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Mavis Seidlitz Books In Order

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Publication Order of Mavis Seidlitz Books

Murder Wears a Mantilla (1957)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Loving and the Dead (1958)Description / Buy at Amazon
None But the Lethal Heart (1959)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Bump and Grind Murder (1964)Description / Buy at Amazon
Seidlitz and the Super-Spy (1967)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tomorrow Is Murder (1968)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder Is So Nostalgic! (1972)Description / Buy at Amazon
And the Undead Sing (1974)Description / Buy at Amazon

Mavis Seidlitz Series

Mavis Seidlitz is a series of mystery & thrillers novels by English born Australian author Alan Geoffrey Yates under the pseudonym Carter Brown. Born in England, moved to Australia and married in 1948. He began his professional career as a salesman, film technician and also worked in public relations for an Australian airline before becoming a full-time writer.

The author soon became a literary figure; he authored several westerns under the penname Todd Conway and also wrote science fiction books under the pseudonym, Paul Valdez. Surprisingly, Yates also found time to write other book series under different versions of his name and other pen names, Sinclair Mackellar and Dennis Sinclair. However, it was his pen name Peter Carter Brown which he later adapted to a shorter version Carter Brown which made him become an international best-selling author of pulp fiction.

Carter’s phenomenal success in the 1950’s meant that Yates was pledged to write two long novels and one short novel each month. As a result, Yates under the name Carter Brown wrote 322 stories and other multiple book series featuring lead characters Andy Kane, Mike Farrell, Rick Holman, Lt. Al Wheeler, Zelda Roxanne, and Mavis Seidlitz.

Carter Brown began his Mavis Seidlitz series in 1955 when A Bullet for My Baby was published. The series lasted twelve novels concluding in 1974 with And the Undead Sing.

Carter Brown Books

From 1923 to 1985, hard-boiled detective genre had gradually made its way across the globe following its origination in the early 1920’s in America. The original detective stories were distributed to other countries with success. By the early 1930’s the genre style had already been adopted by great English writers like Peter Cheyney and James Hadley.

It was in the 1950’s when Australian authors began creating their homegrown hard-boiled detective stories, and none of these authors was more successful than Alan Geoffrey Yates famously known by his prolific pen name Carter Brown.

Horwitz, Sydney’s paperback house had great success with Carter’s adventures as the author supplied them with more than one book per month. Eventually, Carter’s books were picked up by New American Library publishing house in the United States. The author’s paperbacks sold millions of copies and were almost famous in the United States as they were in Great Britain and Australia. This is because Brown wrote fast and furious with lots of dialogue, brisk plot, action, wisecracks, and beautiful women.

At first, most of Brown’s novels were a standalone detective and mysteries stories, but after a few years, he wrote a series of characters whom he featured in subsequent books. The author’s work evolved over the years due to the changing market trends and in the 1970’s further adjusted his writing to meet buyers demand for more explicit sex scenes.

A Bullet for My Baby

In addition to the number of hard-drinking, trench coated crime fighters, Carter Brown create more original characters and most notably his bubbly, curvaceous female investigator Mavis Seidlitz.

Mrs. Van Bruten pays a visit to Jonny Rio’s office and invites into a house party in one e of the Thousands of Islands. Jonny, however, feels that this is a case of mixing professionalism with pleasure but also forgetting one important thing- his partner Mavis Seidlitz.

Along the way, many folks try to stop him from getting into the island, but they have nothing compared to Jonny’s partner Mavis. Mrs. Van and Jonny finally get to the island, but then trouble follows them. A person is murdered; the launch vanishes into thin air- the only launch in the island. There is a killer in the house party and somewhere on the island is $200,000. To add to their trouble, Mother Nature generously throws a hurricane to the party.

Moreover, the Undead Sing

Mavis Seidlitz the bubbly bombshell and private investigator thought to disguise as Sophie Ventura, one of the famous singing sensations would be like a walk in the park especially when her only fee is a full partnership in an investigative firm. While Sophie was famous, she was associated with lethal weirdos, and after Mavis is abducted, re-abducted, threatened and tattooed, she decides to be “Sophie” the superstar is not her thing. Even hanging out with the famous rock band The Undead could not tempt her once she got involved with The Zombie. Is Mavis already late for her to bail out or has she become a target of the famous gang hitmen?

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