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About Matthew Raiford

An American chef and now writer, Matthew Raiford is largely known for his cooking and interesting recipes. This has been translated into book format, reaching scores of readers from all around the world, appreciating all that he has to offer. Both his farming and his cooking has seen him propel to becoming one of the leading figures currently working within his field to date. Creating intricate and innovative recipes, he’s extremely gifted in the kitchen, with many enjoying his work and what he has to offer.

Well known for his culinary arts, he’s an integral part of the community, making a name for himself, as well as helping his family-run business to flourish. This success has seen him become a much sought after name, with many turning to him for recipes, and their own ideas in the kitchen. Over time this has also been adapted into book format, imparting his in-depth knowledge and wisdom onto others. Appearing in numerous publications too, he’s a well known name throughout many different outlets, seeing many sing his praises.

Working with others, Raiford is skilled not only cooking, but farming as well, making him involved in the process of food every step of the way. Reaching an audience of readers around the world, his recipes have also gone on to reach millions too, creating a book of them. He’s become a hugely influential personality, seeing his work become enormously popular, establishing him as a figure at the forefront of his industry. A speaker as well, he’s constantly looking to promote his learning, passing on the tools of his trade to others from around the world.

Looking to keep this alive through his book, he hopes to keep his learning and culture continuing through his writing and recipes. This has also seen him become hugely successful, with readers from all over seeking out his book, as it has resonated with a worldwide audience. Continuing his work, he maintains a strong profile, as he’s a leading figure in the industry with a lot more to come yet.

Early and Personal Life

Growing up tilling the land and learning the family farming trade, Matthew Raiford would grow most of his own food. Following this he would go on to have a military career for a period, before then attending the Culinary Institute of America based in Hyde Park, in New York. This would see him advance his career as a chef, building upon his talents and prowess in the kitchen, before then returning back home in 2011.

Teaching himself at the College of Coastal Georgia lecturing in culinary arts, going on to open The Farmer and the Larder in Brunswick. This he would do with his wife, the food alchemist Jovan Sage, as the both of them would share a passion for cooking. Still working as a chef to this very day, he continues to speak at various different events and food festivals around the United States.

Writing Career

In 2021 Matthew Raiford would go on to help write the book ‘Bress ‘n’ Nyam,’ which was a collection of recipes from the author. It would bring together much of his learning and what he taught, imparting his idea to budding chefs around the world. Writing alongside the author Amy Paige Condon, the two of them would create an engaging first book from Raiford.

Seeing him build upon his name and his brand, it would fast reach readers from all over the world, allowing him to expand his profile. Prior to this he has also contributed to various different magazines, featuring in Paprika Southern, Golden Isles, Savannah, and Southern Living. Continuing as a leading figure in his field, many still seek him as a leading public authority, providing his unique and talented voice and skillset.

Bress ‘n’ Nyam: Gullah Geechee Recipes from a Sixth-Generation Farmer

First brought out through the ‘Countryman Press Publishing label, this would originally come out in 2021 on the 11th of May. It’s a non-fiction stand-alone work, largely comprised of recipes, with some historical details of the legacy of this particular cooking tradition too. There’s a lot to unpack here, and it’s written with the writer Amy Paige Condon, as history and recipes are brought together in one great collection.

With Salmon Cakes and Hot Buttermilk Biscuits, through to Sweet Potato Pie and Gullah Fish Stew, there’s plenty of recipes here. Taking a look at all the culinary offering of the American south, it examines everything from the oceans to the rivers, with all the food that’s provided. Using the African language known as Gullah Geechee, many of the enslaved Africans would come together and create this style of cooking. Here Matthew Raiford pays homage to all of this, looking back at his heritage, and keeping the cooking legacy alive.

Featuring the perfect combination of food and flavor, this is something that really manages to bring an entire cultural history of cooking to life. Providing plenty of insight into cooking with recipes that are easy to follow, it’s an in-depth and straightforward book. There’s a lot here and it’s definitely worthwhile for anyone looking to expand upon their cooking skills and knowledge.

Farming and Cooking

Using his own land to farm upon, he’s gifted at both the art of farming and cooking, really understanding each process in detail. With the land passed down to Raiford through the generations, it holds a lot of meaning for him, which is part of why he honors it with his craft. When his great-great-great-grandfather Jupiter Gilliard was finally emancipated from slavery, he would purchase the farm near Brunswick.

Taking to looking after the land himself along with his siblings, Matthew Raiford would pay honor to this past, keeping the business in the family. ‘Gilliard Farms’ is a business that continues to this day, with it being a family-run organic farming company, running since 1874. This has seen the company become a huge national success, providing high-quality food, as Matthew Raiford is also well known for his cooking. Knowing and understanding the tools of the trade inside out, he continues building upon a legacy that continues to live on.

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