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Publication Order of Jack Blank Adventure Books

The Accidental Hero (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Secret War (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The End of Infinity (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Order of the Majestic Books

Order of the Majestic (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lost Kingdom (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The New World (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Seaborne Books

The Lost Prince (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Strangers in Atlantis (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Matt Myklusch
Largely writing children’s literature, the American author Matt Myklusch really does have a way with words. Telling stories in a grounded and down-to-earth manner, he never once condescends to his audience, speaking to them directly. This has seen him bring in a worldwide audience, reaching readers both nationally and internationally, regardless of their background. He also writes for the Young Adult genre as well, with him being a highly versatile and gifted novelist with a lot to say.

Drawing a lot of his own illustrations and designs too, he’s also an extremely gifted artist, which is clearly evident when it comes to his books. With the artwork complimenting his words, his creativity really is exemplary, as he shows a lot of imagination and innovation with his stories. Understanding his audience, he knows exactly what they want in his novels, whilst also giving them his own unique twist. His characters are very well drawn too, as they essentially come alive off of the page for the reader, leaving an impact upon them.

Using the fantasy genre on many an occasion, he displays a clearly vivid imagination as well, as they provide a sense of escape and adventure. This has played extremely well to his young readers, as they’ve come to really enjoy many of his novels over the years. Working for MTV in the past, he’s no stranger to producing content for larger audiences, as his work has developed exponentially since then. With more and more continuing to discover his work every day, he’ll carry on writing for a long time yet, with plenty more books planned for release in the future.

Early and Personal Life:
Always interested in literature from an early age, Matt Myklusch would show a strong passion for both reading and writing. This developed greatly over the years, as he begun to establish a distinctive voice and brand for himself as an author. Increasing his profile as a presenter then as an author, he honed his style speaking to a rapidly growing audience worldwide.

Prior to working full-time as a writer, he’d work at MTV for over ten years, whereby he’d engage in numerous celebrity interviews there. Working in Panama City Beach where he’d conduct a number of interviews for Spring Break, giving him a strong voice. Now writing, he continues to work to this very day, living in New Jersey with his wife and his family, as he continues to put out novels regularly.

Writing Career:
Releasing his first fictional title in 2010, Matt Myklusch would make his debut onto the literary scene with the novel ‘Jack Blank and the Imagine Nation’. This would also be the first in the series of ‘Jack Blank’ titles, all set in a fantasy world, and aimed at younger readers. Later he’d also release the ‘Seaborne’ series in 2015, beginning with ‘The Lost Prince’, and the ‘Order of the Majestic’ series in 2019. Illustrating many of his novels too, he’s really managed to express himself, as he maintains a strong profile both online and off, growing his brand through both his writing and his rich, vibrant and colorful artwork.

The End of Infinity
First published through the Aladdin publishing outlet in 2012 on the 7th of August, this would be the third and final novel in the ‘Jack Blank Adventure’ series. Following on from the previous two titles, it provides a satisfying conclusion to the franchise, successfully wrapping up all the loose ends. With plenty of twists and turns, it definitely has all that fans could want and hope for, delivering above and beyond their expectations.
This has all the classic hallmarks of an action adventure fantasy novel, as it really manages to set itself apart from the rest. Taking the genre, Myklusch knows and fully understands each and every beat of the story, really making the most of the concept. It’s rich sense of world-building is also extremely well done too, allowing the reader to feel as if they’re actually there.

Realizing where he really comes from, Jack Blank must come to terms with the fact that his home country is actually the Imagine Nation. It’s with this information that he must now decide whether he’s one of the greatest villains, or the greatest hero in the land. Facing the final battle to end all battles, he must truly come to terms with his destiny, finding out what the future holds. Will he be able to prevail, surviving to see another day? Can he come to terms with it all? What will become of the end of infinity?

Lost Kingdom
Once again published through the Aladdin imprint, this would come out in 2020 on the 19th of May to much acclaim. Setting up the second part in the ongoing ‘Order of the Majestic’ series of novels, it carries on from where the last left of with another adventure. Building upon what came before, it also provides plenty of surprises of its own along the way, taking the series in a new and interesting direction.
Much of this book is about the power of imagination, and how it can really change the direction of the world. This is something that Myklusch conveys well here, making the most of the subject matter, and really allowing the message to shine through. The world is again extremely inventive, as it plays really well against the characters themselves, acting as the ideal backdrop.
With the weight of the entire world now on their shoulders, Joey Kopecky, along with his friends Leanora and Shazad, lead the Order of the Majestic in their fight against the Invisible Hand. This nefarious influence consists of a shadowy group of wizards who want to gather up all the last remaining magical items and use them to gain power. Given the Secret Map of the World, Joey and his friends must now come to terms with their new powers and save the world. Will they be able to manage it, and survive to tell the tale? Can they master their powers? What will become of the lost kingdom?

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