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Publication Order of Maureen Coughlin Books

The Devil She Knows (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Devil in Her Way (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Doing the Devil's Work (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Let the Devil Out (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Devil's Muse / Can the Devil Catch Fire? (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Bill Loehfelm is an American author who is widely known for the Devil book series, which is about a New Orleans Police Department newbie, Maureen Coughlin. Some of the best performing novels in the Devil book series include Let The Devil Out, which won a Boston Globe Award, The Devil She Knows and The Devil in Her Way. Loehfelm has also penned down various standalone novels such as Bloodroot and Fresh Kills, which have all been set in Staten Island, Loehfelm’s hometown. Bill Loehfelm’s non-fiction and fiction books have also been featured in numerous anthologies. Currently, Bill Loehfelm resides in New Orleans together with AC Lambeth, his wife who happens to be a writer as well. Loehfelm also doubles up as a drum player for one of the local rock-n-roll band. The Devil’s Muse, the fifth book in the Maureen Coughlin book series will be published this year in May.

Maureen Coughlin Series

Maureen Coughlin has spent most of her life wondering what to do with her life. Now, Maureen is working as a waitress at one of the local bars in Staten Island, the Narrows. Her only objective at this point is to have a job that will allow her to clear her bills. Maureen Coughlin is a chain smoker and a heavy drinker as well, and from time to time, she tries out cocaine. One evening when she was still working, Maureen Coughlin ends up drinking heavily and passes out. Maureen eventually wakes up after long closing hours only to find Frank Sebastian an ex-cop in a compromising situation with Denis, one of her co-workers. Uncertain of what to do next, Maureen tells Frank and Denis that she is not going to tell anyone about what she has seen. However, several hours later, Denis winds up dead. The cause of death is ruled as suicide.

However, once Susan arrives in her apartment, she finds out that someone had broken in and had left a clear message. At this point, Maureen is not sure of who she can trust or go to. It eventually dawns On Maureen that Sebastian is an enemy that no one would want to make. Even when Maureen tries to go into hiding, Sebastian appears to be dodging Maureen at every single turn. With that said, this book has been wonderfully balanced with exceedingly deep and complicated characters, descriptive writing, great dialogue and a well thought-out plot that was not in any way complicated but satisfying to the readers. You are going to fall in love with the protagonist, Maureen Coughlin. Apart from the fact that Maureen was merely surviving, she was also defining success by waiting tables. Due to the fact that Maureen was a witness to something that she was not supposed to see, she became a target of an exceedingly evil and homicidal man. However, she eventually managed to take control of her destiny and her life as well.

One of the most outstanding characters in The Devil She Knows is Frank Sebastian. Frank is not only a scary villain, but he is also exceedingly creepy. Maureen, the protagonist, is also another great character. Maureen is an individual who is drifting through life and in the process making numerous bad decisions. Overall, the Devil She Knows is definitely one of the most intense reads that you will come across. Every aspect of the story is not only, smart, but it is also seamless, tight and believable. Doing the Devil’s Work is the second book in the Maureen Coughlin book series. In this book, Maureen Coughlin is a rookie cop, who has just passed her initial training period. Many of the times, Maureen is usually out on patrol with her fellow officers, Ruiz and Quinn. While still out on patrol, Maureen Coughlin receives a phone call, which informs her that a dead body had just been found in one of the local abandoned houses.

The unidentified male victim whose throat had just been cut is white, The building where the male victim’s body was found, belonged to the son to one of the new Orleans most flush real estate developer. The owner of the building claims that he has never seen the victim before. It does not take long before Maureen nets an exceedingly old couple, who from their appearance were poor. Just by looking at the couple, the man was pure trouble while the woman appeared to be exceptionally high. The two are taken to the New Orleans Police Department and booked. The woman is taken to the nearest hospital for assessment while the man is placed behind bars. The woman manages to escape from the hospital, while the man, on the other hand, manages to escape and is later found with his throat cut. It becomes apparently that there is a connection between the two dead men and a white supremacist group As Maureen tries to find her way through, the departmental politics and the New Orleans corruption, things begin to get a little bit complicated.

Apart from the fact that Maureen is an exceedingly cool protagonist, New Orleans is undeniably a great location for any story. These two aspects, in turn, makes the story quite interesting. The author Bill Loehfelm has done an excellent job of allowing the readers into the mind of Maureen Coughlin, and in the process recognizing both her weaknesses and strengths as well. The Devil’s Muse is the fifth book in the Maureen Coughlin book series. In this book, Maureen Coughlin is back with force and this time around her contract with the FBI is over. Maureen is happy because she is going to have a much peaceful life. However, the peace is short-lived when Mardi Gras kicks of. Mardi Gras is not only New Orleans biggest event it is also its infamous party, which usually attracts thousands of revelers. While the event may be fun for the revelers, it has always proven to be hell for the New Orleans Police Department.

With the streets buzzing with tourists and drunken paradegoers, the city, in turn, becomes the breeding ground for all type of crimes. Maureen’s night begins as one of the paradegoers runs past Maureen and jumps in front of a moving vehicle. Things appear to move from bad to worse, when Maureen and the rest of the police on patrol, hear gunshots in the middle of the crowd. From the look of things, Maureen’s night is going to be much longer than she had expected.

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