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What Have You Done (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
I Know Everything (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tell Me the Truth (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Winter Hill (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Don't Ever Forget (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
We Have Your Daughter (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Woman at Number 6 / The Marriage Breakup (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Matthew Farrell is a reputed American writer of thriller, suspense, and mystery novels. He has written a few standalone books in his career and is particularly well known for writing the novels, I Know Everything and What Have You Done. Farrell’s books are popular all over the world and are known for their rich cast of characters, intriguing storylines, wonderful settings, and exciting plots. Many critics and renowned authors have spoken highly about his work and have said that he has everything in him to establish himself among the prominent authors of the thriller and mystery genres. Author Farrell resides in the Hudson Valley, located just outside New York City. He is happily married and is blessed with two beautiful daughters.

Farrell is active on various social media platforms and takes a keen interest in interacting with his fans online. Through his Facebook page and Twitter handle, Farrell likes to give out updates and information regarding the recent happenings in his writing career. Currently, he is busy with the development of the next thriller of his career and is expected to release it in the coming months. Farrell was born into the family of a police officer and was brought up in Peekskill, New York. Before writing his first full-length novel, Farrell wrote several stories. They have appeared in a work-famous horror/fantasy publication called Metal Magazine. Author Farrell has also written some scripts for Hollywood movies.

A successful book written by author Matthew Farrell is entitled ‘What Have You Done’. It was released by the Thomas & Mercer publication in 2018. The central characters mentioned in this book include Liam Dwyer, Sean Dwyer, Phillips, Vanessa, and several others. Farrell has set the novel’s story in Philadelphia. This raw and edgy thriller revolves around the fact that sometimes family is not what it appears to be. The book opens by depicting that a mutilated body is discovered hanging in a seedy motel room in Philadelphia. After this discovery, Liam Dwyer is introduced as a forensics specialist. He is asked to work on the case and help the authorities in finding evidence about the victim’s murder. When Liam first learns about this new case, he assumes that there will be a usual business at the crime scene just like what he has come across in many other murder cases before. But, he is shocked to find that the victim is a woman with whom he was indulged in an affair outside of his marriage.

Liam Dwyer had broken off his affair in order to save his failing marriage. A bigger problem faced by Liam is that he does not have any memory of what he was doing or where he was on the night of the tragic murder. He goes into a state of panic as he does not know what to do. Later, he approaches his brother Sean, who works as a homicide detective. Sean promises him that he will not let any harm come to him and investigate the case on his own. In his investigation, Sean discovers much incriminating evidence and everything from DNA to fingerprints point towards his brother as the culprit. Liam senses that he doesn’t have much time left before he will be labeled as the murderer and put to trial. So, he races against the clock and battles against his own department to get to the bottom of the truth. As Liam digs deeper, he finds dark secrets that have been hidden for a long time. A lightening discovery makes him suspect that his own brother Sean might be the real killer. In the end, the thrilling murder mystery takes the shape of a family drama in which the brothers indulge in a last-man-standing fight. Liam is determined to prove his innocence and Sean tries everything in his capacity to frame his brother for a gruesome crime that he himself has committed.

Another wonderful book penned by Farrell is known as ‘I Know Everything’. It was also published by Thomas & Mercer in 2019. The primary characters created for this novel by Farrell include Susan Adler, Randall Brock, Peter Reems, Amanda Brock, Tommy Corolla, and a few others. Initially, Tommy Corolla and Susan Adler are introduced as police investigators working for the New York State Police. Dr. Randall Brock is shown as a successful psychologist. He works in the Quarim University Hospital’s psychiatry department along with Dr. Peter Reems. The two have been partners since they were studying at New York University. Working on a five-year grant, Randall and Peter treat patients with psychopathic behavior, who talk in the form of violent fantasies. Both psychologists believe that they are about to achieve groundbreaking success. But, everything is put on hold when Randall Brock’s wife, Amanda meets with a tragic accident and dies.

Amanda worked for a non-profit organization known as Glass Hearts and was honored on the night of her accident for working with selfless dedication. The news of Amanda’s death completely shatters Randall. After a few days, Susan and Tommy visit Randall after they come across new evidence at the crime scene that points to murder. Tommy and Susan question Randall to find out where he was at the time of his wife’s murder. Randall knows that he is not the murderer of his wife and was on duty at the hospital on that night, but become worried to know that investigators don’t believe any of his words. Later, he is visited by a person, who claims to have knowledge of Amanda’s secrets and also knows who killed her. But, the stranger asks for the dark secrets that Randall has kept hidden for many years in exchange for the information about his wife’s murder.

All this while, Susan Adler keeps trying to solve the intriguing puzzle and closes in on the killer. As the story reaches its climax, Randall Brock starts doubting his sanity and wonders if he has actually murdered his wife. Suspicious coincidences and revelations keep sending shock waves throughout the entire investigation. The circumstances also begin to go out of control. Susan races against time to catch the killer before he takes the life of another innocent individual.

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  1. Gary Leonardo: 3 years ago

    Matt… Sara introduced me to your books. I knew you were an author but never got the opportunity to read them. I now have read “I know everything” and “Tell me the truth”. Now reading What have you done. Probably out of sequence after reading the first two. You simply have a gift and I read a lot of crime stories (Patterson, Box, Connelly) I truly enjoyed your books. You brought it to life, especially knowing the places. Keep up the great work and looking forward to more. What a pleasure to to read your stories and know the author that I saw grow up.. best to all and our condolences about your Mom… didn’t know.. stay well..


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