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Matthew Hattersley
Matthew Hattersley was born February 20 in Yorkshire. Over two decades’ time, he’s toured Europe as part of a rock n roll band, founded a theater and media company, and trained as a professional actor. Matthew’s also had a bunch of incredibly boring jobs to help sustain his creative endeavors.

Now he pens action packed thrillers and neo-noir fiction. He’s also had writing featured in The Huffington Post and The New York Observer.

“Cookies” is the first stand alone novel and was released in 2019. Is Miles going to find love again after the absolute worst six months of his entire life? The fortune cookies all say yes. However they also say commit murder and arson, so it might possibly be time to stop believing in them? If only he actually could.

By day, Miles works as a journalist, and struggles to cope after his girlfriend’s death. And by night he is an insomniac that occupies himself with a side-job: writing the insides of fortune cookies. When one local man, who was inspired by one such missive, wins the lottery, Miles begins wondering if he could have fortune telling powers. In an effort to salvage something out of the ruins of his life, he decides he’ll let fortune cookies guide his choices. That is when Miles’ luck begins to change.

With a brand new job and a hot and celebrity girlfriend, he is happy once more. Up until the fortune cookies take a sinister turn. With some cracks showing in his own mental health it quickly becomes clear that not everything is quite as rosy as it seems.

“Making a Killer” is a prequel novel in the “Acid Vanilla” series and was released in 2020. One young girl struggling to survive, and a system designed to crush her. Her one savior is a woman grooming her for murder.

Alice Vandella is a young girl with far too much life experience. When she gets sent to a home for dangerous girls, she makes this pact with herself about keeping her head down, just do her time, and keep out of trouble. Alice comes to a conclusion, after a series of tragic run ins and set backs with Ella, who is the most feared girl at crest Hill. She must fight if she is going to survive. With her therapist’s help, she starts getting a hold of her demons. So she thinks, anyway.

One day Alice steps into the visitors room and sees this man waiting for her. A guy that claims that he’s her uncle. He tells her that he can get her out and give her a good life. And all he wants from her in return is for her to join his brand new hit squad.

“The Watcher” is the first novel in the “Acid Vanilla” series and was released in 2020. Just one last kill and then a much needed break. However once the world’s most lethal assassin cannot hit the mark, as she may be vacationing six feet under.

Acid Vanilla will soon be taking a vacation, won through sheer blood and sweat, but her boss demands she off some notorious Paris-based hacker. However when this eccentric female target shares this disturbing revelation relating to Acid’s troubled past she just cannot pull the trigger.

They now each have a bounty on their heads, and their one chance of survival is if they vanish for good. However Acid has to first battle her way through a barrage of lethal coworkers, and this hitwoman is going to need every single brutal trick in her deadly playbook in order to merely survive.

Can she get the goons off of her back and save this frightened hacker? Or is one wrong move going to force her into fatal retirement?

“Seven Bullets” is the second novel in the “Acid Vanilla” series and was released in 2020. A woman driven by revenge. Seven lethal assassins. They’ll all fall by her hand. One at a time.

Acid Vanilla was the most lethal hitwoman at Annihilation Pest Control. That was until she went and tragically betrayed her colleagues. Now, fueled by her insatiable desire for vengeance, she travels around the world to carry out her bloody retribution. After all, girl needs a hobby.

Acid, leaving a trail of bodies behind her, journeys to Hanoi to pursue the next name on her list. But she’s got problems to deal with. The shadowy organization he works for has the whole city gripped in fear, and he is the one man she has ever loved.

Getting to this guy means battling through this onslaught of underground villains, not to mention muddled feelings of her own. With time running out, this one local guy that needs her help, and the body count continuing to rise, she has to use eery single lethal trick in her arsenal to survive. Can she infiltrate the organization and locate her target before he can find her? Or is she going to pay for her hesitation with her own life?

“The Death Factory” is the first novel in the “Jareth Hicks Thriller” series and was released in 2022. Jareth Hicks traded his military missions for slinging beers in some dive bar and some security work on the side. He believed his days of risking his life were over. He was dead wrong. Because his ex-lover shows up on his doorstep. She was also his CIA handler during his Black Ops days, is currently in a bad way. Her sister’s been taken by some mysterious cult and she needs Jareth’s assistance in rescuing her.

Danger is guaranteed, and death is a possibility. Jareth can’t say no to her, as he’s ever the good soldier. They infiltrate the cult’s desert compound, while using assumed identities. There the two are welcomed by the group and Memphis Pope, the insidiously charismatic leader. It doesn’t take too long for it to become obvious that something dark bubbles underneath the surface. Pope’s armed with this twisted agenda and one group of dedicated followers that are ready to do his bidding for him.

Will Hicks be able to track down the missing girl and keep the cult from carrying their lethal plans out? Or is this mission going to prove to be his last?

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