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Publication Order of Maxie and Stretch Books

The Serpents Trail (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Tooth of Time (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Refuge (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
The End of the Road (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon

Coming from America the thriller and mystery writer Sue Henry is perhaps one of the most prolific authors currently working within her field to date, with a whole score of work behind having produced one of the most illustrious and expansive writing careers, with a large following of readers worldwide that’s steadily growing by the day. Clearly knowing and understanding the format of the mystery novel, she is definitely a master of her craft, as she manipulates it both simply and easily, with a strong sense of style and wit, something that her audience also finds infectious too, with many of them continually clamoring for more. It is also her many characters that are highly enduring too, with her ability to make them leap off of the page, bringing her stories effectively to life, whilst also reflecting some of her personality in the process. Prior to becoming a full-time writer Sue Henry would work as an administrator, she also continues to teach at university level to this day, as she lives in her home in Anchorage, having resided in Alaska for over a quarter of a century. It is this academic understanding of her work that she brings into her approach to writing fiction, as she is clearly a master of her craft, making it work for her, whilst also never forgetting to have fun with it as well. Creating characters and mysteries that stay with the reader long after they’ve put down the novel, her stories retain a timeless quality, whilst also remaining entirely unique to her as well. Showing an author clearly at the height of her powers, many of her later stories and series display an author who is very much in her element. Whilst they may appear to be very much based within the mystery genre format and template on the surface, these novels are very much her own. This can be seen in her many series and franchises, as they carry on, along with the lives of their leading protagonists, many of whom resonate with their fans on an extremely familiar novel, as each release is met with anticipation and excitement. This is especially true with her ‘Maxie and Stretch’ series of novels, a collection of books that is itself a spin-off from the ‘Alaska Mysteries’ franchise, with the characters already having been previously introduced in the ‘Alex Jensen and Jessie Arnold’ series. Arriving on the scene in the aforementioned series with the title ‘Dead North’, they would come to life for the first time in a cameo role, before being given their own series here. The series itself would follow the character of Maxine ‘Maxie’ McNabb, as she would travel across the country of Alaska in her Winnebago with her loyal and trusty dachshund called Stretch. Over the course of the series the two of them manage to get themselves involved in variety of different investigations and cases, as she becomes an amateur sleuth, with cases seemingly falling into her lap on a regular basis.

Carrying on for over four books and counting, this series would start in 2009 with the title ‘The Serpent’s Trail’, which would then be followed up with ‘The Tooth of Time’ in 2006. Then, the following year in 2007, this would also be followed up with ‘The Refuge’, along with ‘The End of the Road’ in 2009, as they would all come out in relatively short amount of time. With their first novel, ‘Dead North’, coming out in 2002, they would also be introduced in the eighth novel in the ‘Alex Jensen and Jessie Arnold’ series.

The Serpent’s Trail

Coming out through the Berkley publishing outlet in 2004, this would effectively set-up the characters for the first time on their own. Whilst the main characters themselves would have already been seen in a cameo role in ‘Dead North’ this is where they really come into their element. With a mystery set underway, they come to life off the page for the reader to really become invested in them.

Sixty-three years old, Maxie McNabb has the freedom of the open road ahead of her, as she travels the Alaskan highways in her newly brought Winnebago with her trust mini-dachshund Stretch loyally at her side. That’s when she’s interrupted by her friend’s home in Colorado being burgled, as she quickly embarks on a quest to find out who did it and why. Soon, though, it quickly transpires that her friends life may be in danger and, not only that, not Maxie’s own life might be threatened too. Will she find the truth? Can she do it before it’s too late? What will become of them both as they head off on the serpent’s trail?

The Tooth of Time

Initially coming out through the ‘NAL’ outlet this time, this would come out in 2016. Setting up the sequel to the first, it would continue in a similar fashion to before. It would also bring plenty of twists and turns of its own along the way.

Back on the road once again, Maxie McNabb packs a pistol along with her trusty and ever loyal mini-dachshund Stretch by her side. This leads them on a journey taking them all the way down to New Mexico this time, as they come across a pueblo in dire need of their assistance. It would seem that some criminal elements have got them hijacked through crime, and it is up to none other than Maxie McNabb to set them straight. Will she be able to though? Can she provide justice safely? What will happen in the tooth of time?

The Maxie and Stretch Series

Clearly having fun with its premise, this is very much a series that knows what it’s about, as it has a definite passion for its lead characters, as they seem wholly real with their own personalities shining constantly throughout. Previously being involved in past franchises, they come to the series with some prior backstory already being firmly established, something which definitely works in the series favor, allowing it to effectively get into the action straight away. With a lot of room to continue growing indefinitely into the foreseeable future, this is a series that has a lot of life left in yet, something which should continue for many years to come.

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