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Matt Miksa

Matt Miksa has a particular set of skills and knowledge to bring to his writing. His life as a former FBI intelligence analyst infuses his novels with an insight not allowed other writers.

After his career of helping to prevent foreign spies from damaging the United States, he now blends his education obtained at Columbia University with his time spent in Beijing, China with his real world experience to synthesize history, science, and politics to create compelling espionage thrillers.

Mr. Miksa has a blog on his personal website with a fascinating series of posts called True Reincarnation Files. In the process of reviewing many true stories as research for his psychological crime thriller, DON’T GET CLOSE.

True stories of a toddler remembering being crushed by a city bus, an English boy recalling a dream about falling from a burning airship, and a screaming boy remembers being an actor in Hollywood despite never having been to California. The real events like these gives one chills and are rich fodder for his novel.

In DON’T GET CLOSE Mr. Miksa tells us that according to the PEW Research Center, researching questions about psychics, astrology, and New Age beliefs, one in three Americans believe they will be reincarnated in a new body. He disputes the concept of reincarnation being a “new” belief.

For thousands of years almost every religion on the planet has some belief in reincarnation. Mr. Maksa’s Acknowledgements in Don’t Get Close is fascinating in itself and heightens the excitement for the book.

The Prologue absolutely hooks the reader for the rest of the book. It is tense, suspenseful, and shocking.

FBI Special Agent Trainee Vera “Tag” Taggart gave up a career that was full of promise as an artist to join the FBI. Surprising her colleagues, she is able to discern conclusions from the thinnest of evidence at some of the most gruesome crime scenes.

Tag is on her last training assignment before she gets turned out as a full-fledged FBI agent. The bureau, even in the 21st century, still has archaic attitudes about women in the group. The old “gray-heads” in DC still see women as fancy window dressing and address them as “sweetheart.” Tag is never going to put up with that crap.

Caleb Miller is a patient of Dr. Seth Jacobson. Dr. Jacobson is a famous psychiatrist known for guiding patients through hypnotherapy to remember past lives. He’s had the experience of having sessions with two former Sons of Elijah founders before their streak of nightmare murderous terrors. Caleb is seeing Dr. Jacobson and he wants his memories of past lives erased. Dr. Jacobson see his job as needing to help him confront and see those past lives and deal with them.

Caleb is haunted with a memory of a train crash and all the deaths he sees. To him the crash is real and it happened recently. However the Amtrak crash was twenty years ago and he wasn’t there; Caleb was only eight years old.

Caleb is wandering the city, a danger to himself, and possibly others. It’s a possibility he’s a member of the Sons of Elijah and the FBI needs to find him and bring him in for a talk. Tag’s assignment is to track down Caleb and get him to headquarters. Finding and apprehending Caleb is her final exam.

They’ve put a GPS tracker in his backpack and have located him stopped still on the bridge. Tag realizes with horror he’s going to jump. Spectators have their phones raised to the bridge.

Tag looks up and sees Caleb standing, wobbling on the rail. The river is flowing below. Tag climbs up on the rail with him, hugging the pole to steady herself. Breaking rules, FBI protocol, and risking her life, she talks to Caleb and tries to connect with him. Up there hundreds of feet above the killing river below.

Twenty-eight years after a horrific bomb exploded in Chicago on New Year’s Eve in 1995, she and the FBI team are on the hunt for the same cult of suicide bombers. The Sons of Elijah have returned. The Sons of Elijah believe they are the reincarnated souls of those going back centuries. They are on a mission to target an upper level technical government laboratory who’s goal is to expose the group’s monstrous secret with a contentious experiment.

Trainee Agent Taggart agrees to undergo hypnosis with Dr. Jacobson hoping to connect with the mind-set of these terrorists. Tag needs to come to terms with her unusual psychic connection and how she connects with the group’s aims. She needs to understand them, no matter the cost to her mind. Lives are at stake. Through those sessions, she begins to realize, with horror, what this deadly terrorist group is intending to do.

13 DAYS TO DIE takes us to remote Tibetan village. The majestic monastery, is looking heavenward, surrounded by white-washed with prayer flags flapping in the gentle breezes. It was considered Shangri-La.

President Barlow feels like he’s tied up with rope, stones in his pockets, and his lungs are filling with icy cold water. Each beat of his heart pounds in his head. Evidently this is the feeling the President of the United States gets when he is deciding to order a nuclear strike.

In Tibet, a man staggers out of the forest, he’s a bloody mess and lifelessly collapses in the street. He’s not a native. He’s the first victim of a deadly epidemic.

Posing as a journalist, Olen Grave heads directly into the zone. It’s hot and dangerous. He’s an American intelligence officer joined by Dr. Zhou Weilin. Her specialty is hunting viruses. Working together, it soon becomes evident patient number one is a spy who intentionally infected himself with a deadly virus.

Olen and Dr. Zhou must work feverishly to unravel the mystery of this virulent virus before it swiftly spins around the world with the potential to kill millions. The shocking conspiracy reaches from Beijing to Washington, DC. who are now poised as enemies on the brink of mutual nuclear war.

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