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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Since You Asked... (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
I Believe in a Thing Called Love (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Way You Make Me Feel (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Somewhere Only We Know (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Throwback (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Silk Books

Silk Vol. 1: Threats and Menaces (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

Our Stories, Our Voices(2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Coming from Los Angeles the author Maurene Goo is a resolutely American, with her own style and voice. Making a name for herself over the years within the publishing industry, she has managed to create a niche within her field unlike any other. Taking a fresh perspective on genres such as young adult, she writes from a distinctively female perspective that is both witty and engaging in equal measure.

Early and Personal Life

Growing up in America, specifically in the city of Los Angeles, Maurene Goo was born on the 9th of July. Growing up in the suburbs there she was surrounded by books from a very young age, leading to her wanting to become a writer for as long as she can remember. Understanding the form, she would pursue this ambition of hers throughout her entire life, concentrating on becoming the author she always wanted to be.

Attending UC San Diego, she would study communication, something which would come to serve her well in her chosen profession. Later going on to study at Emerson College she would also gain a Master’s in publishing, literature and writing, thus furthering her goals. Giving her the foundations she would require, all of this would serve in giving her a voice and a unique outlook in the following years to come.

Getting a career in the world of publishing prior to becoming a full-time writer, she would get a unique insight into the industry. This involved working with text-books along with art-books as well, something which allowed her to experience a rich variety of different mediums. It would also pave the way for her to become more adept at writing and creating fiction of her own as an author.

Currently working to this very day, she continues to put out work at a regular and ever consistent pace. Living in Los Angeles as well, she writes full-time whilst maintaining a variety of other interests and past-times too. This is something that’s expected to continue on into the foreseeable future, as he writing career grows more and more every day.

Writing Career

It was in 2013 that Maurene Goo would release her first novel as a fully fledged full-time writer and novelist of fiction. Arriving on the literary scene with the title ‘Since You Asked’ she made a considerable amount of impact for the reading public. With something to say as an author, she used the medium of the Young Adult genre to convey a sense of high-school life unlike anything that’d been seen before.

Not writing series as such, Goo has effectively mastered the genre of Young Adult fiction, telling stories from a realistic perspective. Typically following central leading protagonists she provides much of her own view of the world, allowing it to have a personality in the process. With themes of romance as well, she never descends into cliché, always keeping the characters feeling genuine throughout.

Attracting the attention of critics straight away, many were impressed due to her frank and funny take on adolescent life. It was also of note in that she managed to convey a sense of Korean-American life growing up, something which is rarely depicted. This then brought a whole fresh new perspective to the table, effectively allowing her to establish an entire new style in the process.

Maintaining a strong presence both online and off, Goo is now an international publishing sensation, with her books travelling all across the world. Telling of universal themes such as coming-of-age and romance, it’s easy to see why she is so well appreciated by so many. This is something that reader have warmed to globally, giving her work a level of sophistication quite unlike any other.

As a writer who is very much a master of her craft, Goo manages to bend the format to her own fitting. This has allowed her to say a number of different and exciting things, all of which have been appreciated by readers worldwide. As more and more readers discover her work every day, this looks set to continue for some time yet, as her writing career grows from strength-to-strength.

Since You Asked..

Marking the arrival of Maurene Goo as an exciting new talent, this is the debut novel from her as an author. Brought out on the 25th of June, this was first released in 2013 through the ‘Scholastic’ publishing label to much acclaim. Operating as a stand-alone title it is set firmly within the Young Adult mold, whilst also saying much on the experience of high-school life.

Following fifteen Holly Kim it sees her working as the copy-editor of her high-school newspaper, a position which leads to her inadvertently writing a long-form article rant and submitting it. Causing a stir within the school, the article rails against all the high-school politics and cliques, as it turns a lot of heads fast. This then leads to her getting her own column, as she rants to a schedule now, all whilst navigating high-school life. Will she be able to cope? Who will she upset? What will she say ‘since you asked..’?

I Believe In a Thing Called Love

Coming out through the ‘Farrar, Straus and Giroux’ publishing outlet this time, this is another stand-alone for Maurene Goo. First published on the 30th of May in 2017, ‘I Believe In a Thing Called Love’ was more focused on the trials and tribulations of romance. Providing another coming-of-age story, it may be familiar territory for Goo, but she takes in a different direction making it stand out from the rest.

All set for Varsity soccer scholarship from Stanford, Desi Lee seems to have it all, especially when she’s made student body president as well. The only problem is she’s never had a boyfriend, and she finds it impossible to get over her crippling shyness and embarrassment around boys. Taking it upon herself to study the Korean dramas that her father enjoys, she embarks on using them as a template for finding love. Is real life really that simple and full of over-blown drama, though? Can she hope to ever overcome her shyness? What happens when she really says ‘ I believe in a thing called love’?

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