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Matthew Hawkwood Series by James McGee
Author James McGee pens the “Matthew Hawkwood” series of historical thriller novels. The series began publication in the year 2006, when “Ratcatcher” was released.

Matthew Hawkwood is a dangerous, sexy, and fascinating hero who hunts down spies, killers, and thieves out in the crime-ridden streets of Regency London. He is a former soldier and a Bow Street Runner.

“Ratcatcher” is the first novel in the “Matthew Hawkwood” series and was released in the year 2006. Hunting down highwaymen wasn’t the usual preserve for a Bow Street Runner. Being the most resourceful of this elite group of investigators, Matthew Hawkwood was just surprised to even be handed this case, even if murder was involved as was the mutilation of a naval courier.

From the brightly lit salons of the heart of British government and the aristocracy to the squalor of St Giles Rookery, which is London’s notorious den of cutthroats and thieves, Hawkwood pursues his quarry relentlessly. While the case unfolds and another corpse is found on the bank of the Thames, the real agenda starts emerging. Only Hawkwood is able to put a stop to the dastardly plot that’s going to end the British mastery of the seas forever.

“Resurrectionist” is the second novel in the “Matthew Hawkwood” series and was released in the year 2007. Matthew brings his own version of justice to the slums and salons in Regency London.

For the corpse snatchers, death proves to be a lucrative business. However it is the corpse they leave behind, nailed to a tree and horribly mutilated. This is what sets Matthew onto their trail. A brand new term at the anatomy schools in London stokes the demand for fresh cadavers, and the city’s resurrection men vie for the control of the market.

Their rivalry takes an ugly turn once a grave robber is savagely murdered and his corpse is put on display to other gangs as a warning. In order to hunt down the ones responsible, Hawkwood has to venture into the dankest corners, where there’s even more gruesome discoveries waiting for him.

Nowhere, however, is as grim as Bedlam, the scene of another strange murder and a notorious asylum for the insane. Hawkwood, who is sent to investigate, finds himself being pitted against his most formidable foe yet, one obsessive genius that is bent and determined on advancing the cause of science at any and all costs.

“Rapscallion” is the third novel in the “Matthew Hawkwood” series and was released in the year 2008. Matthew Hawkwood goes undercover in order to hunt traitors and smugglers right at the Napoleonic Wars’ height.

For a French prisoner of war, there’s but one fate worse than the gallows and that is the hulks. Former man-o’-wars, now converted to prison ships, it’s their fearsome reputation that guarantees a sentence served in the most dreadful of conditions. Few survive and escape, it is said, is impossible.

Reports persist, however of one sinister smuggling operation within this savage world, and the Royal Navy’s worried enough to send a couple officers to investigate. However, when they vanish without any trace, the Navy turns, in its own desperation, to Bow Street for aid. It is time to send in a guy that is just as dangerous as the prey. It is time to send Hawkwood in.

“Rebellion” is the fourth novel in the “Matthew Hawkwood” series and was released in the year 2011. October in 1812. France and Britain are still at war. France’s engaged on two battle fronts: Russia and Spain. And her civilians have started growing weary of this fight. Rebellion brews. Since Napoleon Bonaparte’s appointed himself the First Consul, there’ve been many attempts to overthrow or kill him. All have so far failed.

Back in London, Matthews has been seconded to the foreign arm of the Secret Service. There, he meets Henry Brooke, the urbane, who tells he is supposed to join a colleague in Paris on some special mission. Brooke’s agent has put together a daring plan and needs the help of Hawkwood to execute it. Should the plan be successful it might lead to a negotiated peace treaty between the allies and France. Failure might mean prison, then torture, all before a meeting with the guillotine.

“The Blooding” is the fifth novel in the “Matthew Hawkwood” series and was released in the year 2014. During the war of 1812, Hawkwood’s behind enemy lines in America.

Matthew Hawkwood, a soldier turned spy, has been stranded behind enemy lines in America, which is at war with Britain. Hawkwood, who heads for the safety at the Canadian border, takes a route that leads him to Albany, where chance sighting of one former comrade-in-arms, Major Douglas Lawrence, within the consignment of British prisoners throws a wrench in his plans.

For while the two guys make an escape, they learn about an American plot to invade Canada. Should it be successful, the entire continent’s going to be lost. The British authorities have to be warned.

Chased by a relentless foe, Lawrence and Hawkwood set course across the snowbound Adiorndack Mountains, the lands the Iroquois have dubbed “The Hunting Grounds”. They are not alone. Buried deep inside of Hawkwood’s past is one old alliance, one that might save both of their lives and help turn the tide of this war.

“The Reckoning” is the sixth novel in the “Matthew Hawkwood” series and was released in the year 2017. London in 1813. Hawkwood has been summoned to a burial ground and locates the corpse of a young woman that was murdered and thrown into the open grave.

At first, her death is thought to be of little consequence. However Hawkwood’s interest is piqued when Chief Magistrate James Read gets a direct order from the Home Office to drop the investigation. His quest for this killer is going to lead him from the backstreets of London into the heart of one government that is determined to keep its secrets protected at all costs. Just Hawkwood’s contacts inside the criminal underworld can help.

While the truth about the girl’s murder starts to emerge, which sets in motion a lethal chain of events, Hawkwood learns all about the true meaning of loyalty and that the foe is a lot closer to home than he ever thought possible.

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