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Max Holt/ Full Books In Order

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Publication Order of Full/Max Holt Books

By: Janet Evanovich, Charlotte Hughes

Bestselling author Janet Evanovich paired up with a good friend of hers named Charlotte Hughes to write this action, romance, and suspense series. She wanted to write the series but did not have the time to write out all the ideas she was having. It was because of this that she decided to have Charlotte work on the books with her. Charlotte is also a writer who writes mostly romance novels and some comedic stuff too. She has had some success as well with some of her books having found their way onto the New York Times bestseller list.

Every book in the “Max Holt” series has “Full” in the titles. The series is meant to be read by those who are looking for fun, enjoyable reading material that is not to be taken too seriously. Even though Max is not the star of every novel in the series, he does appear in all of them, in some way or another. Whether it is in a lead role, supporting role, or minor role.

In the first book of the series, the show centers around Max’s parents, especially his mother, while Max himself is just a teenager. His mother, Billie Pearce, is divorced and has another kid besides Max. Max’s father, while married to Billie, cheated on the mother of his kids which led to them getting a divorce.

Starting in the second book, until the fifth book, Max Holt and Jamie Swift are the leads. In the fifth and sixth books in the series they go to the background and new leads take center stage. These new leads are Maggie and Zach. Maggie is a single mother who is under police protection from her ex-husband who has broken out of prison with Zach as the man who is protecting her.

Full House is the first book in the Max Holt/Full series. The book starts with a polo instructor named Nicholas who senses danger when he meets Billie Pearce. She represents all the things in life that he has avoided in his life. She is happy at home, the divorced mother of two, and she is the picture of stability. The two have nothing in common, but Nicholas finds himself fascinated and attracted to her.

Billie offers a home to Nick’s cousin Deedee which gives him an excuse to come to visit. An excuse he uses often. Billie and Nick find themselves slowly being seduced by each other while Deedee encourages their connection. The two grow connected by what they have in common, but what they don’t know is that danger is lurking for them both. A killer is closing in on them.

The series continues with Full Tilt. The book sees a woman named Jamie Swift who runs the local paper in Beaumont, South Carolina. Her job is her life and romance always takes a backseat. She likes her life, but it gets shaken up by the arrival of her silent partner. That partner is Max Holt who is in town to support his brother. Frankie Fontana is a former wrestler who is running for mayor. The town could use a mayor with some scruples, but what they’ve gotten so far is crime. This works out for Jamie who is getting a great story for the paper with tons of twists and turns. However, it is also leading her into danger with bullets being fired and getaways being needed. The entire ordeal will bring her close with Max, and the two will be their lives on this long shot.

Full Speed is the third book in the series and it is another witty thriller. This one picks up after the events of the last book as Jamie Swift likes to keep her life predictable, but Max is making it anything but. For her, Max is like a tornado that has turned her life upside down. Someone out there is unhappy with a business deal that Max has done and it is creating danger for the both of them. This leads Jamie on another story which sends her traveling across state lines in pursuit of it. They head to Sweet Pea, Tennessee where the story takes them under the big tent of a revivalist preacher named Harlan Rawlins. The holy man has his hands in some bad business as he is connected to the mob. Jamie and Max will pose as husband and wife in order to infiltrate and crack the case.

The fourth book in the series is called Full Blast. Jamie and Max have grown even closer here with the sexual tension running high, but trouble has a way of finding Max. Jamie wonders if he is right for her, but her attraction to him remains undeterred. Things get interesting in Beaumont when someone starts killing some of the town’s more annoying citizens. When they try to track them down, all clues lead straight to the personals section of Jamie’s newspaper. She is not one to let a story go by so easily so she and Max start to uncover the secrets of the personal section while simultaneously getting up close and personal with each other.

Another hot book in the series is called Full Bloom, the fifth entry. The story sees the town’s newest entrepreneur, Annie, taking over her grandmother’s bed and breakfast. The B&B has the spirit from its glory days as a brothel which is something that gives her a lot of anxiety with a big wedding coming up. As if she doesn’t have enough on her plate, the recent arrival of Wes Bridges has her even more hot and bothered. When Annie’s ex-husband turns up dead and the evidence points to her, Annie must find the killer in order to find her way back into Wes’s arms.

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