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Publication Order of Matthew Corbett Books

Robert R. McCammon
Speaks the Nightbird (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Queen of Bedlam (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Night Ride (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mister Slaughter (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Providence Rider (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The River of Souls (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Freedom of the Mask (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cardinal Black (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The King of Shadows (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Seven Shades of Evil (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Matthew Corbett series by Robert R McCammon is set in the 18th century in the United States. The forces of good and those of evil are at war in the colonial America and even citizen suspect that witchcraft is behind the tragedies that plague their towns and surrounding areas. Matthew Corbett starts his work as a young clerk/ assistant to the travelling Judge Issac Woodward and rapidly makes the journey to manhood, trusting his own instincts for uncovering the truth and persisting even in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges. He is a strong man who believes in the power of love and justice. His employers sent him to various places to confront the evil and uncover the truth. Matthew Corbett is a professional problem solver who confronts evil to save the innocent.

Speaks the Night bird is the first book of the Mathew Corbett series. Speaks the Nightbird is a true master piece of mystery fiction that is full of hard hitting intrigue and nail biting suspense. It is in 1699, and two travellers realize the night will soon caught up with them and so they must find shelter before it overtakes them. In the colonial Carolina town of Fount Royal, the forces of good and the forces of evil are at war and even the common man suspects witchcraft is behind the series of tragedies that befell the town. The people of Fount Royal believe a witch has cursed their town with the tragedies. The prime suspect is a beautiful and haunted widow called Rachel. The citizens demand that the beautiful widow Rachel Howarth be tried and executed for acts of witchcraft. Travelling Judge Issac Woodward and his astute assistant Matthew Corbett arrive to conduct a trial and to expose the true evil at work in the town of Fount Royal. After receiving damming testimony, the presiding Judge Woodward finds the accused guilty and sentences her to death by burning. Believing Rachel to be innocent, and desperate to save the woman he has fallen in love with, Matthew Corbett sets to work and confronts the evil forces at play in Fount Royal. Matthew Corbett starts his independent investigation among the citizen, and after joining together the truths he finds that he has no option but to destroy an evil force more malevolent than witchcraft if he is to save Rachel and deliver the people of Fount Royal from the menace taking innocent lives.

Speaks the Nightbird is book that exposes the injustice of the witchcraft trails in colonial America and the efforts of one young lover who daringly resists the crowd mentality to save the woman he loves and the lives of many other innocent people. The beautiful and haunted widow has been accused of murdering the Reverend Grove, her own husband, Daniel Howarth, and of having a love affair with the Devil. She is accused of causing the slow death of Fount Royal Town. The citizen are ready and willing to lynch her, but the presiding judge Issac Woodward uses the power of his office to insist that a fair trial be conducted before any action can be taken against the accused. A trail is conducted with Judge Woodward presiding. As the trial progresses, each witness called forth describes in vivid detail how they saw the widow Rachel, or Mrs.Howarth, in the throes of passion with her alleged dark master. Judge Woodward believes the testimonies given by the witness, but his assistant, young Matthew Corbett, begins to suspect foul play. He suspects that someone is manipulating the citizens, the testimonies and the trial from behind the scenes with the intent of destroying the town. Rachel is being used as a scapegoat to divert attention from the evil designs. When Judge Woodward finds Rachel guilty and sentences her to death by burning, young Matthew has only a few days to prove her innocence and expose the true identity of the real murderer. Young Matthew Corbett proves equal to the challenge, and he quickly transform from a teenager into a young man as he gets a glimpse of the real evil hidden the mask of humanity.

The Queen of Bedlam is the second novel of the Matthew Corbett series by Robert R McCammon. In this Matthew Corbett travels to 18th century New York where a murderer wields terrifying and bloody power over the busy city creating its identity and charting Matthew Corbett’s uncertain destiny. Set in Manhattan in 1703, 23 year old Matthew Corbett, a magistrate clerk, is trailing a Masker, a murderer who stalks leading businessmen. The unsolved murder of a leading city doctor has spread fear throughout the large noisy and thriving city, vibrating with life and commerce. A local print master has called the fiend, the Masker, and in so doing added fuel to the gripping mystery. Matthew Corbett inadvertently finds two more bodies of the victims of the Masker, including that of pederast Eben Ausley , who was the headmaster of the orphanage Matthew once lived in. Hardworking and earnest Matthew Corbett likes to spend his precious free time trying to vindicate the abuses he saw at the hands of the monstrous headmaster while he was growing up in the Saint Johns Home for boys. However, Matthew’s true calling lies in salvaging the future not in avenging the past, because every time the Masker claims a victim, Matthew is sucked into a maze of heart pounding investigations and forensic clues that both inflame his desire for justice and test his natural skill for detection. Matthew Corbett ,who is now a junior associate of the New York office of a London based problem solving firm known as the Herrald Agency, uncovers a potential link to the crimes in an elderly amnesiac patient in a mental institution who is known as the Queen of Bedlam. The key to exposing the Masker may have to wait a little in the asylum where Queen Bedlam reigns, given that only a man of Matthew Corbett’s empathy and reasoning has the ability to unlock her secrets. Later, Matthew and his colleagues make a daring foray into the headquarters that the dangerous Professor Fell keeps for his young criminals who are undergoing training.

