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Maureen Doyle McQuerry features among the most poetic, fictional and remarkable not to mention educative authors of our century, kicking off her career at six years of age. The Washington resident is a teacher and has done quite a number of poems becoming the McAuliffe Fellow for Washington State in the year 2000. A former University of Illinois graduate and a holder of BA in English from Santa Clara University McQuerry has done leading books suchlike The Peculiars and Time out of Time and Student Inquiry just to mention a few. Besides Maureen MaCQuerry, I have not yet come across another author whose magical and mythical realism are so perfectly connected in their literature.

Her skills and expertise have won her the hearts of most teenage readers. In 2013 one of her fiction books, The Peculiars, was voted the best for young adults. Maureen Doyle McQuerry is a Westchester Award Winner and has also scooped an award from New Eden Chapbook for her stupendous work. Most of her literature has been published in Smartish Pace, The Southern Review and Georgetown journals. With a 19th Century setting, The Peculiar characters are uncanny beings suchlike goblins that are made to leave the society to the wilderness. This fete has befallen Lena’s father who she has never seen since she was young. She is worried and concerned that she might as well be peculiar.

The first book in the Time Out of Time duet series, Beyond the Door, is the new fantasy among the youth. The intelligence taken up in the book stems from her long teaching career, creating characters that are just the thing. For instance in this book, she is able to build in Timothy and Sarah so that the relationship between them feels nothing but real. The sibling’s relationship is crucial as the two with the help of Jessica, the school bully, meets the ancient evil.

The second book in the Time Out of Time duets series is The Telling Stone in which she continues the enthusiasm and excitement in the first book Beyond the Door. In this narrative the three friends, Sarah, Timothy and Jessica are going after Treasures of Ireland and will travel to Edinburrgh and prevent the Balor from accessing the treasures. The book commences with a stunning battle and amazingly builds from there. With such consistency and strong prose and a passion for myth and magic, McQuerry has all the secret codes of writing to her advantage and she has not failed to employ this pro to her success.

Her next series Wolproof is yet another thrilling piece of art with an ingenious plot in a brooding menace atmosphere. Through the book, the author brings myths to life, courage triumphs, hope swells and the evil lurks. Just like in all her work, she does not make a single mistake in developing the role of each of her characters.

Her books are not constrained to the young person’s but also for the adults leaving her unwavering protagonists looking forward to her next book. Maureen Doyle McQuerry is not afraid to employ multiple genres in her work such as romance and mystery to be able to bring the art work into realms of real life experiences. She also gives lectures to authors and young writers on how to perfect their writing skills. She insists on allowing readers to view their books as an adventure as opposed to boring subjects. Writers must be able to get out of the box by making the reader feel and in fact believe that there is more to life than we can only see. Writing should not have any boundaries as long as one is able to identify with the reader and use the appropriate language with correct punctuations.

The author understands how to blend adventure with mythological world seeing to it each character is charming and charismatic. Her work has an effect of leaving her readers with the urge to read more and more. If the comments on her social media platforms are anything to go buy Maureen Doyle resilience and exceptional writing has impacted millions. The character Lena in The Peculiar has turned to be such a win for the award winning writer. Lena Mattacascar is on a search of her father when she meets with the handsome Thomas Saltre who attacks the train. She is able to keep the scenes unpredictable as Lena changes her course to spy Mr. Beasley after which she makes an audacious escape by air using an aero-copter.

Throughout her work the themes of self-determination, character and acceptance are wonderfully and carefully crafted into the story so that the main theme of the narrative is not compromised. Coupled with medieval and ancient mythologies, Maureen McQuerry literature is so compelling indulging the reader in lyrical rhythm making it entertaining. As things currently stand, there is no doubt Maureen Doyle McQuerry is in the industry for much a longer duration than most of us anticipate.

Being a teacher for more than twenty years comes in handy for her successful literature narratives; she has additionally won an award from Independent Bookseller Award commonly referred to us Battelle Press in 2000. In 2003 she went ahead to win an award from the Creative Learning Press known as the Student Inquiry Award. In 2006, Maureen was honored for her poetry in the year’s Best Fantasy and Horror. The complex but real characters ensure that her literature is superb and always outstanding. She has also done two non-fictional books; Nuclear Legacy and Student Inquiry both of which won her awards.

Nonetheless, writing should realize than success comes slowly but with persistency in what we focus our mind on. A sense of suspense and wonder, worry and cliffhanger finish leaves your readers clamoring for more of your work. Maureen McQuerry is not an exception, she has like most of us met many twists and turns in her journey to success, however, it is by keeping her eyes on the price and your mind focused that she finally made it. Though she is a mother and is involved in multiple projects, Maureen took it upon herself to excelling in this field by finding time out of her busy schedule to write every now and then until she was noticed.

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