection as well as his detailed knowledge from working in the field to create a masterfully woven tale that many readers have described as exciting, fast-paced, and authentic. He has also been an inspiration to fans that suffer from the same condition.

Johnson is the author of his debut novel, a crime thriller titled Wicked Game. It was published in 2013. The book made the list for the John Creasey Dagger Award for the Crime Writers Association. It made top categories in the Amazon and WH Smith KOBO charts. By the end of 2016, Amazon UK had listed it the highest-rated of the rising star novels for 2016.

The sequel to this novel came out in 2017 and was titled Deadly Game. It deals with people trafficking told from a point of view with details that only a former cop would note. Best-selling novelist Peter James called the book “terse, tense” and vividly written, with Matt Johnson being a brilliant new addition to the world of thriller novel authors. Sir Ranulph Fiennes called it a magnetic “and completely absorbing read” from the first page to the last.

Wicked Game is the best selling thriller novel from Matt Johnson. The year is 2001, and Robert Finlay is getting older. He is a police officer as part of the Royalty Protection unit. Based out of London, Finlay is looking forward to getting back to uniform policework. He’s feeling his years catch gradually up to him, and it would be nice to have a job that translated into a more laidback life for his family. But while Finlay is expecting a relaxed change of pace, the universe has other plans in mind.

Finlay sees another policeman get killed in the midst of a bomb blast and another get gunned down in Finlay’s own driveway. What makes it worse than even experiencing the event is that they were both former colleagues– Finlay knew both of them from the Army in the SAS regiment. These events are just the beginning of a deadly game of cat and mouse that he is somehow involved in.

Finlay proves that he is more than capable of dealing with these threats, but will he and his family pay the ultimate price? Pick up this riveting first novel starring Robert Finlay from dazzling new author Matt Johnson and find out how this story ends!

In Deadly Game, the second book by Matt Johnson, Police Inspector Robert Finlay is back. He is back at work and while not totally recovered from what has transpired and still acclimating to what has occurred, there has to be some attempt to get back to the job while he is capable. However, when he comes back to the job he sees that his desire for a peaceful and uninterrupted existence may well be dashed.

Finlay is suffering from PTSD and is sent on holiday to relax. However, while he is away he meets a family being investigated by MI5 in England. Tony Fellows works for the organization and wants to recruit him. However, Robert knows his wife would rather he concentrate on the family but he has no idea what he wants to do with his life. Jenny would be fine if Robert retired or took a desk job rather than putting his life on the line.

Still seeking answers, Finlay is assigned to an investigation that takes him deep into the world of the sex slave industry. He is ordered to look into an Eastern European industry trafficking sex slaves and to top it off, they assign him new partner Nina Brasov. Up against ruthless organized crime, Finlay and Brasov must take on a gang that wants to keep its handle on its area of the marketing with zero interference.

Finlay is doing everything he can to keep his family safe from exterior forces, but when a protection officer for MI5 uncovers a secret operation that threatens everyone, no one is safe. Fighting two fronts and with new friends, Finlay must strive to protect his family and save a colleague from an enemy that lurks before their fate is sealed.

With many different viewpoints, Johnson has done it again in a riveting sequel to his smash debut. Come along as Finlay does everything he can to crack the case and avoid being taken down in the process. Read Deadly Game and see what Finlay and Brasov do and if they can manage to come out on top.

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