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Max Barry is an Australian author of fiction.

He is a published novelist and has also taught corporate marketing at two universities in Australia.

Born on March 18, 1973, Max Barry is known for his debut novel Syrup. The 1999 book has since become a cult hit and was later made into a movie. Though he did choose to spell his name as Maxx Barry for this book, he thought that it was kind of funny. What he thought was a marketing joke eventually made him realize that people would only assume that he was pretentious!

Syrup was adapted into a feature film. The movie came out in 2013 and was directed by Aram Michael Rappaport. He also wrote the screenplay for the movie along with Barry. The film stars Amber Heard as the mysterious and gorgeous marketing genius Six, Shiloh Fernandez as Scat, as well as Kellan Lutz as Sneaky Pete, and Brittany Snow as Three.

Max Barry resides in his home country of Australia in the beautiful city of Melbourne. He writes there on a full time basis. He says that the advantage to this is that he is able to write while wearing anything he likes, even if it is boxer shorts. He has written several more books since his debut with Syrup and has earned nominations for awards for his books Lexicon and Jennifer Government.

Max Barry is the author of fictional novel Syrup. If you are looking for something new to read that has a plot line that is going to keep you interested all the way to the very last page, this could be the perfect book for you to check out! Read it and then watch the movie too!

Here, readers get to meet the main character of Scat for the first time. Scat is a guy that is constantly looking for the next big thing. Like many chasers of the American dream, he is always thinking about the big job, the one that could help him retire and be set for life. Scat joins thousands of other dreamers in searching for ways to make it rich.

Scat is convinced that he finally has an amazing idea that is going to help him hit it out of the park. This could be it, the big concept that is finally going to score him the bundles of money he’s been after. The concept is all about a new soda, and he’s feverishly passionate about the fact that this cold new beverage could be the next hot thing.

Just one beverage might have the potential to help him launch into being the next big success story. He’s savvy enough to be able to bring this idea and product to fruition, but is it really going to be able to materialize and become the real deal?

Scat would love nothing more than to glide into early retirement, but when it comes to corporate America, he knows those waters are swimming with sharks. There is no such thing as a sure thing in American business, despite eternal hopes that just the opposite is true.

Scat is suddenly finding that he has to fight to get his idea on the table and also a career that has not yet been fully realized. He’s hustling as quickly as he can, but will it be enough? He may just catch a break when he meets up with a brainy and beautiful woman that goes by the name of ‘6’. She’s so sharp that it is almost scary, but he’s in no position to turn down such assistance.

Now he is a man that’s on a unique mission to get the fortune that has eluded him time after frustrating time. This may be his last shot at truly making it, and he’s got to give it all that he’s got. Does he have what it takes to navigate multiple worlds? From the world of corporate America to politics, celebrity, fame, and sex and attraction, Scat’s doing whatever he can to get ahead.

He’s trying to sit down at the table before the other guy gets to eat him for lunch. Can Scat transform his idea into the millions that he dreams of? Or is he destined to be another dreamer that never quite made it to the big leagues? Pick up a copy of Syrup by talented author Max Barry to find out what happens!

The second novel from author Max Barry is titled Jennifer Government. If you loved the events of his first book, then be sure to check out his intriguing second release for yourself.

This hilarious, twisted, and even terrifying conceptualization of a vision of a not too distant future runs in the same veins as work by Kurt Vonnegut and George Orwell’s 1984.

In this world, corporations have gotten so large and powerful that they have actually come to run nearly everything. Employees of these corporations take on last names based on companies that they work at. Everything is touted as a free market enterprise that is all about capitalism and being a global paradise, or so they say.

Meet the character of Hack Nike. This main character is a merchandise officer. His job is not very high up and he also is not the best when it comes to trying to get a raise or renegotiate his working salary. When the two John Nikes offer Hack a contract, he’s interested.

These two execs have come from Marketing, and he signs the contract eagerly but fails to read it first. That is a mistake, as his contract obligates him to facilitate teens being shot so that Nike can gain street credit when it comes to their new sneaker line of trainers that cost $2,500.

Hack tries to go tell the police about what’s going on. However, they think that he is asking them to get a subcontracting deal that involves leasing this out to the NRA, which is more suited to this type of thing. That is where Jennifer Government comes in.

This agent is tough. She’s got a tattoo of a bar code underneath one of her eyes. and she’s after Hack. Can he escape? Read this book to find out!

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