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Publication Order of Max Harrison Books

Criminal Justice (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Defending the Innocent (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Paid Juror (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Burning Justice (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Girl on the Road (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Max Harrison Series

The French-Canadian author Patrick Graham is well known for his many thriller novels that really capture the attention of the reader. He’s a gifted writer with a lot to say, really making the most of his compelling and extremely interesting subject matter. This is something that he’s excelled at over the years, pushing each concept of his to its fullest, fully allowing it come alive. Setting himself apart from other writers currently working within his field, he’s a highly unique author with something of his own to say.

One series that Patrick Graham is particularly well known for is his highly appreciated Max Harrison collection of novels. Working as a series of thriller novels, they follow the various different cases of defence attorney Max Harrison, as each book deals with a different investigation. Some of the books are a little shorter than others, but it’s an extremely well done series with a lot to offer fans of the genre.

Running for five novels and counting, the series would begin in 2014 with a shorter novella, and continue from there. The books would also be collected into compendiums as well, with omnibus editions bringing together the first four instalments, and the first five later as well. This has seen the development of Max Harrison exponentially over time, as he’s become a firm and familiar favorite for many.

Criminal Justice

This would be the first entry to come out in the ‘Max Harrison’ series of mystery thriller stories, really capturing the essence of the stories straight away. Knowing exactly what they’re about and what he wants to do with the series, Patrick Graham begins with a great deal of confidence. Initially released through the ‘Roam Free Publishing’ imprint, it would first be published on the 24th of June back in 2014.

Defending criminals and finding the truth of a case, Max Harrison is one defence attorney who is extremely good at his job. That is put to the challenge though, once he is tasked with representing his old school friend Wayne Snowden, as he has been charged with attempted murder. Apparently he tried to murder an old flame, but the truth is to come out once the prosecution seems uninterested in the case, despite pursuing it. What really happened behind the attempted murder, why is the prosecution so uninterested, and can Max Harrison pursue real criminal justice?

Despite being a much shorter story, this still manages to hold the reader at every stage, with its gripping and compelling story. There’s a lot here running throughout, from it’s well written characters, to its richly immersive and creative world. The story itself is well paced, as it essentially comes alive off of the page, grabbing the reader at every single turn of the page.

Defending the Innocent

First published in 2014 as well, this would come out on the 26th of July, not long after the publication of the first. Another short mystery thriller novella, it would be published through the ‘Roam Free Publishing’ house once more. Developing the character of ‘Max Harrison’ further, it would be the second title in the series, while making way for the third to follow.

Called in to defend Clare Nelson who is convicted of killing her husband’s lover, defence attorney Max Harrison is convinced of her innocence. Not only that, but he finds himself attracted to her, all the while believing she is entirely innocent of such a crime, as he’s determined to prove it. The evidence seems strong though, as he fights for justice, looking to uncover the truth at every single turn. Will he be able to find out what actually happened, can he get justice for Clare, and what will happen as Max finds himself defending the innocent?

This really is a riveting entry that pulls out all of the stops when it comes to high-drama, suspense, and tension. The characters themselves are brilliantly written, really drawing the reader into the story, as they bring the world to life. It’s not too long again either, making it a quick and fun casual read that’s easy to pick-up at any time, yet difficult to put down until finished.

The Paid Juror

Once more published through the ‘Roam Free Publishing’ house, this also came out in 2014, this time just over a month later on the 23rd of August. Setting up the third short novella in the ‘Max Harrison’ series, it would feature another compelling mystery thriller story. With a lot going on, it builds upon the many elements of the previous stories, whilst simultaneously making way for the fourth book, ‘Burning Justice,’ to come out that same year in December, and then ‘The Girl on the Road’ as the fifth book in 2015.

Advising his client to take a plea bargain, Max Harrison is called in to defend Dwayne Jackson a long-term client of his. There’s a strong case stacked up against Dwayne, but he seems more than confident, and Max decides to dig a little deeper. Soon it transpires that the juror might actually have been brought, as secrets are uncovered, with Max fighting for his life. Will he be able to uncover the truth behind it all, can he find out what’s really going, and just who is actually behind the paid juror?

With the series fully underway at this point, Patrick Graham makes sure to bring out everything here to make it entertaining. Really pushing the story into overdrive, the characters and the world definitely come to life for the reader in an exciting way. Kept guessing constantly, it makes sure its audience are held on the edges of their seats, really keeping their attention for the duration.

The Max Harrison Series

This really is an tense and thrilling series, as it keeps the reader constantly guessing as to what’s going to happen throughout. The stories themselves are definitely worthwhile, as they fully push the concept to the limit each and every time, really doing justice to the character. Setting themselves apart, Patrick Graham does something interesting with the genre, really using it to create something quite different. Getting to the heart of a number of serious issues too, it’s a creative and inventive series that will continue to find fans for many years to come.

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