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Publication Order of Max Revere Books

The Max Revere book series is a bestselling series of fiction, romantic suspense, mystery, crime, and thriller stories. It consists of a total of 5 novels and 2 novellas released between 2014 and 2018. The series is written by a renowned American novelist named Allison Brennan. Each of the books of this romantic suspense series features the chief protagonist in the form of Maxine Revere. She is commonly referred to as Max and dedicates all her time in investigating the murder cases in and around the city. Max works as an investigative reporter and runs a television show of her own. She is nationally renowned for her TV show and for taking up the investigation of cases that the police have given up the hope of solving. Because of her reputation for tackling the cold cases, Max Revere has become famous throughout the country. Allison Brennan has done the setting of the plots in various parts of United States like Colorado Springs, New York City, California, etc. Apart from Maxine Revere, the other essential characters mentioned by Allison Brennan in the books include Kevin O’Neal, Adam Bachman, Ivy Lake, Tommy, David Kane, Sean Rogan, Lucy Kincaid, Lois Kershaw, Justin Stanton, Martha Revere, etc. The readers have loved reading all the novels of the series and have given excellent reviews about the characters and stories. Even the prominent critics have spoken highly of Allison Brennan for writing such interesting unique stories.

Allison Brennan is a USA Today & NY Times bestselling author, who is popular for writing thriller, romance, and mystery novels. She was born on September 29, 1969 in San Carlos, California. Allison has written over 2 dozen thriller stories and several short stories. The RT Book Reviews has labeled Allison a master of thrillers and suspense stories. Her books are considered haunting, pulse-pounding, mesmerizing, and emotionally complex. The popular book series written by her include Lucy Kincaid, Predator Trilogy, Max Revere, No Evil Trilogy, and Prison Break Trilogy. Allison Brennan is of the opinion that people should not waste the precious moments of their life in getting bored. She is full of life and has 5 children. Allison spends all her time look after her children and writing books. She says that she was inspired to take up writing from authors like Lisa Gardner, Stephen King, and Keith Ablow. Her book, Cold Snap, was an ITW finalist, while Compulsion and Fear No Evil were winners of the Daphne Du Maurier. Allison has also received several RWA nominations. Currently, she resides in Northern California along with her family. She keeps herself busy with her writing works and tries to publish at least books every year.

The debut book of the Max Revere series written by author Allison Brennan is entitled ‘Notorious’. This book features the primary characters as Kevin O’Neal and Max Revere. The Minotaur Books released this novel in 2014. At the story’s start, it is mentioned that when Max Revere was studying in senior high school, her best friend was murdered by strangulation and her other best friend, Kevi O’Neal, was accused of the murder. Kevin goes on to prove he was not guilty of the crime by showing an alibi. During the whole trial of Kevin, Max Revere was in support of Kevin, however, her wealthy family was against her decision and considered it a disgrace to the family name. Later, Max discovers that Kevin had lied about the alibi and this causes a strain in their relationship. And with the passage of time, Max and Kevin had become much more distant from each other. In the present time, Max Revere arrives home to attend the funeral of Kevin O’Neal. She learns that he killed himself after keeping himself indulged in drug abuse for many years.

With Kevin gone, Max is finally set to accept the fact that she has lost her friend completely. But, when Kevin’s sister approaches her and stubbornly insists that Kevin didn’t commit suicide, Max begins to look for clues. And when she comes across an elderly pair at the airport asking her to investigate a murder that took place at her old high school, Max Revere becomes certain of some foul play. She starts working on both the cases at the same time, although she doesn’t show much interest in knowing about the troubled life of Kevin. Max Revere finds many dark secrets and uncovers them to prove that there is something wrong with her alma mater. Soon, she realizes that she has landed herself in a web of deceit and lies, and has hit too close to her home. Max also realizes that there is someone keeping a watch on all her activities. This unknown person doesn’t want her to unravel any more secrets and seems willing to do all that it takes to keep Max away from the truth. Max Revere is also determined to find and catch the culprit, and to not rest until she has solved both the mysteries.

Another excellent installment of this series is called ‘Compulsion’. Its plot is set in New York City and features the central characters as Adam Bachman and Max Revere. The Minotaur Books published this book too in 2015. At the book’s beginning, it is described that Max Revere has her own theory about the recent murders that happened in New York City. She believes that the murders were actually committed by the prime suspect, Adam Bachman, and his trial is justified. Later, while investigating about the case of the missing of a retired pair, Max Revere finds similar modus operandi as that of Adam Bachman. This makes her believe that Adam Bachman was not working alone. Max decides to interrogate the killer in relation to the disappearance of the couple. She files an application for a pre-trial interview with Adam Bachman and is given a chance to do so. Adam Bachman’s disarming composure to her questions and uncomfortable knowledge about her past life makes Max wonder how does he know so much about her?

After talking to Adam, Max Revere seems pretty much convinced that he knows what exactly happened to the disappeared couple, but she has no evidence to prove it. Her theory is also rejected by the D.A. citing that it would jeopardize the case. As Max does not have any physical evidence, she seems to lose confidence in her investigative prowess and wits in digging deeper into the past life of Adam Bachman. The picture put together by Max Revere looks darker and deadlier than she could ever imagine. As she moves closer to unraveling the truth, she doesn’t realize that she is getting closer to a grave danger to her own life. Each of the steps taken by her gets her much closer to a methodical and brilliant sociopath, who seems to be waiting for one little mistake on her part. This simple mistake could result in Max’s gruesome end, but she is careful enough to understand what lies ahead for her. Max makes the sociopath get entangled in his own web and solves the mystery.

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