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Publication Order of Max Tudor Books

Wicked Autumn (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Fatal Winter (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pagan Spring (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Demon Summer (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Haunted Season (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Devil's Breath (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
In Prior's Wood (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Washing Away of Wrongs (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Max Tudor series refers to a literary series authored by G. M. Malliet. For starters, G.M. Malliet is an American woman of letters whose bibliography consists of short stories, standalone books, and series of books. Malliet was born in the early 1950s. Malliet has had a military family life, something that prompted the family to drift from one region to another; as such, G.M. Malliet has spent considerable time in various American states, ranging from Alaska and Hawaii to UK to Japan. Malliet is currently domiciled in Old Town upon Alexandria alongside her family. For her undergraduate studies, G.M. Malliet schooled at the England-based University of Cambridge. For her postgraduate education, Malliet attended Oxford University.

G.M. Malliet: Formative Writing Years, Influence and Writing Ritual
G.M. Malliet, who often writes between six and eight hours daily, was influenced by and her literary work has been compared to that of the famed late English author Agatha Christie. Malliet debuted relatively late; her debut book was published in the late 2000s. In the run-up to its publication, her debut book underwent a quick succession of rejections from mainstream publishing houses; literary agents did not think the book could secure her any book deal. Fortunately for Malliet, a small-time press eventually published it.

G.M. Malliet’s love for mansions and fortresses has greatly influenced her work. She is a self-proclaimed Anglophile and coupled with the time she lived in the UK, these factors have augured well for her writing ambitions. On the flip side, Malliet is a poor time-keeper as petty things often distract her. Malliet acknowledges her high school teachers and college lecturers for motivating her to start writing and publishing her work. Another figure that inspired Malliet is painter Vincent Van Gogh.

Some of the things that interest G.M. Malliet and themes that reoccur in her work is her penchant for helping a killer face justice. Because this thing rarely comes to fruition in real-life, it prompted Malliet to make it happen in a fictitious world. Malliet often gets ideas for her work from her association with people who juggle more than one demanding occupation, such as priests who double up as CIA operatives.

An interesting fact about G.M. Malliet’s books in the Max Tudor series is that they are named after seasons, ranging from winter to autumn. Interestingly, Malliet knew about those seasons in her adulthood.Malliet’s books have also been inspired by her constant relocation while her parents served in the military; she opines that she was constantly moved and resettled after three years, prompting her to adapt just like the other children whose parents were in the military. Malliet has spent time in desert environment, tropical conditions and mountainous regions.

G.M. Malliet: Section on Books
There are two series of books in G.M. Malliet’s bibliography whose niche is mystery-thrillers, suspense, and crime genres. The first one is a trilogy and the second is a sextet. In this context, the sextet is called Max Tudor series. There are roughly fifteen editions of the first book in the serialized Max Tudor. The first edition was initially authored in 2011, titled Wicked Autumn; and this book is shelved under the fiction, mystery (especially cozy mystery sub-genre), and British Literature genres.

As the title of the literary series points out, Max Tudor is the featured central character in G.M. Malliet’s series. Max Tudor, an attractive man, formerly worked as a MI5 operative. Tudor, who is grappling with bad memories concerning his previous occupation, has since become a vicar at an Anglican church named St. Edwolds that is located in a far-flung English village called Nether Monkslip.

The death of a controversial and loathed high-profile leader of Women’s Institute, named Wanda Batton-Smythe, triggers Max Tudor’s curiosity and he concludes it must have been murder. Tudor delves into his training and starts investigating the incident, something that triggers damnable memories of his previous occupation. The ensuing story lives up to its cozy mystery genre in this award-nominated book.

G.M. Malliet Awards
Author G.M. Malliet has clinched and been nominated for the following literary awards. In 2012, G.M. Malliet was nominated for the Dilys Award. In 2011, Malliet was nominated for the Agatha Award, in the Best Novel category. In both cases, she was nominated courtesy of her 2011 book Wicked Autumn.

In 2008, G.M. Malliet clinched Agatha Award, in the Best First Novel category. In 2009, Malliet was nominated twice: one, nominated for the Macavity Award, in the Best First Mystery Novel; and, two, nominated for the Anthony Award, also in the Best First Novel section. In 2009, Malliet was among those on the shortlist of the Left Coast Crime Awards, in the Best Police Procedural section. In 2009, she bagged a Silver Medal, in Mystery/Suspense/Thriller category of the IPPY Awards. Malliet is a one-time nominee in the Best Mystery Novel category of David Award. Malliet won or was nominated for the aforementioned awards in virtue of her debut book (published 2008) entitled Death of a Cozy Writer—the book is the first installment in the St. Just Mysteries series.

In 2012, G.M. Malliet was nominated for the Agatha Award, in the Best Novel category, thanks to her 2012 book titled A Fatal Winter. In 2013, Malliet was again nominated for the Agatha Award, in the Best Contemporary Novel category, thanks to her 2013 book named Pagan Spring. In 2011, G.M. Malliet’s second installment in the St. Just Mystery trilogy was nominated for the Anthony Award, in the Best Paperback Original category. What’s more, it was nominated for Anthony Award, audio section, in 2014.

In mid-2011, G.M. Malliet was nominated for the Macavity Award thanks to her short story titled Bookworm. In 2014, Malliet was nominated for the Agatha Award, in the Best Contemporary Novel section, thanks to her fourth installment in the Max Tudor series, entitled A Demon Summer.

Best G.M. Malliet Books
These are the three best books authored by G.M. Malliet. The first is the aforementioned Wicked Winter. The second is Death of a Cozy Writer. It is all about the murder of a writer-cum-father in a dysfunctional household; in the run-up to his gory murder, the deceased man’s children are chagrined because their father is angling for eloping with a youthful socialite and a one-time murder suspect. The third is A Fatal Winter. Hereby, ex-MI5 agent Max Tudor is sleuthing double murder at an English castle.

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