The Matthew Corbett series of books by Robert McCammon is a historical fiction mystery series. This is about a unique detective who lives in the American colonies around the turn of the eighteenth century. The stories in this series bring Corbett to many important historic sites around the American colonies as he uncovers many murder mysteries among many other crimes. His goal is to find the people who commit various crimes and put the lives of people in this growing part of the world at risk.

These books are written by Robert McCammon, a prominent award-winning writer of mystery novels. He has been writing stories since the late 1970s and took nearly ten years off before starting the Matthew Corbett series in 2002. A lifelong resident of Alabama, McCammon has focused much of his work on the mystery genre and is a very prominent writer in the field.

The stories that Corbett has written are heavily inspired by the ancient history of many important parts of the world. It focuses on what many of these countries were like before they became the countries that they are today. His stories are popular among fans of history and especially bring in the many key aspects of history to life.

About the Character

Matthew Corbett is a very appealing character that McCammon has stated is a problem solver. McCammon is a clerk who started out working for Isaac Woodward, a prominent magistrate. Corbett works with Woodward and many others to unravel many mysteries and to solve various crimes. Corbett especially focuses on protecting the innocent and proving that those who have been wrongfully accused of crimes are freed from suspicion.

Many of his investigations take place around the city of New York as it was first formed. The Carolinas are also highlighted throughout many parts of the book series. The stories are descriptive of the growing city and are very entertaining for all who want to learn more about.

Matthew Corbett Books

Speaks the Nightbird is the first book in the Matthew Corbett series. This book was introduced in 2002. This takes place in the Carolinas in the year 1699. The people in a settlement believe that a witch has cursed the town. This leads to a young widow being tried for witchcraft. Matthew believes that the widow is innocent and soon delves deeper into the case. This soon leads to him moving deeper into a shocking society where there is an even greater evil afoot that goes well beyond witchcraft.

The 2007 book the Queen of Bedlam takes Matthew to New York. A serial killer has taken New York hostage as he has been killing numerous people at random. While Matthew is out to find the killer, he is often haunted by the many abuses that he experienced when he was younger at a home for boys in the city. But soon he finds that only a mysterious man in the city can help him unravel the secrets of the serial killer and bring him to justice. It all leads to a climax where trust is the most important virtue anyone could have.

The 2014 story the River of Souls is one of the most popular books in the series. A slave has escaped his plantation in the Carolinas and has murdered a number of people. This leads Matthew up the Solstice River, a place also known as the River of Souls. Something in the swamp has started following Corbett around and is out to not only go after the killer but also Corbett himself.

The series even returned to Speaks the Nightbird in 2003 with Evil Unveiled, the second volume in the first Matthew Corbett book. It goes back to a mysterious force that has caused people all around the Carolinas to fear the world and to accuse others of witchcraft. Matthew goes out to find a way to stop the threat to get the Carolinas back to normal and to avoid persecuting other people.

The 2016 book Freedom of the Mask takes a different term as Matthew has gone missing. His friend Hudson Greathouse goes along Matthew’s last known steps to uncover a strange crime underground. To make things even more surprising, Matthew is found having been charged for murder. This leads to Matthew aiming to prove his innocence and Hudson looking to find a way to get his dear friend off the hook.

Matthew Corbett honors

The Matthew Corbett series has been honored by the USA Character Approved Blog as one of the top new series for fans to look for. The blog has especially remarked that Corbett is like the early colonial American version of James Bond as he moves into many mysteries and encounters a number of memorable and intriguing villains.

Other Series You May Like

Fans of the Matthew Corbett series from Robert McCammon will enjoy many other series that bring mystery and history together. The Medicus Investigation series from Ruth Downie is a series about a doctor who works in Great Britain during its days as a Roman-occupied territory. The stories entail the ancient history of Britain and the surprising and shocking crimes that occurred at the time.

The Aristide Ravel series from Susanne Alleyn is an historical mystery series. This one takes place in Paris around the turn of the nineteenth century. It follows the titular freelance police agent as he finds many criminal activities and uncovers numerous mysteries throughout the land.

The last series to check out is the Sugawara Akitada series by I.J. Parker. This historical mystery series takes place in ancient Japan during the feudal era of the time. The total character is the son of nobility who operates as an investigative detective. He looks into many crimes around Japan and travels around many parts of ancient Japan to find clues and to unravel many mysteries behind crimes all around the country.

The stories in the Matthew Corbett series are popular among fans of historical fiction. These stories are intriguing for being rather detailed and entertaining.

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