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Publication Order of Matt Kile Mystery Books

Who Murdered Garson Talmadge (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Original Alibi (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Money & Murder (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Find My Little Sister (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Maltese Pigeon (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Judge Snider's Folly (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Year We Had Murder (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Scandalous Behavior (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Matt Kile is the lead character in the Matt Kile series of detective crime fiction by American novelist David Bishop. Bishop published the first novel in the Matt Kile series “Who Murdered Garson Talmadge” in 2011 to much commercial success. After the runaway success of the first novel in the series, Bishop would go on to publish several more titles in the still ongoing series. The lead character in the series is Matt Kile, an ex-police officer turned private investigator that works a variety of cases. Kile is unlike your typical hard-boiled detective, as he is a happy man who loves his work and gives his all for his clients. Similar to the author, the lead is an author who writes mysteries and works as a private investigator in his free time. The novels are written in an interesting technique as they shift time to a historical era and star historical figures. Set in the 1930s era, they are what could be referred to as noir film narratives with their tongue-in-cheek and fun tones. Bishop writes the Matt Kile series of novels in an unpretentious manner, giving excellent descriptions of place and people and a likable lead character full of zany humor.

In the Matt Kile series of novels, David Bishop introduces Mat Kile an ex-police officer with rambling thoughts. His thoughts take him from his violent past, his life in prison, and the characters he has been involved with in the past. In his life as a private investigator, he moves from the US, to the UK, the Middle East, and continental Europe, and works with criminal defenders, business lawyers, ex-convicts, thugs, and police officers in trying to solve a range of mysteries. Kile is painted as a person vulnerable to his passions, which mainly involve women, though he is overall a knowledgeable and charming man. In his past life, Kile had been married and had children who are mentioned from time to time. In his current life, the closest thing to a family that he has is his relationship with the Fidgery family, who are his best friends. The novels have the usual twists and turns that often leaves the reader wondering and trying to find clues about not only the mystery, but also trying to understand what Matt Kile will unearth from his investigations. The Matt Kile series are masterful mysteries that provide engagement by looking into the life of a former detective and ex-convict who turns his life around to become a skillful writer. Through Matt Kile, we understand the morality of a man who has been on both side of the crime divide and still manage to come out on top.

What makes the Matt Kile series of novels so great is the lead character Matt Kile. Kile is very much unlike your ordinary detective as he laughs, smiles and overall does not take life too seriously. His thoughts can be hilarious, as he revels in the choice on who to sleep with, what to drink, and what to eat. When we are first introduced to Kile, he is coming from prison where he had served a few years for his role in a much-publicized homicide. He is a refreshing and surprising private investigator with his non-conventional ways of investigation that often involve characters from his police and prison days. He is involved in many absurd and hilarious situations in his professional and love life, though Bishop does his best to keep everything clean. Through Matt Kile, the author writes a story full of twists and turns and authentic and witty dialogue. While Kile is a madcap character whose rambling thoughts may make one believe that he would let the cat out of the bag, he always just gives enough just to keep one engaged until the explosive resolution of the mystery at the end of the story.

“Who Murdered Garson Talmadge”, the first novel in the series is a novel that introduced the lead character in the series Matt Kile. Matt Kile is a smart aleck, ex con, ex-cop, and now neighbor to Mr. and Mrs. Talmadge. Kile has come back from prison to make a name for himself as one of the best detective mystery writers in the United States. His neighbor Garson Talmadge has been a weapons dealer who had made a fortune supplying Saddam Hussein, before he moved to France and came back home to marry Clarice. But now Garson has been murdered and Clarice has been taken into custody as the lead suspect. Matt takes up the case, as lead investigator assisting Clarice’s attorney in a case with suspects stretching from the Middle East, Europe, and the US. Soon after he takes up the case, he learns that since Garson had been an arms dealer, the French Prefecture of Police and the FBI were very interested in the murder. While Matt is only interested in the mystery of Garson’s death, the FBI is more interested in learning more about his relations with the Hussein regime. For the French government, the most important thing is to ensure that Matt does not expose their involvement in their dealings with Saddam Hussein through his investigations. The narrative has Matt sharing his wise cracking remarks and thoughts as he expertly navigates the turns and twists to find out who killed his friend Garson Talmadge.

“The Original Alibi” the second novel of the Matt Kile series sees Kile try to resolve a case that has been cold for years. Over a decade ago, General Whittaker had acted to protect his grandson that had been accused of killing Ileana Corrigan his fiancé. He had organized an alibi for his grandson and successfully managed to get his grandson off the hook. The general is now dying and his conscience has come back to haunt him. While he had always been certain that his grandson had been innocent of the crime, he is no longer so sure. The general employs Kile to try to unearth the truth to the decade old mystery. With so much time having passed since the crime and the endless list of suspects including the general, his promiscuous daughter, and his grandson, the case is going to be a very tough one to crack. It is even more complicated given that all the suspects had the opportunity, motive, and means to do the crime. A big story that tells the story of the Whittaker family on a small stage, it offers insights into the strategies and secrets of the famous and outwardly functional family.

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