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Publication Order of The Nethergrim Trilogy Books

The Nethergrim (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Skeleth (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Book of Deeds: Stories from the World of The Nethergrim (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Darknot (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Matthew Jobin
A Canadian author of Young Adult fantasy novels, the writer Matthew Jobin is well known for the sheer scope and scale of his imagination. Taking his readers on a journey, he transports them to far off distant lands, all while expertly guiding them with his precise and measured narratives. This has allowed his audience to really invest themselves in his stories, pulling them in and keeping them there. With elements of science-fiction there too, he’s always willing to experiment with the form, taking it in bold, new, and interesting directions.

Developing his fantasy worlds since he was young, he’s created a really rich and expansive universe in his work. Building upon this over a succession of books, he makes sure to allow them to come to life off the page, with their own unique personality. Steering away from cliches of the genre, he manages to make the stories very much his own, as they’re quite unlike any other titles out there. Winning numerous awards for his work too, he’s gained both the approval of the public and the critics alike.

Not leaving any single detail out of his work, he makes sure to pay close attention to every single feature, leaving nothing out. This is also the case for his characters as well, with many of them ringing true and resonating with readers too. Leaving a strong impact, they’re fully three-dimensional, as Jobin properly fleshes them out upon the page. There’s a lot more to come in the future too, as he definitely isn’t stopping any time soon, along with plenty planned on the horizon.

Early and Personal Life
Born in Toronto, Canada, Matthew Jobin would grow up with a rich imagination, creating fantasy worlds that would become the basis for his work. Exploring the woods around his childhood home, he’d begin to create these immersive worlds in his mind, developing them over the years. Nurturing his craft as a writer, he’d build upon his passion for fantasy, creating his own distinctive style and tone.

Holding a Ph.D. in anthropology, he’d later go on to study and Stanford University, as well as lecturing in the subject at Santa Clara University. This would feed back into his work, as he’d be taking in ideas and inspiration from the world around him, constantly honing and refining his craft. Currently living with his wife Tina in the San Francisco Bay Area, he continues to write regularly with much more to follow.

Writing Career
The first book that Matthew Jobin would write was titled ‘The Nethergrim’ and it would be a fantasy novel published in 2014. Setting up his ‘Nethergrim’ series of novels, it would soon be followed up with ‘The Skeleth’ in 2016, and then ‘The Darknot’ in 2017. This would see him fast becoming a fully fledged author full-time, with readers and critics alike singing his many praises.

His debut novel would also go on to win the 2015 Santa Monica Hughes Science-Fiction and Fantasy Award, just one year after its release. The New York Public Library would name it Best Book for Teens as well, marking him as definite writer to watch in the years to come. With a growing legion of fans around the world, his audience continues to grow steadily as more books are set for publication.

The Skeleth
First released in 2016 on the 10th of May, this would be the second in the Nethergrim Trilogy of books, following directly on from the previous. Continuing the story, it carries a lot of the arcs and narrative strands from before forward, while bringing in plenty of twists and turns of its own. Building upon the world from before too, there’s plenty of extra elements and characters introduced into the series here.

There’s a real medieval feel to this book, and the series overall, as it captures a very real atmosphere, despite its fantasy setting. The characters also reflect this, while feeling grounded and relatable, allowing the reader to invest themselves in their story. Using the fantasy genre to its fullest its a must for both fans of the previous book, and overall genre as a whole.

When it comes to all those up in the North, it’s simply a matter of power and land where the lords are concerned, which the Nethergrim exploits as it offers victory to all those that accept its bargain. Freeing the Skeleth, the lord find that these being merge with those they killed, taking over the bodies, turning them into killers. Now Edmund, the son of an innkeeper and wizard in training, is looking to stop this onslaught, along with the help of runaway slave Tom and Katherine the war-horse trainer. Will they be able to turn back the tides of evil together? Can peace ever truly return to the land? What will become of the Skeleth?

The Darknot
Published in 2019 on September the 24th, this would carry on the story ‘The Nethergrim’ series, with the final book in the trilogy. Providing the conclusion to the epic series, it brings everything together for the final entry, offering a satisfying finale for all the characters. There’s plenty here for fans of fantasy again, with its epic sense of scope and scale, really bringing its world to life.

Written in a fluid and almost elegant manner, the pacing is well thought out, along with the characters and how they’re handled. Juggling all the elements with expert precision, Jobin makes the most of the premise, as well as the genre of fantasy as a whole. It really delivers, creating some genuinely exciting and tension fuelled moments, filled with action and adventure.

Battling evil with his spells, Edmund fights with his newfound powers, along with Katherine who battles using her swords, while Tom combines wisdom and humility. Having fought their way this far, they must now fight to vanquish the Nethergrim itself, saving the entire kingdom from breaking down in the process. It’s going to be the epic fight to end all battles, restoring peace to the realms once more, as they aim to fight the enemy in battle. Will they manage to succeed though? Can they work together to save the day? What will truly become of the Darknot?

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