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Originally born in England, Canadian author Maureen Jennings is a well established figure within her field, as she creates her unique brand of mystery novels that have helped pioneer the genre over the years. With a number of series behind her, along with some firmly established character, she’s well regarded as a highly influential and important writer. Not only has she got commercial success, but she has had critical acclaim too as the years have gone by.

Early and Personal Life

Born in 1939, Jennings was initially brought up in Birmingham on Eastfield Road before moving to Canada with her mother at the age of seventeen. This was where she spent the early years of her life gaining the inspiration that was to inform much of her literary career that was to come. That also helped to provide her with the many experiences needed to create her many mystery novels to date. It was 1956 the year that she emigrated with her mother to Windsor in Ontario, Canada before going onto attend the Assumption University where she gained a B.A. degree in both psychology as well as philosophy. This then led to her teaching for some time in high school, before going back and attaining an M.A. in English literature.

After this she went onto teach at the Ryerson Polytechnic where she was to work alongside a number of other names who were to also become distinguished writers within their fields. Following some time as a psychotherapist, she met her husband Iden Ford in 1978 and they soon married. She continues to live in Canada to this day with her husband, as she carries on writing her books into the foreseeable future.

Writing Career

Throughout her life she always hoped to be a writer and, with the help of her husband who was her prime supporter, she finally realized this dream in 1991 when she had a play produced for the Solar Stage. Soon she went onto publish her first novel in 1997 titled ‘Except The Dying’ which was to make her name and establish her as an author of great repute. Over the years she soon became a writer for television as well with many of her works getting series optioned for them.

It was in 2000 that her first novels featuring the detective William Murdoch were optioned by Shaftesbury Films for ITV, as she secured television rights to three of her books as they became movies of the week. After that in 2007 they began to work on a long-running series featuring the Murdoch Mysteries, as a long-term television fixture. In 2011 she developed the series ‘Bomb Girls’ about women working for a munitions factory in WW2, which soon became the number one show on Canadian TV.

No stranger to awards either, she’s managed to reap a great number of accolades and critical acclaim over the years as well. Her popularity has also increased exponentially with every given year too, as she’s managed to gain commercial success too. With more books on the horizon, this appears to show no signs of stopping anytime soon as her career grows from strength-to-strength.

Except The Dying

Originally published in 1997 on the 1st of October, this was to be the book that started it all making a name for Maureen Jennings as a writer of great mysteries. Setting up her Detective Murdoch series, it helped to establish the character and the world he resided within. Giving him his first mystery as well, it was also turned into a television movie in 2004.

Basing it in Toronto, the novel begins in the year of 1895 within a freezing cold winter there, which is to help set the overall tone for most of the action that is to come. It is Detective Murdoch’s first case of the series and it is a fairly grisly one, as a servant girl is found unclad and frozen within a deserted lane-way there leaving him with a troublesome series of circumstances to discover. Soon he learns that there are more people with connections to the young woman’s life, as she was entangled in a series of events that delve far deeper than he previously expected. Capturing Victorian Canada, it works as a novel that encapsulates a time as well as telling an in-depth murder mystery. Who murdered the young woman and why? Can Detective Murdoch find out the truth before it’s too late or will the killer strike again leaving another victim in their wake? What will become of Murdoch as he uncovers the truth learning what’s really going on behind it all?

Season Of Darkness

The first of the Tom Tyler novels, this was initially published by Maureen Jennings in 2011 on the 2nd of August, as it was to help start her latest series of novels at the time. Although it features more mystery, it takes a somewhat different tone to what’s come before, as she embarks on a new direction. With a new case to solve, the arc of the detective is set-up as the environment is well established creating the world in which they are to reside.

Set within the second world war, it occurs just after the British retreated from Dunkirk in 1940 leaving Britain panic stricken in a state of fear and nervousness as to what might be the outcome of the war. Step into this Detective Tom Tyler who is working near Whitchurch, which is in Shropshire. There are many internment camps for detaining German nationals up on Prees Heath, thus adding to the impact of the German threat abroad. The Land Army are also taking a number of young women to help them till the lands and the farms, whilst maintaining the war effort in the process. That is until one such young lady is found dead upon a quiet country-road and murder is suspected giving Tyler his case. Will Tom Tyler be able to solve the case in time as it gives him the distraction he seek in the quiet rural area? What will become of him as he seeks help from an internee who professes to have a deep insight into the mind of a criminal? Can he put all the pieces together in what can only be described as the season of darkness?

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  1. Sharon L. Anderson: 1 month ago

    My husband and I agree with you 100%. We need more shows like this. We find the Murder Mystery Series from Canada to be excellent. Please continue the great shows.

  2. Jessie Mitchell: 7 months ago

    I cannot get enough of “Murdoch Mysteries”! From the actors who are amazing, to the impeccably written story lines, this series has captured my heart. It is so wonderful to have a television series that is clean and enjoyable without all of the dreadful actions of our world today. This just shows the “innocence” and respect people once possessed. Murdoch Mysteries defines the difference of when respect, gratitude, appreciation, and love gives proof the movie industry can certainly be enjoyed without all of the negativity that defines our world today. It is absolutely refreshing!! I MUST be the definition of “fan”!! I just watch the series again and again!! Long live Murdoch!!!


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