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Isolated (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hard Impact (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Imprisoned (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Reloaded (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Betrayed (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Hunted (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hard Impact is a prequel set 5 years before Isolated.

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Matt Rogers is an Australian author of thrillers books known for his Jason King series, Black Force Shorts series, and Will Slater series. He was born and spent his childhood in Melbourne as an insatiable reader, devouring mysteries and thrillers books during his free time. Now he’s a full-time author crafting fast-paced, action-packed novels for a living.

Each book in the Jason King series is set in a different location. For instance, Isolated, the first in the series is set in Australia’s small country towns. Imprisoned the second in the series is set in the harsh Venezuelan prison. While the author has no first-hand experiences of the prison system, he admits that two autobiographies, Journey Through Hell and The Shadow of Papillion gave him enough information to write about the Venezuelan prison system.


Isolated is the first book in the Jason King Thriller series by Matt Rogers. The author has done a fantastic job in introducing his readers to Jason King a United States Black Ops man who’s no stranger to danger. One cool night in Australia construction workers cruising along a deserted mountain road are shot dead inside their vehicles. The shootings are fast and efficient.

It’s an assassination done with precision, and the only witness to this mass murder is a man relaxing by the side of the road. Jason King, recently retired black ops, he had traveled across the world to escape from his demons. Now a witness and spotted by the killers, King becomes a target of those in the shadows in the small Australian town. Ruthless killers determined to do whatever it takes to tie up those loose ends, killers without knowledge of the man they’re messing with.

Matt Rodgers does a fantastic job in crafting a fast paced, action packed and compelling storyline with dynamic characters and the main character you want to root for.

The lead character is Jason King, a retired Special Forces, and black operations, soldier. He is a part of an ultra-secretive group hidden away from everyone else apart from the highest levels of the government. Rodgers creates an engaging character in Jason, a man who is always aware of his situations and notices the small details that no other normal person would. He is a man of unmatched determination and skills.

Isolated is a fast-moving narrative with plenty of action scenes. It’s the kind of novel that keeps you hooked in and thinking what’s going on and why. Jason having previously trained with the Special Forces has back in the US has no problem in dispensing heavy justice to any of the bad guys. He is the type of man who doesn’t turn a blind eye when justice is not served. When he witnesses something wrong, he’ would first investigate why it happened and find out the person who ordered it. Despite his abilities, Jason is very much human. While he still hopes that he can still revert to the normal guy he was, he also truly understands that the darkness in him can trigger anytime and this creates a personal conflict in him, but when it’s time to respond to injustice, he doesn’t hesitate and does it in precision.


The second in Jason King series is set overcrowded Venezuelan prison, a hell on earth. The prison system is characterized by corruption, murders and gang wars which are the norm of the day inside the heavily fenced confinement structures.

On one humid summer day in Vargas, a new prisoner is escorted inside the gates of the country’s most notorious prisons. In this prison, newcomers are subjected to beating, and they are often treated as prisoners by other inmates.

But this is bound to end because the new prisoner is no other the retired ex-US black operations man Jason King, who are sent to prison without a trial but determined to investigate and find out the person who falsely accused him of murder and why. He wonders who among the many prisoners would provoke him to unleash the hidden beast inside him.

Jason is a force to be reckoned with. While enjoying his retirement time in a tourist town in Venezuela and minding his own business, he decides to “handle” three thugs who cross his path during a peaceful walk. But not long after his “handling” the cops raid his hotel and charge him with murder, sending him to one of the notorious prisons in the world without a trial. Inside the prison, newcomers are abused, beaten to death but none have ever met the like of Jason who takes on those who “welcome” him to the system.

The Venezuelan government is corrupt, and the person with cash controls the system. Prisoners acquire special favors and weapons from the guards, and those with money have a special place in the prison. Additionally, money also makes drug lords infiltrate the prison system as guards and make Jason’s life hell. Unclear of what he did to warrant him the sentence, Jason must, however, remain conscious and win every battle. His life expectancy is measured in hours? Will he come out alive? Will justice prevail and above all who is pulling all the strings? It’s up to you to find out what happens next. Imprisoned is a real page-turner, action-packed and highly recommended read for those who enjoy Jack Reacher styled novels.


Lion is the first book in Will Slater series by Matt Rodgers introduces us to Will Slater, a Jack Reacher type character fresh off from a dangerous profession as a government assassin when he witnesses a child get kidnapped across the street by armed security.

Reacting immediately out of instinct, he dives into the fray, rescues the girl and prevents her from a fate worse than death. She possesses some sensitive information that could be vital in bringing down Peter Forrest, the wealthy founder of Mountain Lion. When he decided to rescue the girl and find the truth, he unravels a shocking discovery that will unleash his deepest and darkest rage.

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  1. Roy C. Wells 111: 1 year ago

    Mr. Rogers, Your books are the best action/thriller books I’ve read.
    Please keep up the great work.

  2. Steve Ruggiero: 2 years ago

    In what order should I read the Jason King and Will Slater series before I can start reading the combined King and Slater ( Weapons, etc.) series. I don’t want to jump ahead too soon before getting to know both characters. Should I just read by the year of release?

    Thanks for any assistance,


    • Graeme: 2 years ago

      I would say the King series then the Slater series, then read the combined.


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