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A British novelist, the author Matt McGuire has a background in academia, as well as being a full-time writer. Largely writing within the vein of Scottish and Irish literature, he is a writer who has become highly regarded for his fresh perspective on the form. Taking it in different directions, he is simultaneously both witty and engaging, as he offers a compelling insight with his characters and narratives. Knowing and understanding his craft clearly too, he is able to create his own brand, whilst simultaneously respecting and adhering to many of the traditions that came before.

Early and Personal Life

Born in Belfast, the author to be Matt McGuire would nurture his passion for both reading and writing throughout the years. Focusing on literature, specifically that of Irish and Scottish, he has gained an extensive knowledge on the medium and the craft. This was something that he worked on throughout his life, creating his own stylistic brand in the process, along with his voice as a writer.

Educated at the University of Glasgow, he would focus on Scottish and Irish literature, learning about the form in an academic sense. This would provide him with an insight into the process unlike any other, giving him the tools necessary for taking his career forwards. Later he elaborated upon this by getting an MSc from the University of Edinburgh in 2006, along with a PhD as well.

Working as a lecturer as well he has a history of academia himself, something which lends itself well to his work. Advancing his ideas and his material, he takes in a lot of inspiration from the world around him, putting it back into his work. The people he meets on a day-to-day basis are also enormously influential in the creation of his material and work too.

Positioned at the University of Glasgow, he continues to write alongside his lecturing, always looking for new ideas. Focused on Scottish literature both in teaching and his own novels, he’s really managed to master the form and how it operates. Still with more to come in the future he’s definitely an author to watch, as his writing career carries on growing from strength-to-strength.

Writing Career

Creating his first fictional novel in 2012, Matt McGuire made his entry into the world of publishing with the novel ‘Dark Dawn’. This was also to set-up the ‘D.S. O’Neill’ series overall, allowing the character to be introduced to readers for the first time. It would also help establish McGuire as a writer for the first time as well, giving his voice and fresh perspective to the reading public at large.

Largely known for his set of ‘D.S. O’Neill’ series of books, this is a franchise which he has been extremely focused upon. Set around the mysteries and case-files of one Detective Sergeant John O’Neill, it sees him working these mysteries and getting to the bottom of the investigation in hand. Taking the reader along for the ride as well, they keep them guessing along with the central protagonist, managing to hook them along the way.

An extremely well-regarded figure by both his many peers and contemporaries alike, he is currently one of the most prolific figures working within his industry to date. Whether it be teaching and lecturing, or writing, he is seen as a highly knowledgeable individual who is well versed in his field. With both the critics and the general public alike warming to his work, he has gone on to achieve an international level of success, as well as a national one.

No stranger to speaking publicly, he’s a highly vocal spokesperson for both him and his work, speaking regularly about his craft. This also helps him to articulate himself a lot more clearly, both on and off the page, allowing him to clarify his ideas. Inspired by classic literature, he follows in a long tradition of Scottish and Irish authors, as he aims to take the medium forwards in a new direction.

Still putting out work regularly he continues to manage both his career as a lecturer along with him being a full-time novelist. Publishing some non-fiction works as well, he is known for being diverse and multi-talented with his writing and many different styles. Not showing signs of stopping any time in the future, it looks like he’s all set to carry on into the foreseeable future.

Dark Dawn

Initially published by the ‘Corsair’ publishing label, this was first released on the 5th of April in 2012, it being the first in his ongoing series of ‘D.S. O’Neill’ books. Also marking his debut, it would not only introduce Detective Sergeant John O’Neill, but him as an author as well. Setting up the main premise it works at building the period setting, along with the overall ambiance of the mystery as well.

Discovering a corpse in a building site of a luxury development, Detective Sergeant John O’Neill finds himself dealing with a dead teenager. Set in Belfast, 2005, this comes as a mystery to the detective as nobody knows who the adolescent was and what caused him to lose his life. Worse than that, it appears that nobody cares, the only person who does being John himself, as he attempts to crack the case. Will he solve his first investigation as Principle Investigator? Who murdered the teen? What will become of the dark dawn?

When Sorrows Come

This time brought out through the ‘C & R Crime’ publishing house, this was to be a direct follow-up to the first in the ‘D.D. O’Neill’ book series. Brought out in 2014 ‘When Sorrows Come’ was released just two years after the first on the 1st of May that year. Continuing in much the same vein as before it manages to give the readers what they want, whilst also putting enough of a spin on it to keep it engaging.

At 2am on Tomb Street in Belfast the body of a man is found with a fractured skull, a broken jaw, and cracked ribs. Called in to investigate the case is none other than Detective Sergeant John O’Neill, as he aims to solve the case. That’s when his partner DI Jack Ward, the veteran troubles detective, finds that he is receiving death threats from an unknown location Who is sending them? Why was the man murdered so brutally? What will happen when sorrows come?

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