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Hailing from America and growing up in the United Kingdom, the author Matthew Fitzsimmons was to be a writer of mystery novels and crime stories, with his ability to create an ever so subtle and slight turn-of-phrase that’s clever and witty, yet able to move by under the radar of the reader, creating a style that is both fun and engaging, whilst also simultaneously being compelling at the same time as being effortless in it approach to the format. Clearly a master of the genre, he is a confident writer who knows exactly what it is that he wants to write and say as an author, something which his readers soak up, as his words are finely crafted with his rich involving narratives placed alongside his in-depth characterizations. With a background in psychology as well, he is definitely able to get into the minds of the characters, as he brings them to life, giving them a realistic portrayal as they almost leap off the page for his audience. This is something that many readers worldwide have warmed to, largely due to his wit and good humor, that allow his work to really speak for itself, giving a feeling of personality in the process. His sense of personality is also highly visible in the way he explores the traits of each of his characters, giving them a real feeling of being firmly grounded in the real world. A teacher of literature as well, he definitely knows how to craft his prose, making it flow along for the reader with a sense of both purpose and drive. With his status as a bestselling author, he is appreciated not just in America where he currently lives, but worldwide as well, as his books are brought to a global audience of readers with his universal themes and ideas.

Early and Personal Life

Born in Illinois in the United States, Matthew Fitzsimmons went on to spend his childhood growing up in London during the seventies, an upbringing that would come to shape a lot of his writing that was to follow. During this time he would build upon an affection for both reading and writing, as well as a love of Star Wars, which he saw for the first time in the cinema as a child. All of this would lead towards him becoming a storyteller by trade, something which would stay with him over the years as he would nurture and refine it.

Attending Swarthmore College she would go on to gain a B.A. in Psychology, during which time he would mainly focus upon his love of the theater and everything surrounding it. All of this would combine giving him a unique insight into the human mind and condition, as it allowed him to really inhabit the characters that he would come to create in his forthcoming career as a novelist. Currently living in Washington, DC., he still teaches English literature at a private school, whilst also simultaneously putting out novels on a regular and consistent basis.

Writing Career

The year of 2015 was the year that Matthew Fitzsimmons would bring out his first novel, which was to be titled ‘The Short Drop’, as it not only marked the beginning of his writing career, but the start of a highly successful franchise as well. Setting up the first title in the ongoing ‘Gibson Vaughn’ series of novels, it would see him setting up a long-running series based around this character of the same name. These would then come to make up the majority of his career, as many readers would come to appreciate this particular character, with many readers worldwide coming to appreciate it in the years to come.

Living for some time in China as well, it was there that he wrote his first novel, as he would also take part in a soccer team there, whilst also penning critical works for the University of Nanjinghis. With an insight into politics too, he definitely has something to say as a writer, giving his unique perspective and outlook on the world and life in general. Still teaching theater and literature, he has managed to give his work an academic backbone, whilst also building something grounded and real too, something which will carry on for many years to come.


Brought out through the ‘Thomas and Mercer’ publishing label, this was not only the second title in the ongoing ‘Gibson Vaughn’ series of novels, but it was also the second novel from Fitzsimmons overall. Released in 2016 it was first published on the 4th of October to much acclaim, as it provided the next installment in the high-octane suspense filled franchise. Developing the character of Gibson Vaughn, as well as the world that he inhabits, it manages to bring the franchise forwards, furthering it as a whole overall.

Loudly informing the world that he may have stashed a large fortune in an offshore cache, Charles Merrick is then greeted by a whole school of sharks after getting out of prison. With a whole host of swindled victims lying behind him, Gibson Vaughn, the legendary hacker and marine, is hoping to get justice for one particular victim of his; Judge Hammond Birk, who saved his life as a teenager. Coming up against a whole host of colorful characters in his path, he must contend with a range of obstacles if he is ever to retrieve the money for his mentor. Can he get it? Who are they all? What is the geopolitical secret lying behind ‘Poisonfeather’?

Cold Harbor

Setting up the third title in the ‘Gibson Vaughn’ franchise, this picks up from the where the last left-off, continuing in much the same vein as before. Now a bestselling series by this point, it is clear that Fitzsimmons is definitely within his element as a writer here, writing in a clear and confident style. Published through the ‘Thomas and Mercer’ publishing outlet, this was first released to the reading public on the 10th of October in 2017, as it carried on in a similar style as the previous novels.

Getting himself out of isolation, Gibson Vaughn emerges from a CIA black-site with no clear idea of where he was or how much time he lost there. Angered by this he seeks vengeance against the man that put him there in the first place, despite wanting to make his escape from the world that he has now plunged himself into. Looking to achieve his goal, though, a collection of his past allies and enemies resurface once more in order to bring him back in to the life he once tried to leave. Will he find peace? Can he get his revenge? What will become of him on the Cold Harbor?

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