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Publication Order of Mattie Winston Mysteries Books

A real life emergency room RN, Annelise Ryan is the author and writer of the Mattie Winston series. Currently, Annelise has managed to write more than 200 published articles and also she has worked as a book reviewer for the Barnes and Noble International Thriller writers. As an experienced RN, Annelise has work experience included everything from Obstetrics (birth) to hospice (death). Apart from being an author and an RN, Annelise also has several side hobbies such as scuba diving, competitive scrabble, gardening and stained glassing. Unknown to many, Annelise Ryan is not her real name but rather her pseudonym. Her real names are Beth Amos and she currently lives in an RV in Wisconsin. According to Beth there are several reasons which led her to use her pseudonym such as separating her professional life as an RN worker and as an author and writer.

Working Stiff

Mart Wilson has always had a great life, job as an OR nurse and a loving husband, David, who happens to be a gifted surgeon. Later on, Karen, Mattie’s co-worker came along and became lovers with Mattie. Currently, Mattie has landed a new job as a deputy medical examiner, a new love interest and brand new living quarters. This in turn means that she has to start over, but she is within the small town of Wisconsin, living next to her ex-husband. When Karen is found dead, David becomes the main suspect because he is the husband. Knowing David exceedingly well, Mattie does not want to believe that David was capable for the murder. Instead, she decides to run her very own investigation which in turn puts her at conflict with her boss and the new in town, sexy police detective. While investigating, Mattie finds out that there are so many scandals in the town as she is able to uncover the hidden secrets of her friends and co-workers, people whom she always thought that she understood and new.

Since the heroine was employed in an unofficial capacity in the local coroner’s office she was granted credibility. On reading the book, the reader can suspend the disbelief gracefully as the office in which Mattie works acts surprise as they go ahead with what must be a rigid codified process. Things eventually get crazier as the main character, Mattie finds herself in a heated arising Detective Hurley, who not only takes his job seriously but also has the tendency of pulling Mattie’s strings. With that being said, the comedy in this book is rather funny, and the reader is going to enjoy it from the beginning to the end. As a character Mattie is indeed a great character who has typical trays that ladies can relate with. Nonetheless, she still has lots of problems. Her closest friend, Izzy is so beautiful to be a sidekick. Despite the fact that the story can be a little bit over the top, it is still a perfect story for any individual who is looking for a relaxing and fun read.

Scared Stiff

Just like the first book, Scared Stiff storyline is filled with humor. Mattie is still the main character. Most of the characters who were in the first book are also in this book, those you like and those you do not. In this book, Mattie is an attractive and childless lady who happens to be somewhere in her thirties. She wears a size twelve and weighs somewhere around 170 pounds. She is in the search for a new job after she discovered that her husband was involved in an extra marital affair with a lady that they had been walking with in the hospital. As a character, there is just something about Mattie that most ladies will relate to. In some places the humor tends to get a little bit vulgar, especially in the scenes that a norm and her brother in-law are involved. Definitely enjoyable.

All in all, the characters in this book are a little bit carried and a majority of them have their own voices. The author’s inscription is somehow intelligent but not exceedingly complexes. There scenes where she has managed to give excellent descriptions especially of the emergency room; the injuries, dynamics of the staff, coping and the injuries. In some cases the volume of information tends to get a little bit overwhelming especially when it comes to the technical terms involved in emergency related situations. From the first page to the last, the book will definitely take you the reader captive. The story line is copiously pampered with humor since Mattie used to find herself in awkward and silly situations. As an accomplished author, Ryan has managed to bring every character in the book to life many of whom we can relate or identify with.

Frozen Stiff

Frozen Stiff is the third installment in this series. At this point in her life, Mattie is working in Wisconsin as an assistant ME. Detective Steve Hurley, becomes romantically attracted with Mattie. As time goes he becomes linked to several murders which have been happening in these small town. Nonetheless with everything pointing back at Steve one can only wonder as to whether he is a stone cold killer or whether he is being set up. Since she has a good heart, Mattie is more than willing to assist Hurley clear his name. Is she trusting someone who is exceedingly dangerous by letting her feelings cloud her judgments? Only time will tell. If you are a reader who is looking for a very deep thriller then do not look any other place. This book is not only witty but also one that is lighthearted. As a character, Mattie is delightful and as a reader you will definitely enjoy her whit. Additionally, the change of pace is nice especially with the heroine being an imperfect and normal woman. Because she has separated from her unfaithful husband, she is having more than enough time to question her mistakes and flaws. An excellent read.


This series is a nice and cozy read that will definitely keep you guessing from the first page to the last. The storyline is not only funny but also great. Every character in the book has been well developed and each of this character are presented in a manner that we can all relate with.

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