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Maude Julien is an author of psychology, biography, and nonfiction books best known for The Only Girl in the World memoir. In her books, Maude talks about her troubled childhood and the hurdles she had to overcome. While her past was dark, Maude’s writing offers hope for those undergoing similar experiences. When not writing from writing non-fiction books, Maude is a therapist specializing in trauma and overcoming behavioral and mental manipulation.

The Only Girl in the World

The Only Girl in the world is the story of Maude Julien, a woman whose childhood was nothing but lonely. This story begins when Maude’s father, Monsieur Didion, adopts Maude’s mother and indoctrinates her with his esoteric principles. At the age of six, Maude’s mother is taken by Monsieur Didion and goes through the most elaborate education system. Coming from a poor background Monsieur Didion has an easy time manipulating her. Maude’s mother’s only mission is to give Monsieur Didion a blonde daughter, just like her. Once this daughter is born, Monsieur Didion starts his extreme experiment of turning his daughter into a superhuman being.

Maude, her mum, and father live in a secluded mansion in France. Here, her father takes her through the most challenging endurance tests. From being locked in a cellar all night and ordered to stay still in the dark as rats scurry around her to being forced to hold an electric fence and not flinch, Maude goes through it all. It does not help that the young girl is not allowed to interact with others. Maude’s mother home school her and the worst thing is even her mother refuses to show any form of affection. Shockingly, even those who interact with this family do not have a problem with the way these parents treat their daughter.

So, how does the traumatic experience affect Maude in adulthood? How does Maude escape from all these horrors? Maude was able to overcome her traumatic childhood, thanks to her love for animals, nature, and literature. Through this memoir, Maude recounts her life story and how far she has come to be the person she is now. From being the abused girl who followed orders to a woman who knew that she deserved better, the story of Maude and her journey is truly inspirational.

This is the story of the utmost courage and an incredible will to live and overcome. Despite her horrific childhood, Maude found the will to live a fulfilling life. Punished if she made any deviation from the strict timetables her parents set for her, Maude learns to live without the love she expected from the people around her. Even after the systematic mental anguish and abuse, she is exposed to, Maude grows to become a decent human being. While her experiences rob her innocence, Maude turns this around when she uses her past trauma to help those who need to let go off their traumatic experiences.

If you are looking for something inspirational, this book is ideal. It is hard to imagine what Maude went through in the hands of those who are expected to protect her, but the amazing thing is that she survives. Once you get over the horrors Maude has to live through; you will appreciate the authors’ journey to self-discovery.

La Méthode Tools

La Méthode Tools is a non-fiction self-help book designed following elements of Jungian psychology. Maude Julien authored the preface to this book that offers a practical approach to dealing with anxiety and depression, among other mental issues. The book combines the power of Positive Actions, Spirituality, Positive Thinking, Love, and Faith to help people overcome their pains.

After sixty years of experience using the Jungian psychology, Phil Stutz and Barry Michael discovers that the traditional therapy, while effective, lays a lot of emphasis on the cause of the problem as opposed to offering a lasting solution. Fundamental areas the two psychiatrists realize prevent people from living a fulfilling life include negative belief systems, insecurities, avoiding pain, and negative thinking. They use their experience to come up with tools that can help people overcome trauma and tremendously improve their current lives.

This book is based on the findings of two psychiatrists who discover that encouraging trauma patients to talk about their past endlessly does not help them in the present. These experts come up with five practical tools that people can use to overcome their traumatic experiences and live a fulfilling life in the present. Embracing these tools means going against ingrained habits. The five tools are active love, a reversal of desire, the grateful flow, inner authority, and jeopardy.

The reversal desire encourages you to take the action that you have been avoiding. The goal here is to get you out of your comfort zone and push you to overcome issues you have been avoiding out of fear. The grateful flow encourages you to list at least five things you are grateful for whenever you are filled with worry and negative thinking. Love, you will learn to take control of the things that enrage you by concentrating on the love that surrounds you. Inner authority concentrates overcoming insecurity while jeopardy is meant to provide the willpower you need to focus on the task ahead.

Aside from outlines tools that people suffering from anything from anxiety to depression can put into good use, the book also offers tips for connecting to a higher power. The authors point out that connecting to a higher power is vital for those who want to enjoy their lives. They also state that the road to recovery is dependent on an individual. Those who are willing to make the right steps and persevere get the results they are looking for at the end of the day.

After discussing simple easy to adopt changes that people can make, the book also provides a summary that comes complete with a Q & A session at the end of every chapter. If you are looking for an inspiring read that can change your life, La Méthode Tools is a great choice.

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