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Authors have a general common myth that writing is in their blood. Some write for a very long time while other write for a short time and still get the point clear. Can you imagine a writer in the womb, skinny, tiny and tapping their stanzas in the uterine wall? Still, they grow manage to grow up, and their effect on society does not go unnoticed. Most prominent writers have the idea of writing with them. They have an intrinsic drive to write, they are always itching to write. Above all, they may wake up in the middle of the night with novels flowing in their heads. Writers seem to alternate between an all-consuming self-doubt and a soaring vanity. With time, the writers earn the credibility never to suffer again as they then have the occasional days they had been wait5ung for long periods now. So, what does it mean to be a writer? This question is the one that one cannot find an answer to overnight but takes the time to know what it is. To this group, we can classify Matthew Dunn as a pioneer, contributor and a role model to the authors’ exclusive group.

Matthew Dunn is now 42 and is the newly crowned spy writer. He has done several series writing including the Cochrane, spy scratcher. His work is much more enormous than the Ian Flemming’s works like the James Bond or Smiley. In his works you meet a man in the name of Will Cochrane, who is a one malicious weapon of mass destruction. Bond’s 007 can be seen as a cocktail-seeping lush when we compare it with Will Cochrane. In the series, Will Cochrane treats bullets in the stomach like another man could for a dandruff attack. Matthew Dunn served in the British Intelligence Service for five years as a field operative during which he was commonly known as MI6. His role demanded that he would recruit and run agents. Besides, the role required him to coordinate and participate in special operations. Moreover, he was expected to work in the deeper cover positions to collect secret intelligence support all over the world. According to his missions, Matthew Dunn would travel typically and extensively as he mostly operated in highly hostile environments as he risked execution if he would have been caught or compromised.

Matthew Dunn received all the training in aspects of intelligence collection and direct action. The training encompassed the agent running and debriefing, small-arms and military unarmed combat. Besides he received training on the deep-cover deployments, explosives, surveillance, and counter-surveillance. Further, he had to train on exfiltration techniques, advanced driving, and infiltration techniques. He also had a productive know how on covert communications. Matthew widely deployed his skills in the field. In most a times, Matthew used to work alone. However, he had significant experience of working with highly specialized units like the British SBS and SAS and joint operations with M15, strategic allies, and GCHQ.

In Britain, Matthew Dunn had the highest level security clearance. Concerning the nature of his work in MI6, Matthew Dunn is bound by an eternal pledge of secrecy regarding his working methods. Besides, he was linked to his missions, agents and the overall exposure to the British Intelligence Service communities and their allies. The MI6 will never breach its trust in Matthew Dun because of the close contact he still keeps with them. Matthew Dunn got medal awards that are no longer granted to MI6 officers these days. Besides, he received the rare personal commendation from the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs. The award came as a result of one of his missions that he performed to combat and successfully conclude a significant international incident. During his time in MI6, he completed approximately seven missions all of which were successful.

Matthew Dunn is the author of the contemporary series The Spy Catcher, a series of the espionage novels. The novel was the most electrifying of the espionage thriller debut for many years and went down to history as being one of the first ever to be written by a former agent.

In the book, Matthew Dunn draws on his most fascinating experience to install the dynamic and urgent new life into the contemporary spy novel. The book features the daring and deft superspy Will Cochrane in whom the author paints a bracingly, the nerve-jangling authentic picture of today’s world of secrets. The secret world is where betrayal is cheap, and trust is precious. Besides, in the same world, the reward for being outplayed by your enemy is a violent death. In the novel, Will Cochrane is the MI6’s and the CIA’s most prized asset used as the deadliest weapon. He knows little about this world and has never been outplayed so far.

The controllers of Will Cochrane task him with finding one of the today’s most fearful and most wanted terrorists and neutralize him. The terrorist mastermind was believed to be a general of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. He believes he has the perfect plan as he intends to use his past to flush him out of the shadows. Unfortunately, he discovers that there is much in store for him from his adversary. All this comes to him in a frantic chase from the European capital to New York City. Will Cochrane also discovers that the terrorist mastermind is one of the most treacherous he has ever faced not to mention surviving.

After the Spy catcher, Matthew Dunn also released Sentinel and Slingshot both novels on Will Cochrane. If you got to enjoy your action instinct novels in mind, then Matthew Dunn is a terrific corner and up, and his work will only get better. All his fans beg Matthew Dunn to keep them coming. Matthew Dunn was born in London as a son of the merchant seaman who turned photographer. He acquired his education at a state school and later took economics and political education at the University of East Anglia. He finally earned his Ph.D. in International Relations from the Cambridge.

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