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Publication Order of Kronos Rising Books

Kronos Rising (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Plague (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Kraken, Volume One (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Diablo (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Kraken, Volume Two (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Kraken: Volume Two (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Kraken, Volume Three (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Diablo is a prologue to the series.

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

Memoirs of a Gym Rat (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Monsters & Marine Mysteries (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Max Hawthorne is a renowned writer of horror, science fiction, and thriller stories. He hails from the United States and is particularly famous for creating the widely popular Kronos Rising series. This series has achieved worldwide success and has earned rave reviews from various critics. Its books have helped author Hawthorne achieve a huge fan-following. Numerous readers have become his fans over the years. This series also helped him establish himself as one of the noteworthy writers of the horror/thriller genre. Author Hawthorne is now hailed as the ‘Prince of Paleo fiction’. He was born in Brooklyn and completed his schooling in Philadelphia. Hawthorne also completed his graduation in the same state’s University of Arts. Besides the Kronos Rising books, Hawthorne has also written the Memoirs of a Gym Rat. In this book, he has outrageously exposed the industry of health clubs all around the world.

Other than working as a bestselling indie writer, Hawthorne is also known to be a cryptid researcher, amateur paleontologist, host of Blog Talk Radio, Author’s Guild’s Voting Member, conservationist, an IGFA angler with a world record to his name, and an avid sportsman. He has a long list of hobbies that he is quite passionate about. It includes collecting fossils, fishing, acquiring antiquities, archery, boxing, and boating. Currently, Hawthorne resides in the Greater Northeast. He is happily married and has a loving daughter from his wife. Hawthorne is fond of pets and keeps a couple of Siberian Forest Cats at his home. They always sleep beside him whenever he sits down to write his novels. Hawthorne firmly believes that drawing from personal experience helps greatly in doing more realistic writing. His books contain many intense scenes of the marine environment, most of which highly inspired by his experiences.

Hawthorne had the basic idea behind his first book, Kronos Rising, in his mind for many years. He had already come up with the settings, principal characters, plots, etc. However, he was hesitant to begin the project thinking that he would fail. He had a firm belief that the story will turn into a great book, but he was not confident about his writing. Finally, he was inspired to begin writing Kronos Rising after taking a trip to the Florida Keys in 2002. Hawthorne was onboard the sistership of Pilar, Hemingway’s beloved ship, in Marathon and had a chance to acquire a typewriter. The experience was strange, but it gave him the confidence to begin his journey in the world of writing & publishing. With each of his books, Hawthorne tries to target those readers who enjoy reading a nice adrenaline-pumping, action-packed, intriguing stories. He thinks that his work is tailor-made for the ones who are fans of Jurassic Park novels by Michael Crichton.

In his Kronos Rising stories, the spotlight is shared by two main protagonists, Amara Takagi and Jake Braddock. They are unique in their own sense, but damaged spiritually and physically. Throughout the series, they struggle to overcome other protagonists as well as their inner demons. Hawthorne believes that readers can relate to such stories and find inspiration. When retired movie personality Mara Corday agreed to edit Hawthorne’s manuscript, he felt privileged. Her feedback motivated him to write more. Author Hawthorne feels the thing that sets him apart from other authors is the combination of him being innately artistic and his adventurous lifestyle. He was so artistic from the childhood days that he could paint, sculpt, and draw better than other kids of his age. Very often, his stories flow naturally and easily once he starts writing the first chapters. Hawthorne runs a podcast called Max Hawthorne’s Marine Mysteries on Blog Talk Radio. This is a monthly show in which Hawthorne and his co-host talk about unsolved marine animal sightings and also interact with the audience.

The debut book of the Kronos Rising series written by author Max Hawthorne is entitled ‘Kronos Rising’. It was released in 2014. The primary characters mentioned in this novel include Jake Braddock, Steve, Amara Takagi, and several others. Hawthorne has set this novel in Paradise Cove, Florida. Initially, it is mentioned that a mysterious sea animal showers its wrath on a coastal community. Jack Braddock, an aspiring Olympic, gets devastated by the tragic drowning of his wife and decides to head back home. He leaves his fortune and fame and returns to his hometown of Paradise Cove in Florida. There, he starts working as the town’s sheriff with the hope of finding solace that he desperately needed. But, the mysterious happenings in the town don’t let him achieve that. Several mysterious disappearances and horrifying deaths spread panic in the idyllic town. However, the real terror starts after the discovery of a full-grown whale’s ravaged carcass near the coast.

Later, Jake Braddock gets involved in unraveling an ancient mystery, whose trail takes him to the sea. He battles for his life against a deadly predator that was not known to exist before. It turns out that the predator’s ancestors were the rulers of the prehistoric seas. Now, it has come out of imprisonment to reclaim the world’s oceans as its own. The next volume of this series is called ‘Kraken: Volume 1’. It was published in 2016. This novel opens by mentioning that thirty years have gone by since the mysterious sea creature destroyed Paradise Cove. Various pliosaurs as big as whales have caused havoc on the oceans over the years. In spite of their tragic personal losses, brothers Dirk and Garm Braddock decide to fight the voracious sea creatures.

Garm takes the help of an anti-biologic submarine called Gryphon, while Dirk operates from a top-secret military research center called Tartarus. The number of prehistoric predators continues to rise despite many attempts made to destroy them. They bring death not just by their jaws, but also their blood. The blood of these predators contains a pathogen that could bring about the complete destruction of the mammalian life. The Braddocls try their best to stop the predators and find a way to destroy them completely. In the meantime, another ancient evil from the deepest and darkest part of the ocean begins to make movements in response to the big changes being caused by the pliosaurs. This evil is very hungry and is desperate to rise to the surface. And when it finally comes out, it brings along with it an intellect so cold that it gives goosebumps to the humans. The ancient evil shows an irrepressible requirement to devour, destroy, and conquer.

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