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Publication Order of Max Freeman Books

The Blue Edge of Midnight (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Visible Darkness (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shadow Men (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Killing Night (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Acts of Nature (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Midnight Guardians (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Don't Lose Her (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

In this first book of three in this Max Freeman series, Jonathon King manages to move around very if not almost cliche of a rural redneck sort of town where this novel is set to bring out a fast paced and really amazing character. The protagonis, Max Freeman, and former cop all the way from Philladelphia who apparently is an under-achiever and self-defeatist trying to atone for his accidental killing of a young boy that is just twelve forces him into the wilderness. Also in the process of recovering from his wife’s infidelity, Max Freeman still cannot resist the urge to play an amateur detective after the dehydrated body of a young girl ends up in his house doorstep. Children have in the recent past been kidnapped and killed in his vicinity and the whole Florida State is up in arms over these heinous acts of kidnapping and murder that is happening right under the noses of the parents. Because of this, Freeman is deftly seen as the main suspected murderer, he delves into this case the deeper he finds himself being drawn down into the murky thick of things and consequently drawing the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to his unnecessary existence.

Fortunately for Freeman, he recruits the aid of a very clever and crafty lawyer by the name Bill Manchester to keep the authorities off of him. The kidnapper and subsequent killer infallibly is always a step or two ahead of Freeman and has the determination to further incriminate him in the ongoing serial murders that he commits. Max Freeman is also helped by a band rough neck boys that are apparently children of people who have always shown animosity to strangers is on a legendary level, this four woodsmen also have a score to settle with the serial killer. Despite this collusion, Max is still able to find redemption for his concience discovering on of the abducted girls and she is still alive. The serial killer is also found dead in which appears to be an apparent suicide case. Max Freeman is not entirely convinced this case has been solved completely and hence he still wants to solve it alone in what appears to be a personal redempting journey.

The sorry is further fueled by the fish-out-water protagonist plunging deeper into the wilderness that is forever treacherous. This countryside is brought by the writer so uniquely and detailed that as you read, you can be able to taste the silt filled water or smell the air that is always brackish and this is in every page that you, the reader, opens. The writer, Jonathon King, never slows down the local color and fauna and flora I this narrative. This remains the sinister motives with reference to the terrible crises that Max Freeman goes through in order to regain fully his pride and manhood subsequently taking back his appropriate place in the civilized society in the series.

In the second book of this Max Freeman series titled A Visible Darkness, a series of elderly women have recently been dying and the police and coroners offices’ conclusions is that they have all been dying of natural causes due to their age. One of the daughters of the women that have died contacts Bill Manchester, the lawyer that helped Max stay out of jail in the first book by making sure he stays out of jail, to find out who murdered her mother. Bill agrees to help the woman find out the cause of her mother’s death and something does not add up in the process as there is a strange coincidence that comes up where all the dead women had sold their life insurance policies to some investors and Max Freeman starts working on the arising case.

It soon appears that in the surrounding area there are unsolved cases that are linked to these murders that have been happening in Max Freeman’s jurisdiction. With an inability to see the bigger picture and hence connect the murders and solve the cases the other areas’ incompetence is exposed in this part. Soon, again Max is caught up with running from the same authorities that he was running from in the first book and the fast paced adrenalin plot that was witnessed in the first book is evident here as Max chases after the serial killer. On the other side, in West Palm Beach, Floridan Bill Manchester believes that at least five old African-American widows have been recently killed in order for the collection of their insurance money.

The authorities that is the cops and coroner’s official report is on natural causes to explain the deaths of the women and the insurance companies also agree with this report hence wise paying the benefactors. Max soon hears of someone called Invisible Eddie who even the dirtiest drug dealers on that neighborhood fear, but is he the loose cannon serial killer that we await or just an agent of corporate greed in the insurance industry. Therefore, for Max to discover the killer he must come face to face with the dangers of a Florida landscape also the unexpected and dark corners of his past that he is trying to forget.

This series is filled with twists and turns and the never before seen glimpse of the modern America, this second epic in a series of three novels is at the forefront of a new generation crime novels that have taken the world by storm. Johnathon King does a splendid job of making this second book just as exhilarating and action packed as the first one making sure that there is no disappointment in this book keeping the pace just as it was in the first installment. Max Freeman is a powerful character and he tackles the plot quite excellently leaving no loopholes at the same time bringing something new to the table that is different from what you are used to in this genre of books. So I hope you enjoy this series as much as you should.

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