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The Ice Coven (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Last Grudge (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
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About Max Seeck
Coming from Finland, the author Max Seeck is well known for his engaging and suspense fuelled thriller novels. Drawing on a rich tradition of Nordic Noir, he’s really come to establish himself as one of the foremost voices currently working within his field to date. Know his audience well, he really delivers when it comes to exciting storylines that constantly keep them guessing throughout. Establishing a rich and atmospheric tone and ambiance too, he really understands how to immerse the reader in his worlds as well.

Focusing on crime fiction in his thriller novels, they’re well told in a measured and well paced manner that holds the reader’s attention throughout. Setting himself apart, he manages to create a style and tone that is very much his own, marking his own territory in the genre. With a unique voice and an idiosyncratic approach to the form, he’s always got something to say through each of his books. Filled to the brim with imagination, he’s always innovative too, fully prepared to take each story in a new and inventive direction, wherever that may be.

Never shying away from some of the darker aspects of human nature either, his books can get darker when they need to be. Many of his novels are being translated into English, as they go on to find an international audience, resonating with readers around the world. His work is also going on to be adapted for Finnish cinema, as well as reaching Hollywood too, with his stories seeing big-screen adaptations. There’s a lot more to come too, with his writing career continuing onwards and upwards, as he’s not stopping anytime soon.

Early and Personal Life
Born in Helsinki, Finland, in 1985, Max Seeck was always an avid reader, and this would turn to a love of Nordic Noir fiction. Focusing his craft, he’d start writing for himself, developing his own unique style as an author with something to say. Attending the German School Helsinki, he’d continue nurturing this passion throughout his education as well.

Previously working in sales and marketing, he would come to know what people wanted and were looking for in his writing. This saw him devoting himself to write professionally for himself as the years went on, really taking to his craft, becoming a success in the process. Still continuing to write to this day, he’s got a lot more to come yet, as there’s plenty more planned upon the horizon.

Writing Career
Publishing his first book in Finland titled ‘Hammurabin enkelit,’ or ‘The Angels of Hammurabi’ in English, making his name as an author of Nordic Noir. This would also be the first in the ‘Daniel Kuisma’ series of mystery novels, paving the way for many more to follow. Later he would publish his first English novel, ‘The Witch Hunter,’ which would see him reach an international audience, as it was the first in the ‘Jessica Niemi’ series.

Seeck’s work is also going on to be adapted for television, with the rights to his book ‘The Faithful Reader’ being taken by Hollywood. Writing with music soundtracks playing, he’s got his own style and approach to the genre, winning many awards in the process, including the Finnish Society’s Debut Thriller of the Year Award back in 2016. He’s a writer who’s growing from strength-to-strength, as more and more readers discover his work all over the world.

The Witch Hunter
First published through the Berkley publishing label in August, 2019, this would be the debut English translation for Max Seeck. Working as the first title in the ongoing Jessica Niemi series of novels, this would introduce him to an English speaking audience for the first time. Providing a mystery thriller story, it would also pave the way for more to follow, with further adaptations to come.

There’s plenty going on here, with a number of narrative strands that Seeck juggles with expert precision throughout. Giving it a creepy air too, there’s an air of dark foreboding lingering over it all that really gives it a strong sense of atmosphere. The character of Niemi herself is also well established, allowing the reader the feeling of really getting to know her as the book progresses.

Left sat upright at the table with a hideous smile, the wife of a bestselling author is found dead in an elegant dress at her dining table. At first it appears to be a grisly re-enactment of the murders written about in ‘The Witch Hunter,’ which is the authors bestselling book. With the investigator Jessica Niemi leading the case though, she feels that it may be a group of believers in a dark type of witchcraft who are committing a string of grisly murders. How are they always one step ahead? Can Jessica overcome the trauma of her own past? Just who is the witch hunter?

Mefiston koketus
Roughly translated as ‘Touch of Mephisto,’ this is the second title in the ongoing Daniel Kuisma series of novels. As the series is being translated with the rights being sold across the world, this is a title that’s finding its feet fast with international audiences. Initially brought out in Finland in July, 2017, this would carry on the stories, with the first being brought out back in 2016 titled ‘Hammurabin enkelit,’ or ‘The Angels of Hammurabi.’
Making for an exciting and tense thriller, it really picks up the pace right from the very beginning and doesn’t let go. It really is a page-turner filled with characters that really carry the story with a strong confidence from the outset. There’s plenty for readers returning as well, with a lot of story elements brought over from the previous book in the series.

A Finnish diplomat was supposed to be dead, but he’s fled to Croatia using a forged passport, leaving behind someone else’s body. On the case is Annika Lehto from Interpol, as defence expert Daniel Kuisma is on it too, with the both of them working together. Taking them through Northern Norway, through San Francisco to the Hague, as the man they’re tracking may have darkness within. Will they be able to track him down before it’s too late? Can they find out what’s going on? Who is behind a touch of Mephisto?

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    Just finished The Witch Hunter, The Ice Coven, and The Last Grudge. Don’t know what I’m going to do with myself until the next book comes out!! These are SO GOOD! I’m totally wrapped up in the characters and can’t wait to see how they develop next.


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